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Yadea’s electric car Spring Festival Gala hot product debuts!The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. It is good to travel

Yadea’s electric car Spring Festival Gala hot product debuts!The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. It is good to travel

Yadea GN Q7, as the star model that appeared in the Spring Festival Gala, has attracted the attention of many consumers with its exquisite and beautiful appearance and powerful performance experience. It is word of mouth, and I went to offline stores to buy it.

The research and development and promotion of GN Q7 electric vehicle have not stopped, and the newly launched “British Times” theme of Yadea electric vehicle has made great efforts in appearance. In recent years, the trend of retro aesthetics has gradually become popular in fashion, home decoration, and film and television. Yadea brand designers have keenly captured this fashion factor and created a new appearance for Yadea GN Q7. Six new color schemes continue the brand pursuit of “naturally lustful” at the February color conference of Yadea electric vehicles, and interpret the possibilities of colors to the extreme. College Green, College Blue, and Kiln Brown are decorated with a classic checkerboard design on the body, showing the owner’s low-key and attitude personality. The three-color body of fairy pink, building block blue, and recovery green is painted with a bear pattern, which is more cute and playful, and fits the relaxed and young public aesthetics. The leather seats and small backrests are made of warm brown, which echoes the main color of the car body, harmonious and high-end. Among the Yadea electric vehicle series, GN Q7 deserves the title of “Goddess”.

Yadea GN Q7 Electric Vehicle

The wonderful presentation of the appearance is inseparable from the advanced manufacturing process. Yadea GN Q7 adopts the industry-leading 3C simulation process. This surface treatment process allows craftsmen to present various material effects such as ceramics, matte, brushed, electroplating, and natural materials on the body surface, enriching the vision and improving the texture of the vehicle. Forward to eternity, the 3C process can ensure that the appearance of the car body will remain as new for three years, satisfying the visual experience of car owners as much as possible. For every quality, Yadea electric vehicles do their best. This is Yadea’s quality strength and brand belief.

Yadea GN Q7 is not only outstanding in appearance, but also amazing in battery life. Behind the slogan of “ultra-long battery life and easy 100 kilometers” is the technological breakthrough of Yadea’s electric vehicles. Yadea GN Q7 adopts TTFAR graphene third-generation Plus battery, which can charge and discharge cycles up to 1000 times, which is three times the life of ordinary batteries. In addition, Yadea electric vehicles are committed to providing customers with a perfect quality assurance experience, and they are renewed for two years, giving consumers a full sense of security. In addition, Yadea GN Q7 is equipped with intelligent functions such as non-inductive unlocking and shared riding with the whole family, making the life of car owners easier and more convenient. It has truly achieved “one car in hand, the whole family owns it”.

It is an excellent car and a close partner, accompanies you to commute to work and travel during holidays, feels your body temperature, and shares your mood. Spring returns to the earth and the weather is warm. It’s time to take your friends out for an outing! Let Yadi Guanneng Q7 accompany you, feel the spring and embrace yourself!

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