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Youpeng Seafood Guochao Music Festival kicks off in the water park

Youpeng Seafood Guochao Music Festival kicks off in the water park

  Burn the Jincheng National Tide Music Festival, turn on the hot night economy Youpeng Seafood National Tide Music Festivalwater parkhot curtain

How lively Jincheng can be in late summer, Tianjin Water Park under the night will definitely give you the answer. On the evening of August 15th, the Youpeng Seafood Guochao Music Festival, sponsored by Tianjin Water Park and undertaken by Tianjin Youpeng Seafood, kicked off in the Crystal Plaza of the water park. This summer night party, which combines delicious food, national trends, and music, has made the city’s heat value continue to rise. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to music, taste delicious food, make an appointment with three or five friends, and have fun for the last summer.

As night falls and the lights come on, the heat of the day in Jincheng in the evening has faded away. Walking in the “City Garden” water park of Tianjin people, you will be immediately attracted by the national trend music in the crystal square by the lake. On the main stage, cool lighting and passionate electronic music ignited the audience with rhythmic rhythm. Suddenly the lights changed, and the pavilion by the lake became the protagonist, and the actors in Hanfu danced lightly, like a surprise on the water. Next, national style songs and folk dances appeared in turn, creating a fusion of tradition and modernity. Citizens and tourists are in it, and the combination of traditional style garden landscape and trendy play fashion collides with different sparks, and also gives the audience a unique immersive experience.

The atmosphere at the scene was very lively, and there were a lot of people, including local citizens who made a special trip to experience it, and foreign tourists who came here admiringly. Naturally, delicious food is indispensable in the hot scene. More than 40 gourmet brands, represented by Youpeng Seafood, a well-known catering brand in Tianjin, created a gourmet street on site. That night, the Guochao Music Festival was full of popularity, and the aroma of spicy crayfish, steamed seafood, small skewers and big barbecue filled the whole park. “Since it was dark, there have been waves of diners, and the chef who fried the crayfish couldn’t stop at all,” said the person in charge of a food stall. There are also long queues in front of some stalls. However, when queuing up, citizens and tourists were not idle. Everyone unconsciously followed the on-site Guochao music, and experienced the joy of Guochao music while eating, drinking and having fun, and had a relaxing “summer”.

  The holding of the National Tide Music Festival this time, in addition to focusing on singing and dancing performances that overwhelm the audience and Internet celebrity food that can be tasted all over the country, the music festival also launched the “National Tide” costume parade, cultural and creative market, trunk business, children’sparadiseand other series of activities to meet the leisure needs of different groups of people.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Tianjin Water Park, where the event is held, has been established for more than 70 years since its establishment in 1951. It is the largest comprehensive park in the urban area and a scenic spot with beautiful scenery and sparkling water in Tianjin. The forms of “tourism food culture”, “tourism national trend culture” and “tourism music culture” have also brought more new vitality to the park. The ever-enriching new forms of cultural tourism have further enhanced the activity, rejuvenation and affinity of scenic spots, and at the same time added a touch of color to the night economy of Jincheng this summer.

It is understood that the Youpeng Seafood Guochao Music Festival will continue until September 12. From 17:00 to 22:00 every night, the crystal square of the water park is wonderful and uninterrupted!

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