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Yida pre-sale starts at 89,900, with good looks and strength, what else to look at Sylphy?

Yida pre-sale starts at 89,900, with good looks and strength, what else to look at Sylphy?

When buying an SUV, domestic production is enough; when buying a sedan, Nissan Sylphy is still the first choice of most consumers. However, after the beginning of the year, the entire competitive landscape began to undergo drastic changes. Previously, BYD Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition was listed at 99,800 yuan, and then Changan launched Changan Yida with a lower entry price and higher cost performance. It can be said that this year it is an independent brand The key to jointly attacking the joint venture family sedan. So, how does Changan Yida perform, and can it overwhelm the best-selling model Nissan Sylphy?

In terms of appearance, the front face of Changan Yida is very similar to UNI-V, but its body posture is lower and wider, so the overall vision is more like a coupe. In addition, Changan Yida attaches great importance to creating a youthful atmosphere. Whether it is the front face design, the shape of the lamp group, or the selection of wheels, it is all based on the preferences of young people. On the other hand, Sylphy, a Japanese joint-venture family sedan, has a good appearance, but it is difficult to attract the attention of young people.

In terms of interior, in addition to the youthful and fashionable style consistent with the exterior, the texture of Changan Yida is also far better than that of joint venture sedans of the same level. Take the distinguished model sold starting at 89,900 yuan as an example, reversing image, electric sunroof, leather steering wheel, electronic gear lever, multi-function steering wheel, leather seats, 10.25-inch instrument + 13.2-inch central control screen, LED headlights, automatic air conditioning + rear The air outlet of the exhaust air conditioner…these configurations are all available. As for Sylphy, even the top model may not be able to fight. As for the top model of Changan Yida, the technological configuration is richer, which is comparable to the 200,000-class joint venture brand.

In addition, the ride comfort of Changan Yida is also more suitable for home use. The body size of 4770*1840*1450mm + 2765mm ultra-long wheelbase, just looking at the book parameters, it has reached the level of a medium-sized car, and Changan positions it as a compact family sedan, which can be described as a blow to dimensionality reduction. At the same time, a large area of ​​Changan Yida car is wrapped with soft materials, especially the seat is designed with diamond-shaped stitching and perforation, which immediately enhances the sense of luxury and high-end of the vehicle, and it is by no means a large area of ​​slush plastic The interior of the joint venture model is comparable.

As for the power and handling, Sylphy is even more incapable of doing so. Naturally aspirated small-displacement power, matched with CVT gearbox, may have fuel-saving advantages in the past few years. Nowadays, power is not power, and fuel-saving is also very general. For young consumers who pursue power and control, it is really very good. Difficult to move. In contrast to Changan Yida, Blue Whale’s new generation NE1.5T high-pressure direct injection engine + Blue Whale’s new generation 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, with a maximum horsepower of 170 horsepower and a peak torque of 260 Nm, powerful and powerful, and available on call, The shifting is extremely smooth, and with the softer and more comfortable suspension adjustment, it is very textured to drive and extremely comfortable to sit on.

In general, Changan Yidong has shown the greatest sincerity in terms of product pricing and product configuration, which can be regarded as another big move released after the opening of the year. So, with a budget of around 100,000, do you choose Changan Yida or Nissan Sylphy?


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