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Yu Feifan’s “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” broadcasts the anti-routine wealthy young master to perform a wonderful life

Yu Feifan’s “Nanyang Daughter’s Love” broadcasts the anti-routine wealthy young master to perform a wonderful life


Recently, directed by Guo Shimin, Xie Minyang, etc., written by Xiao Jixiangtian, starring Xiao Yan, Dai Xiangyu, and Yue Lina, the TV series “Nanyang Daughter Love” starring Yu Feifei will be broadcast on CCTV8 and iQiyi from June 20. The play tells the story of the “red turbans” represented by Ouyang Tianqing and He Xiaochan, who set out from the Pearl River Delta and traveled across Nanyang to Xingzhou in order to survive. In an unfamiliar living environment and heavy labor, with wisdom and kindness, he gained a foothold step by step, and even struggled to create his own world, and finally became an inspirational growth legend of a city builder in the Nanyang society. Yu Feifei plays the role of Lu Xueting, the third young master of the Lu family who has returned from studying abroad.

In the play, Lu Xueting played by Fei Fei is the third young master of the Lu family, the largest construction company in Xingzhou. On the boat back to Xingzhou, he meets the Sanshui girls who come to Xingzhou to make a living. As a wealthy young master who returned from overseas, he was not condescending, but a polite gentleman. While arranging the family affairs in an orderly manner, he used the real talents he learned abroad to work hard in Xingzhou.


Such a rare sober and rational anti-routine wealthy young master has attracted the attention of many viewers since the broadcast, and Yu Feifan’s delicate interpretation has endowed this character with a higher level of charm, making the audience express their curiosity about this wealthy young master Follow up story.

Since his debut, Yu Feifan has brought many classic masterpieces to the audience, whether it is Lin Yiju in “Holiday Warm Ocean”, or Ding Xiaowu in “Youth in War” which just ended a while ago, Yu Feifan has used My enthusiasm and expertise in acting have created vivid and three-dimensional characters one after another. The role in “Nanyang Daughter Love” is also the second collaboration between him and “Nanlan” actor Yue Lina after “Goddess Hotel”. The roles of the two this time are completely different from the previous hotel owner and demon catcher. The fresh contrast brought by it surprised the audience and friends, and they also shouted that they hoped that the next part of “Goddess Hotel” would start shooting as soon as possible. At the same time, since Feifei participated in the theater films “Boyhood” (formerly known as “Blooming in the Dust”) and “Hunting Poison” to meet with the audience, I believe that Yu Feifan will bring the audience more in the future. Wonderful work! Looking forward to more exciting plots in the follow-up of “Nanyang Daughter’s Love”, and also looking forward to Yu Fei’s delicate interpretation to bring more surprises to the audience.

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