Yida: Changan’s new trump card, the king of 100,000-level introversion

Yida: Changan’s new trump card, the king of 100,000-level introversion

“Hey, your Yida, no, it’s your Yida?” I believe everyone will be familiar with this catchy slogan, but the Yida we are going to introduce today is not chewing gum, but a dark horse car. As a new national car based on the Ark architecture, Changan Yida hopes to bring users a more comfortable and smooth travel experience. Changan Yida has announced the pre-sale price earlier, and the pre-sale price of the whole series is only 89,900 yuan. Not much to say, let’s take a look at this interesting car.

First of all, let’s look at the power aspect that consumers are very concerned about. The car is equipped with a 1.5T low-power version engine with a maximum output of 170 horsepower. On the one hand, it is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox with a transmission efficiency as high as 96%. Judging from the actual driving experience, the Changan Yida equipped with a low-power engine has a relatively outstanding dynamic performance. When driving in urban areas, you can hardly feel the difference of more than a dozen horsepower. The “smart” gearbox can also instantly keep up with the driver’s The idea is that the shifting is extremely active, and there is no setback at low speeds. The steering wheel belongs to the type with lighter damping, and the whole vehicle feels easy and easy to drive.

Changan Yida is completely a high-value player. The vehicle has a fashionable and avant-garde design. The front face has a borderless front air intake grille, and the interior is equipped with a hollow dot matrix grille, which has good lateral extensibility. The headlights on both sides have a slender design, and large ventilation openings are set at the bottom, giving people a more sporty and aggressive look. At the same time, the side design of the car is simple and smooth, with design elements such as hidden door handles and blade-style wheels.

The interior design of Changan Yida also did not disappoint us. The center console in the car has a simple shape, the full LCD instrument panel is a long strip design, and there are independent water temperature gauges and oil gauges on both sides. The large vertical 13.2-inch central control screen looks very exaggerated, and there is also a yacht-style electronic shift mechanism at the bottom, and the overall shape design is full of paragraphs. In addition, the car provides thoughtful functions such as child safety monitoring and driver health monitoring, and is equipped with intelligent auxiliary configurations such as full-speed adaptive cruise and 540-degree high-definition panoramic images.

In my opinion, Changan Yida is impressive in terms of interior and exterior design, space performance and functional configuration. The vehicle perfectly meets the needs of young people. And judging from the pre-sale price, the car can also form a dimensionality reduction blow to products of the same level. I believe it will be a great success after it goes on the market.


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