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Young actor Qi Hang participated in the popular TV drama “Ding Baozhen” of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, recreating the image of a scholar with his strength

Young actor Qi Hang participated in the popular TV drama “Ding Baozhen” of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, recreating the image of a scholar with his strength


The large-scale historical TV series “Ding Baozhen” was broadcast on CCTV’s eight prime time slots on October 26. The whole play reproduces the late Qing Dynasty in an all-round, three-dimensional and multi-angle manner for the first time from three aspects: Ding Baozhen’s “heart to serve the country and courage to take responsibility”, “heart for the people, integrity and love for the people” and “education for the family and inheritance of family tradition”. The touching story of the famous minister Ding Baozhen, who served the country, loved the people, and passed down the legacy of integrity. He defied the powerful to serve the country and the people. He killed Andehai, regulated the Yellow River twice, punished corruption, established the Machinery Bureau, and reformed the salt administration… which fully demonstrated his character. Contributions to anti-corruption, flood control, reform, and Westernization.

This drama stars national first-class actor Ma Shaohua, well-known actors Cao Jun and Ye Jing, young actors Qi Hang, Liu Zhihan, etc., and veteran actors Hou Tianlai, Fang Zichun and other powerful actors. The crew of “Ding Baozhen” selected talented actors this time to ensure the character creation and quality of the drama, and abandoned the “traffic theory”. It is a treasure drama in the true sense.

In the play, the young actor Qi Hang plays Qi Songru, who wants to enter the official career and regain his family background. After his family failed, he can only work everywhere, but creditors still come to collect debts many times. After learning that Ding Baozhen is a very powerful After becoming an official, he approached Ding Baozhen in the name of his father being a colleague of Ding Baozhen. He started from Ding Baozhen’s preferences and left a deep impression on Ding Baozhen. Then he proposed the idea of ​​serving Ding Baozhen when he was in trouble. After staying in Ding’s house, he became brothers with Li Peirong and others, and gradually became Ding Baozhen’s confidant. Finally, under the influence of Ding Baozhen’s words and deeds and his charisma, Qi Songru followed Ding Baozhen and did many things that benefited the country and the people.

As an opportunist, Qi Songru has low self-esteem and arrogance, and there is a huge contrast in his heart. Qi Hang said that in order to have a good sense of scale and accurately grasp Qi Songru’s heart during the performance, he not only read the script carefully before acting, He also consulted various materials to gain an in-depth understanding of this period of history and characters, and also put forward his own opinions many times during the filming.

During the filming, the director repeatedly advised Qi Hang to pay attention to his health. However, in order to portray Qi Songru as a weak scholar, Qi Hang still insisted on strictly controlling his intake according to the schedule every day, just to better fit Qi Songru. Because his family was poor and could not afford to eat, he was in a state of sluggishness and lack of food. He finally lost 16 pounds in 7 days.

Qi Hang loves sports and fitness and has a strong body. He is one of the few powerful martial arts actors in mainland China. In previous dramas, he has played more tough guy characters such as generals and heroes, such as Sun Xiyuan in “Odds”, “Secret” Characters such as Liu Tianzhang in “Cha” and Ze Yin in “Lonely Love”. Qi Songru, played by Qi Hang in this drama “Ding Baozhen”, plays the role of a scholar after many years since the role of Boyikao in “The Romance of the Gods”.

Qi Hang, an actor who graduated from Beijing Film Academy, has solid acting skills. Coupled with a period of military life, he also has a tenacious character and an attitude of striving for perfection. Be brave enough to challenge and try whether in life or work. In the process of playing different roles, you can feel the taste of life. I believe Qi Hang will also leave a deep impression on people this time in the historical drama “Ding Baozhen”, and he will go further and further on the road of being a capable actor!


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