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Yue Lina’s “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” is hotly broadcast as the goddess of Xingzhou to show the history of overseas struggles of Chinese women

Yue Lina’s “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” is hotly broadcast as the goddess of Xingzhou to show the history of overseas struggles of Chinese women


Recently, directed by Guo Shimin, Xie Minyang, etc., written by Xiao Jixiangtian, and starring Xiao Yan, Dai Xiangyu, and Yue Lina, the TV series “Nanyang Daughter Love” is currently on CCTV8 prime time and iQiyi. The play is the second part of Changxin Media’s “Nanyang Trilogy” after “Little Nyonya”. The legendary story of self-improvement, Ouyang Tianqing, He Xiaochan and other Sanshui girls set out from the Pearl River Delta and crossed Lingdingyang to Xingzhou in order to survive. However, after arriving in Xingzhou, what awaited them was a wandering life, ruthless war, betrayal and betrayal among friends, and hard work to make a living, but they never gave up, and finally reaped their careers and realized their self-worth. Yue Lina played Nanlan, the “daytime girl” of Xingzhou.

In the play, “Nan Lan” played by Yue Lina is the wife of Lu Xuelin, the young master of the Lu family. As an independent and powerful career sister, she met Ouyang Tianqing, He Xiaochan and other Sanshui girls by chance and forged a deep friendship. From the episodes that have been aired, it can be seen that although Nan Lan was born noble, she is very empathetic and has no airs of superiority. Yue Lina’s vivid performance portrayed Nan Lan, the “Goddess of Xingzhou” who is straightforward, courageous, and daring to love and hate for the audience.


This time playing the role of Nanlan is the second time that Yue Lina has starred in a Nanyang-themed period drama after “Little Nyonya”. The brand-new story with a similar era background also gave her a deeper understanding of the legendary Chinese women’s overseas struggle stories. understanding and perception.

As a powerful actor, Yue Lina is able to control different types of roles with ease. In recent years, she has contributed wonderful performances in many works such as “Tang Dynasty Strange Story”, “Little Nyonya”, and the short play “Goddess Hotel”, left a deep impression on the audience. At the same time, in addition to acting, she has also continued to innovate in film and television productions, and has launched many excellent works that have been well received by the audience. “After that, he served as the producer again.

What’s more worth mentioning is that actors Yu Feifan and Zhao Xiaokun, who played opposite Yue Lina in “Nanyang Daughter’s Love”, had previously cooperated with them in the short drama “Goddess Hotel”. Meeting again can be described as a dream collaboration. It is reported that the next part of “Goddess Hotel” is already in preparation. I look forward to their follow-up cooperation can bring more different sparks! I also believe that in “Nanyang Daughter’s Love”, Yue Lina, who once again challenged the Nanyang-themed period drama, can still bring new surprises to everyone, and lead the audience to appreciate the epic epic of Chinese women’s overseas inspirational struggle. Let us look forward to Yue Lina’s wonderful performance in the follow-up plot~

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