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You can’t leave the city during the Spring Festival holiday. Please check out this travel guide

You can’t leave the city during the Spring Festival holiday. Please check out this travel guide

  Tianjin Northern Network News:The Spring Festival is the most solemn and lively festival of the year, and Tianjin fully demonstrates the flavor of the New Year. New Year markets, lantern festivals, folk performances, etc. will be staged in various districts in turn, not only bringing joy to citizens and tourists. It brings joy and is a vivid display of traditional culture.

  Elements of the Year of the Dragon are integrated into the exhibitions of major shopping malls

Integrate traditional culture with the trend of the times to create a “business +” cross-border integration of national trends with Tianjin characteristics to link up with the New Year atmosphere, and jointly hold activities such as temple fairs, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and markets, and bring extraordinary New Year fun experiences to citizens and tourists. Yangliuqing Ancient Town, Ancient Culture Street, Water Park, Gulou Commercial Street, Xiaozhan Town, Gegu Town, Yuyang Ancient Street and other business districts will hold national trend lantern exhibitions, supporting specialty food markets, happy circuses, cultural and creative intangible cultural heritage Performances, Hanfu parades and other activities attract a large number of citizens. Hedong Aegean Shopping Center launched the first IP exhibition in Tianjin of “Dragon Crying Together for the New Year”, creating a “National Trend Art Exhibition of the Year of the Dragon unique to Tianjin people”. The main exhibition area has set up 6 major theme check-in points, through the beauty of flexible art, The conveyance of New Year’s blessings spreads the traditional cultural attributes of the national trend; The New Year themed exhibition “Dragon Tianhe Welcomes Guests” was held.

  Cultural and commercial consumption-promoting activities are more closely integrated

Major shopping malls use cultural business methods to explore the cultural connotation of traditional festivals, which can not only increase consumer participation, but also improve people’s awareness of traditional culture and feel the happiness brought by traditional culture. SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza teamed up with the Tianjin Museum to hold “Boyun All Things – 2024 New Year Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Season”. Many rare exhibits (replicas) entered the business district for exhibition and display, while creating a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere. Let consumers experience the unique charm of historical relics while shopping; Jinwan Plaza has carefully prepared the theme event of “New Year in Painting-Tinmen Intangible Cultural Heritage Celebrating the Year of the Dragon” and selected dozens of five major New Year pictures from across the country Collections of works from the production areas are displayed together, using Chinese romance to explore the unique artistic expression of the traditional culture of the Spring Festival, filling the atmosphere and sense of ritual of the Year of the Dragon, and presenting gifts to savor the Chinese New Year; Mian 3 Creative Block carefully planned the “Year of the Dragon? Kyrgyzstan Mian” “3 Lantern Festival” integrates special lantern festivals, food, performances, and entertainment, presenting a comprehensive park experience of sightseeing, shopping, eating, entertainment, and exercise.

  9 wonderful folk performances

1. Intangible Cultural Heritage Celebrating the New Year·Yinglong Temple Fair

Starting from January 20, intangible cultural heritage exhibition and sales activities will be carried out every Saturday and Sunday at the Aegean Shopping Center. From the first to the eighth day of the first lunar month, special intangible cultural heritage New Year goods will be exhibited and sold. In addition, the activity will also organize Qinglian Stilts, charity Intangible cultural heritage items such as Yinfa Drum and Blocking Door Martial Arts were performed, and the lovely and exquisite Dragon Aoao display also added to the strong festive atmosphere.

2. 2024 Yangliuqing Town Spring Festival Lantern Festival Performances to Benefit the People

At Shijia Courtyard Theater, Guandi Temple Square and other places, Xiqing District organizes folk flower festivals, car festivals, yangko, waist drums, African drums, dragon dances and other original performances to benefit the people, showing the pure Yangliuqing folk customs in western Jinxi. , tourists can not only take photos and videos as souvenirs, but also participate in the performance of the Yangko team, immersing themselves in the charm of the folk flower show and experiencing a different Spring Festival.

