Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group and Feishu reached a cooperation to create a new pharmaceutical work platform

Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group and Feishu reached a cooperation to create a new pharmaceutical work platform

Recently, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group and Feishu formally reached a cooperation. Feishu will help Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group build a unified enterprise collaboration and office platform, and the two parties will further jointly innovate new efficient collaboration and business application forms in the medical and health industry.

Founded in 1971, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group is one of the first batch of innovative enterprises in the country named by the Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, there are more than 16,000 employees, and more than 20 member companies under its umbrella, all have layouts in the fields of medicine, medical equipment, and general health products.

After 52 years of development, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group already has a rich digital system. Xu Haoyu, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, said that Feishu has great advantages in promoting efficient organizational collaboration. It can help employees and the group to achieve a closer connection, and can innovate more working methods and scenarios. It can meet the needs of the group’s continuous upgrading and development.

Wei Qifang, head of the financial system and information technology department, said: “Choosing Feishu is not just choosing a management system, but choosing a set of management ideas. I believe Yangzijiang will definitely provide Feishu with the best Industry practice can truly realize co-creation.”

Using Feishu video conferencing and task management, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical can realize efficient meeting communication and efficient tracking of post-meeting tasks; through Feishu multi-dimensional forms, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical has established a drug knowledge base, sales database, etc., so that business personnel can keep abreast of product information ;At the same time, through the Feishu service desk and multi-dimensional table work order management, it can support business empowerment and information query for front-line sales representatives.

In the medical industry, “innovation” is the key word in recent years. According to the “White Paper on the Development of China’s Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises in 2022” published by KPMG and Medicine Cube, innovative drugs only account for 25% of drug sales in Chinese hospitals, and in the long run there is huge room for development; in the medical and health industry, Chinese companies are also running to break through Monopolized by international manufacturers, on the way to provide domestic solutions.

According to the official website of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, the company has established a research and development team with masters and Ph.

At present, Feishu has provided solid business management tools for many medical and health enterprises to promote the implementation of innovative achievements. Not only Yangtze River Pharmaceuticals, but also leading medical companies in the industry such as United Imaging, Porton, Kinsey Pharmaceuticals, Chia Tai Tianqing, and Sino Yihe, have used Feishu as a one-stop collaboration and management platform for organizations.

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