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Yingda Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch organized a series of publicity activities on “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”

Yingda Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch organized a series of publicity activities on “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”

Tianjin Branch of Yingda Property & Casualty Insurance (hereinafter referred to as the branch) took “Singing the New Journey, Running Green” as the theme of the event, and centered on the slogan “Insurance Power, Work harder for you who are struggling” to organize various offline activities. , Content-rich publicity activities, show the good social image of the insurance industry, and contribute to the protection of a better life.

On July 5th, the branch organized young employees to carry out brisk walking activities along the Haihe River. The employees were full of energy and walked vigorously, showing the positive spirit and healthy and green lifestyle of the insurance industry in the new era. He also sang patriotic songs for the party in the form of singing, expressing his gratitude to the party, listening to the party’s words, and following the party’s determination. The high-spirited demeanor of forging ahead on a new journey and making achievements in a new era sings the great goal of the new journey. After the event, everyone expressed that they would base themselves on their positions and make unremitting efforts to promote the high-quality development of the insurance industry and the company to a new level.

On July 6, the branch entered “Nan Cuiping Park” to participate in the “Singing the New Journey-Green Environmental Protection Run” organized by the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association. Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, associations, societies and More than 500 colleagues and clients from 76 insurance institutions in Tianjin participated in the event. During the event, the branches uniformly dressed, and door-shaped display racks were set up in the public area of ​​the event site. During the three-kilometer brisk walking journey, the employees enjoyed the physical and mental pleasure brought by healthy exercise and were full of vigor, which fully demonstrated the high spirits of Yingda Property & Casualty employees. The spiritual outlook and corporate image have become a unique landscape in the park. The employees of the branch expressed that they would unite as one, make progress hand in hand, never forget their original aspirations and keep in mind their mission, and continue to make efforts and contributions to enhance the image of the industry and promote the culture of the insurance industry.

In order to increase the publicity of the 7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day and ensure the safety of employees when traveling, the branch company organized employee vehicle safety inspection activities, and hung the “Insurance Power, Work harder for you” promotional banner at the event site, providing support for 32 companies. The power unit has carried out nine vehicle safety testing services, including engine, transmission, chassis, tires, auto glass, automotive electronic system, vehicle interior environment, battery, and comprehensive vehicle safety testing, to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, and fully demonstrate The service tenet of the branch is to do practical things for the employees and do a good job as a vehicle service housekeeper.

For the flood prevention work in the flood season, the branch company organized and carried out disaster prevention and loss prevention drills in the 7.8 flood season. Further improve the emergency response capability and claim settlement service level during the flood season. Based on the disaster risk caused by extreme weather during the flood season, simulate how to quickly start the emergency plan for vehicle detection, wading rescue, electric shock, personal injury, and property loss, and do a good job in flood prevention. A full-process practical drill was carried out for the on-site investigation of the reporting action, rapid loss determination and subsequent claim settlement services, which enhanced the branch’s service capabilities and improved its overall image in the insurance industry.

The branch company will take this event as an opportunity to strengthen the publicity of insurance professional knowledge, start with insurance laws and regulations, basic knowledge, and how to improve insurance awareness and maintain its own insurance rights and interests, improve customer loyalty, and promote the branch company to be stable and healthy in the industry develop.

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