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Youku’s “Online Screening of Russian Movies” kicks off on July 10

Youku’s “Online Screening of Russian Movies” kicks off on July 10

From July 10th to 31st, the 2023 Russian Film Festival (Russian Film Festival), hosted by ROSKINO and strongly supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, was grandly launched. At that time, movie fans in China will be able to watch many acclaimed high-quality Russian movies for free for a limited time through Youku. There’s a wide variety of genres, including fantasy, adventure, sports, and great Soviet-era classics. This is the fourth time that the “Russian Film Festival” is held in China.

In 2021, the Russian Film Festival project will be grandly launched as a screening unit with the Beijing International Film Festival. Last year, ROSKINO teamed up with Tencent Video to launch the Russian Online Film Festival, and within three weeks, it attracted more than 5 million movie fans to watch many of Russia’s best films, setting a new record for Russian film festival projects. 2023 will be one of the most exciting years in the history of Russian-Chinese film cooperation. In April this year, at the Russian Film Festival and the Beijing International Film Festival, a Russian film that had gained a high reputation was shown. Now, more excellent movies will be broadcast for free on Youku for a limited time. From August to September this year, the Russian Film Festival will be held simultaneously in three Chinese cities, Beijing, Suzhou and Heihe. In addition, the “Chinese Film Day” event will also be held in Russia.

Youku’s Russian online film screenings held in July, as part of a series of Russian film screenings, focused on the most popular film genres in the Chinese market, such as science fiction, sports, and space. Chinese audiences will have the chance to watch the romantic fantasy film He Is the Dragon (which grossed $8 million in just four days in China in 2016); the first film based on a Russian graphic novel, The Guardians “, which is Russia’s top-grossing overseas movie in 2017; the alien creature movie “Moscow Has Fallen”; the movie “Space Rescue” based on real events tells a thrilling space flight. Chinese audiences will once again establish a strong emotional connection with the astronauts in the movie, and relive that incredible space rescue mission with the astronauts. In 2022, the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the General Administration of Sport of China agreed to cooperate in sports and fitness programs in 2022-2023. As part of this plan, the project includes the release of the famous Russian sports film “Killer Munich”.

“Youku Russian Film Online Screening” will present the disaster movie “Fire and Clouds” adapted from a fire to Chinese audiences. The film is well known to Chinese audiences from the 1979 Soviet film of the same name. To this day, the movie remains a word-of-mouth classic. And this latest version of “Fire and Rising Clouds” has not only been remade with modern technology, but also expanded the plot with a new plot. The classics of Soviet cinema have always received high praise from Chinese audiences. “Youku Russian Movies Online Screening” also offers an opportunity for fans of classic Russian cinema, the 1958 film “Quiet River Don” is based on Mikhail Sholokhov’s Nobel Prize-winning novel of the same name And adapted. This “Youku Russian Movie Online Screening” also includes the historical drama “Viking: War of the Kings” and the fantasy comedy “The Cutest Detective”, which tells the story of a policeman whose soul enters the body of a child after failing to perform a mission; And the movie “Dance Showdown”, which tells the story of the struggle of a dancer who lost his hearing.

Youku Russian Movies Online Screening List

Movie “He’s a Dragon” Dragon (2015)

Producer: Indar Zendubayev

Introduction: In the cold land, evil dragons raged. Every specific day, people must sacrifice a beautiful girl to become the “bride” of the evil dragon. The brave dragon slayer went through untold hardships, found the dragon’s lair with his true love for the girl, and killed the dragon, and the land was restored to peace. Decades later, the story of the ferocious dragon and the brave dragon slayer has become a legend. On this day, the beautiful Duke’s little daughter Milla (Maria Pozhava) is about to hold a grand wedding. The dragon slayers sang the dragon song at the wedding, but unexpectedly this act awakened the evil dragon. The bride Mira was kidnapped by a dragon and left on the deserted island of remains. On the island, she met a mysterious man Arman (played by Matvi Rekov), but Mira discovered that this man with a human body…

Movie Guardians: Guardians of the Century (2017)

Producer: Sally Odysseyer

Introduction: This film tells that the evil Professor Kratov, who has been engaged in weapon research, wants to use biological weapons to achieve his ambitions, and has created a series of large-scale terrorist attacks in major cities in Russia. In order to eliminate evil forces and save the country facing the destruction of biological weapons, the Russian Defense Ministry has dispatched a team of superheroes called “Patriots” created during the Cold War. The professor launched a desperate struggle…

The film The Crew (2016)

