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“Youth π Project”: Sing the answer to the future with the voice of youth

“Youth π Project”: Sing the answer to the future with the voice of youth


“Youth π Project, the answer does not repeat!” Accompanied by this statement, the youth co-created music competition variety show “Youth π Project” ushered in the final night on July 14. Four “big players” Vanness Wu, Rainie Yang, Lee Seung-hyun, and Yang Zongwei, together with eight “π youths” created a wonderful stage, conveying surging voices, and looking for answers to the future together.

41 music youths, 7 co-creation stages with different themes, break through the circle, pay tribute to the tradition, discover the infinite and endless new power of young music, and present the thinking and expression of the new generation of young people. The program revolves around the concept of “π”, which not only represents infinite possibilities and young faces with their own personalities, but also implies the uniqueness and infinite passion of every young person. Since April this year, “Youth P Project” has been broadcast on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. It has attracted the attention of the People’s Daily, Xinhuanet, China Daily, Beijing Youth Daily and other media, and its innovative energy has aroused strong repercussions.

  Use music to convey new voices and discover the infinite potential of youth

“Youth π Project” focuses its perspective on “Generation Z”, encouraging young people to turn their experiences and attitudes into singing voices, presenting the youth style of the new era and the musical power of the new generation. On the stage belonging to the youth, young musicians write their growth experiences into moving melodies, convey their emotions with music on the stage, and arouse resonance. On the stage of cooperation with family and friends, the contestants either inspire powerful musical energy between the collision of tradition and modernity; or directly hit the soul with notes full of love, moving the audience with full emotion and solid singing skills.

Music is not only the explosive energy of young people on stage, but also a vehicle for them to express themselves. In their original works, there are many knots in love, and there are also pure expressions of longing for happiness; there are brave confessions to face themselves, and there are also sentimental feelings in the face of parting. The young people combine their own feelings and thoughts, let the love in the melody flow, write the meaning of the music being sung, and create a musical imprint belonging to the new generation.

  Focus on the new generation with music to explore the answers to the future of youth

“Young people today are more confident, show their rich spiritual world, and have strong personal charm.” As the “big player” Zhang Yadong said, the stage of “Youth π Project” is always open to young people who break through themselves, love music, persist Young people in music are discovered and seen here. They continue to improve with enthusiastic encouragement and professional guidance, inject more vitality into the development of Chinese music, and write future answers with infinite possibilities.

The singer Deng Dian, who is well-known to the public with “Enchanted”, started again in “π World”, and “recovered the most beautiful appearance of music” on stages such as “Mercury” and “11”. Rapper Li Daben explored different ways of musical expression in the “π World”, and after trying different styles of stages such as lyrical songs, experimental stages, pop songs and dances, he gained the confidence that “there is no problem about the future” without leaving any regrets . After six performances, the young contestants not only gradually found the core of music creation on the stage of “Youth π Project”, showed the creativity and boundless energy of contemporary youth, but also confidently sang about the future with vigorous vitality. Explore the infinite possibilities of the future in the music journey.

“In the face of adventure and the unknown, choose originality and new people, and always walk side by side with new people in the new era.” This summer, “Youth π Project” connects music and professional stages, allowing the audience to intuitively feel the vigorous vitality of young people. To them infinite hope for the future. The 129-day “π World” journey will come to an end, but the story of the courage and love of the music youth continues. “Music is infinite and does not recycle, and exploration is infinite and does not recycle.” I hope that young people will shine like stars and fly like the wind in their future music life, and write their own future answers while singing along the way.

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