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“You also have today” finished Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan staged an urban light love story

“You also have today” finished Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan staged an urban light love story

Produced by Ningmeng Film and Television, co-produced by Youku, directed by Chen Mingzhang and Chen Shiyi, written by Li Jingling, Xu Xiaoou as the chief producer, starring Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, an urban light love legal drama adapted from the original novel of the same name by Ye Feiran in Jinjiang Literature City “You Have Today” was completed on August 4th.

“You Have Today” tells the story of Qian Heng (played by Chen Xingxu), the founder of Junheng Law Firm, and Cheng Yao (played by Zhang Ruonan), a rookie lawyer from Lotte, who accidentally changed from a workplace partner to a shared roommate, influencing each other and growing together in terms of work and life concepts And finally the story of falling in love with each other.

The play is the work of director Chen Mingzhang who has returned to the youth idol drama track after many years. The content and theme focus on the vertical profession “family lawyer”, and the narrative is based on events such as divorce property division and huge inheritance inheritance, and uses comedy to connect romantic love and society. Topics, I hope that the audience can not only experience the various aspects of life in sharp cases, but also be able to smile knowingly and gain a relaxing and pleasant experience watching the drama.


The single finale photos released on the finale day officially announced the cast of “You Have Today”, including Chen Xingxu (decorating Qian Heng), Zhang Ruonan (decorating Cheng Yao), Chen Xiaojun (decorating Cheng Xi), Li Junxian (decorating Wu Jun), He Wenjun (as Bao Rui), Li Dianzun (as Yu Fei), Chen Haolan (as Tan Ying), Xie Shuai (as Deng Ming), Fan Shuaiqi (as Liang Yiran), Ye Xiaowei (as Gu Beiqing), etc. A combination of young actors starred, and Weng Hong (as Qian’s mother), Yue Yueli (as Qian’s father), Liu Jie (as Cheng’s mother), Lan Cheng (as Cheng’s father) and other powerful actors joined in, fully demonstrating the drama The strength of the lineup has aroused strong expectations from fans and audiences.

The finale special released on August 7 is based on Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan’s retro film style “CP Wrong Answer”, showing the characters played by the two, Qian Heng and Cheng Yao, a pair of “Yao Qianshu” CPs. , getting to know each other, or falling in love with each other, or hilarious, or sweet and tender moments. In addition, the finale special also includes behind-the-scenes shooting highlights of the series. While directly digging into the character image makeup and personality setting, showing the highlight plot clips and the crew’s shooting atmosphere, it also adds to the “light joy + romance” style of the series. set the tone.


At the same time, the official “sticky feeling” two-person poster released for the first time is full of creativity. The male and female protagonists sit at the same table, holding books with their stories printed on them, titled “How to Conquer a Beautiful Girl” and “How to Conquer a Handsome Boy”. The core of “Hi + Romance” is vividly interpreted.

It is reported that during the filming period of “You Have Today” due to the good looks, high sense of CP, and high role fit of the male and female protagonists, fans, fans of the original book and even the majority of netizens continued to pay attention. higher. From the bright late spring to the blazing midsummer, the filming of more than 3 months has come to an end. “You Have Today” will be broadcast exclusively on Youku, so stay tuned.

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