3. Excellent flower show performance of “Flower Party celebrates the New Year and is an intangible cultural heritage to celebrate the New Year”

  The event site will display flower festival folk customs such as flying forks, car races, lion dances, and stilts to showcase the essence of Wuqing’s local folk culture and set off a festive and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere. In the sonorous sound of gongs and drums,Various talents will take turns to perform

Provide an authentic “gluttonous feast” of folk culture to citizens and tourists.

4. The Second New Year Temple Fair in Wuqing District

With the theme of “Dragon”, the temple fair will not only have catering, folk products, but also children’s entertainment, folk performances and other contents. At the same time, an ice and snow carnival will be held, which is a lot of fun, so that both children and adults can celebrate the New Year happily. . It is a cultural and folklore event, with a variety of exciting and interesting performances. You can see all kinds of unique B&Bs here. Snacks and New Year goods are all available. You can enjoy the holiday joy while eating, shopping and playing.

5. “Taoyuan Fun·Northern Year” New Year Temple Fair

This temple fair is divided into five major themes: opening ceremony, New Year pen party, prayer party, welcoming the God of Wealth and praying for luck,

The heart-pounding Taoyuan Love Dating Party, Hanfu tour, animation tour, garden interaction, street dance, house dance, ballet dance performance, Peking Opera face-changing, lion dance and dragon performance, stilt parade performance, and Yangko parade performance come from all over the world. It will present an audio-visual feast to citizens and tourists.

6. Dule Temple Fair

The Dule Temple Fair is large in scale, influential, and rich in local characteristics. It integrates folk performances, artistic performances, intangible cultural heritage items, local flavor snacks, and folk handicrafts. The temple fair retains the traditional style. It has unique characteristics and a distinct sense of the times, embodies the fine tradition of inclusiveness of Chinese culture, enriches people’s holiday life, and promotes traditional culture.

7. “New Year Huangyaguan·Exploring the Year of China” The Second New Year Folk Culture Theme Park

Tianjin Huangyaguan Great Wall Scenic Area launches the “Da Ming Frontier Fortress” Huangyaguan Great Wall’s second New Year folk culture theme park with dragon and lion dances, wandering gods parade, English singing and dancing, folk skills, immersive live performances, childhood theater, Activities such as the intangible cultural heritage market will present you with a feast of culture and joy, allowing you to experience the Spring Festival full of flavor. The heroic singing and dancing are as powerful as the rainbow, the lion dance performance brings good luck, and the divine parade brings blessings and longevity. The collision of intangible cultural heritage elements injects stunning and mysterious power, allowing citizens and tourists to travel through time and space and experience extraordinary performances.

8. The 27th “All People Have Fun” Flower Show

This event brings together 10 intangible cultural heritage items for flower show and 10 intangible cultural heritage items for sale, allowing more people to understand the rich intangible cultural heritage folk culture of Beichen District. The colorful flower show not only brings holiday blessings to The people also added a strong atmosphere of joy and promoted the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

9. “Good Luck in the Year of the Dragon” Spring Festival cultural products

This event has a rich cultural atmosphere. There will be exhibitions and sales of works by well-known calligraphers and painters, original paper-cutting exhibitions and sales in Qingyang Town, Gansu Province, traditional folk customs and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, famous calligraphers writing Spring Festival couplets on site and giving away Spring Festival couplets, high-quality books to benefit the people, etc. Series of activities.

  Tianjin Lantern Exhibition: Hang up lanterns and light up hope

1. The First Water Lantern Festival·Jincai Lantern Festival

The water park creates a grand visual feast of approximately 90,000 yuan. The lantern festival includes not only 8 groups of large lanterns, 10 groups of medium-sized lanterns and 45 groups of lantern shapes. Parent-child content has also been specially added to meet the needs of play, such as dinosaur themes, forest secrets, and Alice themes. In addition, large-scale markets, New Year Festivals and other exhibition and sales activities allow you to have endless fun while shopping! The entire event is full of Chinese New Year elements and Tianjin’s unique customs.

