Yi Lianzhong releases “Zhiding Yunfan” industry model to create a powerful AI assistant in the field of people’s livelihood


Under the wave of new scientific and technological revolution, artificial intelligence has become an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, providing new tools and perspectives for the innovation, development, transformation and upgrading of all walks of life. Under the guidance of policies and social development trends, artificial intelligence also has great potential in the field of people’s livelihood, showing rich application scenarios and huge potential.

As a pioneer in digital solutions in the field of people’s livelihood in China, Yilianzhong has demonstrated its firm determination and strong strength in using artificial intelligence technology to empower the development of people’s livelihood since the release of the “Zhiding Tiangong AI Platform” in 2022. This time, Yi Lianzhong has accumulated profound innovation potential and launched the “Zhiding Yunfan” industry model, focusing on building an AI model for the people’s livelihood industry, using digital technology to promote the development of people’s livelihood to a new stage.

  Take advantage of the trend and focus on the AI ​​​​people’s livelihood track

  Yi Lianzhong’s “Zhiding Yunfan” industry model is released

In the past 2023, my country’s artificial intelligence innovations have continued to emerge, especially generative artificial intelligence represented by large models has flourished. The National Data Administration also recently released the “Data Elements x” Three-Year Action Plan (2024- 2026) (Draft for Comments)”, which proposes to support the development of large models with scientific data. As artificial intelligence enters a critical stage of explosive development, for Yi Lianzhong, how to continue to lead the people’s livelihood AI track with digital innovation technology, achieve new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in the field of people’s livelihood, and help AI become more inclusive has also become a An important layout of strategic significance in the new era.

Yilianzhongzhiding Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise under Yilianzhong Group that focuses on artificial intelligence and big data product research and development and technical services. This time to develop Yilianzhong’s “Zhiding Yunfan” large industry model, Yilianzhong Zhiding Technology’s R&D team started from segmented business scenarios such as human resources and social security, medical insurance, and medical care, and introduced specific industry knowledge and business logic to build a more adaptable model. The model system of people’s livelihood service application scenarios conducts large-scale self-learning training and automatically mines industry knowledge, thereby improving the accuracy and professionalism of large models; at the same time, it integrates the existing AI atomic capabilities of the “Zhiding Tiangong AI Platform” to enable industry business through Capabilities such as plug-ins, prompt engineering, knowledge engineering, compliance management, and self-learning systems support the implementation of large models.

Yilianzhong’s “Zhiding Yunfan” large industry model has basic capabilities such as intent recognition, industry knowledge understanding, intelligent question and answer, content generation and reasoning. It supports private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud deployment models, and can be used for specific tasks such as human resources and social security, medical insurance, etc. The specific business needs of the industry form a complete solution, bringing a more intelligent implementation model to applications such as intelligent handling, intelligent consulting, intelligent decision-making, intelligent services, intelligent supervision, virtual digital people, etc., in terms of business integration, implementation efficiency, and autonomy. It is unique in terms of learning iteration and interactive experience.

  Make waves like a song and play a digital movement

  Yilianzhong continues to empower people’s livelihood development with artificial intelligence technology

As artificial intelligence technology enters the practical stage, it is necessary to promote the integration of artificial intelligence with security and improvement of people’s livelihood, so that people can enjoy more convenient, efficient and intelligent ways of working and living.

In the field of people’s livelihood, artificial intelligence technology should help people live better lives. By providing intelligent, personalized and efficient services, the “Zhiding Yunfan” large model can not only improve people’s quality of life, but also help governments and enterprises better respond to people’s needs and achieve optimal allocation of social resources.

01Improve service efficiency

Large models can automatically handle a large number of queries and transactions, reduce the burden of manual customer service, and improve the service efficiency of governments and enterprises.

02Improve service quality

By deeply understanding people’s livelihood-related issues and needs, large models can provide more accurate and personalized services and improve user satisfaction.

03Support decision making

Large models can analyze and process large amounts of people’s livelihood data, provide policymakers with data support and insights, and help them make more scientific and reasonable decisions.

