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Yadea will continue to strengthen the deep integration of smart economy and real economy

Yadea will continue to strengthen the deep integration of smart economy and real economy

Walking in the production workshop of Yadea Jinzhai Base in Anhui, the most intuitive feeling is that there are fewer workers and more “robots”. In the injection molding workshop, several robots performed their own duties, each responsible for their own welding points, sparks splashed, and there was a busy scene in full swing. “Look at our welding robot. It has low welding spatter, smooth and beautiful weld seam, good welding performance, and high efficiency. It can effectively ensure the strength and aesthetics of the frame, and protect employees from welding arc damage.” Yadea Electric The car staff introduced. “The whole production process is automated, without manual operation, which greatly reduces potential safety hazards.” Compared with domestic companies in the traditional production areas of electric bicycles, Yadea Anhui Jinzhai Base has significant advantages-starting from intelligent manufacturing, using many Leading intelligent equipment, insisting on process automation, realizing the intelligent connection among equipment, system and people, and walking in the forefront of the industry in terms of production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, which also means that Yadea electric vehicles will enter a new competition Road, continue to “lead” the industry.

Caption: “Robots” work on the job and operate intelligently, which is no longer a new thing in Yadi Jinzhai factory

With the “smart wings”, Yadea electric vehicles are constantly moving forward from manufacturing to “smart” manufacturing. It is understood that the intelligent industrial park of Yadi Jinzhai Base not only has high-end pipe fitting processing equipment such as automatic blanking machine, CNC pipe bending machine, pneumatic punching machine, and arc punching machine, but also its hanging basket assembly line is also at the leading level in the electric vehicle industry. The landing of the industrial park not only realizes the upgrading of product quality, but also uses industrial software such as manufacturing execution system, energy management, and quality management in the production process to realize the visualization and transparency of the production site. Ensure that the production process is connected and the factory structure is reasonable, and gradually promote the digitization, automation, and safety of the factory; at the same time, the energy consumption of equipment and production lines can be collected in a timely manner to achieve high-efficiency energy utilization, relying on machines instead of manual labor to reduce pollution and danger, and realize production waste. Recycle and reuse to implement sustainable goals.

At present, my country is in a critical period when the industrial economy is moving towards a digital economy and a smart economy. With the continuous deep integration of the smart economy and the real economy, human-machine collaboration, data-driven, co-creation and sharing, and cross-border integration have become a new form of smart economy, attracting more and more attention. “‘Smart economy’ has become a must-have product for Yadea’s development. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in scientific research, promote the integration of smart technology and the real economy on a wider, deeper, and higher level, and empower modern manufacturing , to help the high-quality development of enterprises.” Wang Jia, executive president of Yadea Technology Group, said.

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