2. “Long Yao Jinmen, Love in Nankai” 2024 Tianjin Drum Tower New Year Lantern Festival Market

The 2024 Tianjin Gulou New Year Lantern Festival Market will be held in Gulou, including various lantern sets, costume parades, traditional programs, lantern riddles with prizes, national trend cultural and creative products, time-honored intangible cultural heritage brands, etc. There will be 14 large-scale lantern sets on display. The exhibition and 4 “check-in points” will also open the experience of ringing the drum tower bells, allowing you to enjoy the lanterns, see the drum tower, and listen to the drum tower bells.

3. Spring Festival Lantern Festival theme activities

Jinwan Plaza takes the traditional Spring Festival as its theme, carries out themed lantern festivals in the central city, and organizes Spring Festival markets. Set up a large-scale lantern display and interaction with the theme of “Zodiac Dragon”. The event is planned to start on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month and continue until the Lantern Festival.

4. Year of the Dragon? Wonderful Lantern Festival in Kyrgyzstan

During the 2024 Year of the Dragon Spring Festival, Mian 3 Creative Block carefully planned the “Year of the Dragon? Ji Mian 3 Lantern Festival”, which integrates special lantern shows, food, performances, and entertainment to present an all-round amusement park with sightseeing, shopping, food, entertainment, and sports. experience. Along the Haihe River, admiring lanterns, strolling around Miaohui, and watching the light and shadow show, Mian 3 Creative Street provides tourists with the most “Tianjin-flavored” national style feast.

5. The 27th Yangliuqing National Fashion Lighting Exhibition

The 2024 Yangliuqing Lantern Festival is divided into three major areas: Yangliuqing Square, Yangliuqing Ancient Town, and Yuanbao Island. A total of 200 groups of large theme lights, lawn atmosphere lights, lighting lights, etc. are designed, relying on the characteristics of Tianjin Xiqing Yangliuqing woodblock New Year pictures, paper-cutting, Daying culture, canal culture, Huo Yuanjia spirit and intangible cultural heritage. It allows citizens and tourists to immerse themselves in the charm of Tianjin’s traditional folk culture while admiring the lanterns.

6. The station welcomes the second New Year Art Lantern Festival themed event

Xiaozhan welcomes the new year and embarks on the road to happiness. The second Lantern Festival is about to kick off! The entire park covers an area of ​​400 acres, with a total of about 36 groups and more than 170 lanterns. The folk lantern section is divided into six major themes: Year of the Dragon, Fantasy of Mountains and Seas, Ocean World, Interactive Flowers, Parent-child Check-in, and Magical Forest. The event will also open a children’s playground, ski park, wild luxury camping, Happy Road Canteen food items, etc.

7. 2024 Gegu Lantern Folk Culture Collection

This 70,000-square-meter large-scale light show is quite culturally innovative, with light art exhibitions, intangible cultural heritage box lights, intangible cultural heritage iron flower performances, cool hot wheels performances, crazy entertainment experiences, Sichuan opera face-changing, auspicious lion performances and parades, and Internet Red tumblers, special delicacies, creative folk markets, etc. allow tourists to enjoy the five senses.

8. “Yuyue Beitang and the Dragon’s Prosperity” New Year Lantern Garden Party

During the Spring Festival, Beitang Ancient Town holds constant annual customs and activities, and will create an exclusive prosperous Chinese New Year for “Dayu Beitang”.

9. “Lighting up the Jinghai” New Year Folk Culture Lantern Exhibition

The Chunguang Farm ice and snow folk night tour themed activity relies on the cultural resources of the Duliu Millennium Ancient Town and the Grand Canal to create a night tour feast that integrates pastoral scenery, fireworks and light displays, folk performances, ice sports, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and food tastings, etc. , a unique idyllic holiday experience allows both children and adults to have a happy holiday.

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