04Promote fairness

Large models can help ensure the universality and fairness of services, allowing more people to enjoy high-quality livelihood services through intelligent means.

05Innovative service model

Large models can promote innovation in the field of people’s livelihood services, such as providing 24/7 uninterrupted consulting services through intelligent dialogue systems, or identifying and solving potential problems in advance through predictive analysis.

According to Zhuang Guoqiang, deputy general manager and technical director of Yilian Zhongzhiding Technology Company, “In the past, answers from intelligent customer service were often pre-recorded in advance, the solutions provided lacked pertinence, and the understanding of user demands was not accurate enough. With the help of The ‘Zhiding Yunfan’ industry model has excellent intelligent means. Intelligent customer service will improve this and become more humane. In addition, we have also created a government service assistant ‘Intelligent Office’ that supports text, voice, behavior, Multi-modal interactions such as expressions can deeply understand people’s needs and provide a more friendly and natural generative interactive experience. For example, Fujian users only need to say to the system, “I want to go to Beijing to see a doctor”, and the smart office is like an AI assistant. , can accurately sense user needs, help users complete the registration of ‘residential medical treatment’, and provide policy guidance that is closer to the language of the common people. The intermediate personalized processing process is completely made by AI for decision-making.”

  Technical applications:

1. Intelligent office: Intelligent office is an innovative work in the field of government services, integrating AI intelligent voice, human-computer interaction, natural language processing, large model and virtual digital human technology. The system aims to greatly improve the processing efficiency and user experience of government and corporate business through automation and intelligence. It adopts an innovative “sentence” business processing model. Users only need to start the business process through natural dialogue. The system will intelligently analyze key information, complete the form filling and submit it to the business system for intelligent approval, realizing instant business settlement. or accepted immediately.

In this process, AI intelligent voice technology accurately captures and analyzes user voice commands, while natural language processing and large model technology efficiently process data behind the scenes to ensure the accurate collection and organization of information. At the same time, human-computer interaction and virtual digital human technology provide a friendly interactive experience, making the service process smoother and more friendly.

The application of smart offices enables governments and enterprises to improve the efficiency of government services, optimize resource allocation, and reduce the waste of manpower and material resources. For the public, this means a significant increase in service speed and a great improvement in service experience. Users can easily handle business through mobile devices anytime and anywhere, avoiding the inconvenience of queuing at the service window and greatly saving time and energy. Smart offices are becoming a model for the digital transformation of government and enterprise services, providing the public with a more efficient and convenient service experience.

2. Intelligent recognition system: The intelligent recognition system is an efficient text processing tool that integrates text recognition (OCR) and large language models. The system can quickly and accurately convert paper documents into digital text through advanced OCR technology, and then use large model technology to extract key information in the text and convert this information into a unified standard format.

Large models play a central role in this system, not only improving the accuracy of information extraction but also making it possible to identify and understand complex information from unstructured data. This is especially important for processing diverse documents and documents, such as invoices, contracts, reports, etc.

The intelligent identification system focuses on industry characteristics and solves the problem of time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. It also overcomes the limitations of general OCR technology in information extraction and standardization. In practical applications, the system has helped governments and enterprises realize data processing automation, significantly improving work efficiency and data accuracy, and has achieved good results especially in areas such as sporadic medical insurance reimbursement. With the continuous iteration and optimization of technology, intelligent identification systems are gradually becoming a powerful assistant in the digital transformation of governments and enterprises.

Give imagination and generate beauty. In the integration and symbiosis with people’s livelihood industries such as human resources and social security, medical insurance, and medical care, artificial intelligence will greatly improve people’s lives. As an explorer and practitioner of artificial intelligence technology in the field of people’s livelihood, Yi Lianzhong will think more seriously about the application prospects of AI technology in the future and make good use of this innovative technology to provide the people with more efficient, convenient and safe intelligent tools, and provide artificial intelligence The application and vigorous development of smart technology in people’s livelihood fields empower people with intelligence.


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