Producer: Nikolai Lebedev

Introduction: The film is a remake of a 1980 Soviet film. It tells the story of a fearless crew led by three pilots who volunteered to go to the volcanic eruption of Kunwu Island to rescue the trapped people. The pilot Guxin (Danil Kozlovsky) with a strong sense of justice was expelled from the army for disobeying the orders of his superiors. He became an intern pilot of the civil aviation crew and got acquainted with the spiritual mentor Zinchenko (Vladimir Mashkov). and lover Alexandra (Agni Grudit). However, during a flight, a sudden volcanic eruption and severe weather conditions made everything on the plane out of control, and all members were hanging by a thread…

The film “Lore Munich” 3 Seconds (2017)

Director: Anton Megerdichev

Introduction: The film is based on the famous legendary real events in the history of sports. It tells the incredible events that happened during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. In the final of the basketball championship, the Soviet basketball team defeated the American team, which had maintained a 36-year record of unbeaten victories. With three seconds left in the final, the U.S. took a one-point lead. The US team has already begun to celebrate the victory of the game in advance, because they believe that the result of the game is a foregone conclusion. However, an unknown basketball coach from the Soviet Union led the Soviet national team in hardship, hardship and poverty. The result of the game was reversed, and the entire history of basketball also changed.

The movie “Space Rescue” SALYUT-7 (2017)

Director: Kerim Spenko

Introduction: The “Salyut 7” space station in outer space accidentally lost contact with the earth. Engineer Victor Ayokin and retired astronaut Vladimir Fedorov were ordered to search for “Salyut 7” on the Soyuz T-13. When they were about to return to the voyage after experiencing a series of crises such as space docking, space capsule cold current, space station fire, and solar charging system failure, they were told that the space station was about to be shot down, and a bigger space disaster was coming.

The movie “Quiet River Don” And Quiet Flows The Don (1957)

Producer: Sergei Gerasimov

Introduction: The film is set in the turbulent era of the eve of the First World War, the revolution, and the civil war for about ten years. The changes in the ages present the daily life of the Cossacks in the Don region and the personal fate unfolded during the war.

The movie “Moscow Has Fallen” Attraction (2017)

Producer: Fedor Bondarchuk

Introduction: A rare meteor shower is about to appear in the sky over Russia. Young men and women are extremely excited and take to the streets to witness this historic moment. The beautiful girl Yulia (Nanny Irina Stadsen) insists on dating Tamer (Alexander Petrov) despite her opposition as an officer’s father. On the day when the meteor shower came, they hid in one place and frolicked, but they didn’t know that a huge crisis was coming. An alien spacecraft was accidentally hit by the Russian Air Force. It caused a devastating blow to Moscow during the crash landing, and Yulia’s girlfriends were also killed in the disaster. After that, Yulia and her friends broke into the restricted area and encountered aliens.By mistake, she decided to rescue the seriously injured alien pilot Hank.

Movie “Viking: War of Kings” Viking (2016)

Producer: Andre Krafcook

Introduction: At the end of the tenth century, after the sudden death of Svia I, the supreme ruler of Kievan Rus, the kingdom was shaken, and the government and the opposition were in dispute. With the support of the nobles of their principalities, the three princes competed for the succession to the throne. Vladimir was the weakest of the three princes and was not appreciated by his family because he was the “illegitimate child” of his father and his servants. After the sudden death of his father and the assassination of the eldest prince by the second prince to seize the throne, the cowardly prince, with the help of his father’s counselor Swinnerd, organized a brutal and violent Viking pirate team from his family’s hometown and started revenge against his brother and the alien who killed his father. Waiting for him are the big prince’s iron-blooded warriors, the impregnable Polotsk castle, the crossbow of the Turkic cavalry, the evil pagan curse and scheming…

The movie “Dancing Showdown” The Battle (2019)

Producer: Anar Abbasov

The dreams of street dancer Anton to win over the dance world are crushed when an accidental injury plunges him into a world of silence. After being deaf, Anton also lost the meaning of living, but it was at this difficult moment that he met his true love and found his mission in life. Anton learned to listen to his inner music and began teaching dance to children who were also deaf. He develops a new dance routine and takes the risk of leading the group of kids to join his troupe in the Russian Championships, hoping to qualify for the World Championships. But what is more important in Anton’s heart is that one day he can hear the voice of his beloved with his own ears.

Movie “The Cutest Detective” The Cop Baby (2017)

Producer: Alexander Andriyushchenko

Introduction: The gray-haired special operations major Helomo was injured in an anti-narcotics operation. During the rescue process, he accidentally realized the soul transfer with the newborn baby of Oleg, a policeman from the Environmental Protection Division. The case is imminent, and the newborn’s young body is filled with the old soul of the criminal police major. When the idiot father meets the runaway baby, the confrontation between the police and the robbers staged scenes of ridiculous cases.

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