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“Xunfeng Chizixin” starts broadcasting today 13 Kuaimen will meet music challenges after ten years

“Xunfeng Chizixin” starts broadcasting today 13 Kuaimen will meet music challenges after ten years


The music challenge reality show “Xunfeng Chizixin” will be broadcast every Thursday at 20:30 on Southeast Satellite TV, every Friday at 12:00 on Mango TV, and every Sunday at 22:25 on Strait TV. Zuo Li, Ning Huanyu, Yu Yu, Zhang Yangyang, Ju Laiti and Rao Wei, the top ten members of 2013 “Happy Boys”, formed the Xunfeng Brothers Group and started a music challenge tour in Crystal Crystal Nanxun. They used four audition challenges to unlock a 10th anniversary music carnival, and with ten years of persistence, they witnessed the power of music with thousands of audiences.

The passionate Xunfeng brothers, the meaningful 10-year commemorative roundup, four music auditions with different themes, and a dream-chasing journey full of infinite possibilities, the story of “Xunfeng Chizixin” is very exciting .

  13 Kuaimen gather and return, and the ten-year agreement is coming

The ten-year agreement came as scheduled. At the beginning of the show, the Xunfeng Brothers expressed their expectations for this “Xunfeng Journey”: they hope that their music can be understood by more people. They also chatted freely about their insights from the game ten years ago and interesting stories in their personal lives. Using pictures full of language, they brought the audience back to the hot summer of 2013.

During this Xunfeng trip, the Xunfeng Brothers will return to the collective life where they eat and live together. In the past ten years, they have changed a lot, but their relationship remains the same. They used to comb their hair upright like a “broom”, but now they are doing a refreshing style that is more suitable for their personal style; Zuo Li returned to the family, from a young boy to a home expert; Yu? is more calm and calm, the original rock youth They also started to maintain a healthy life; Ju Laiti changed from a cold and handsome guy to a funny comedian…Ten years have passed, their appearance and personality have changed more or less, but their love for music has never changed. reduce.

  Nanxun pursues dreams and starts a new journey, laughing and crying to meet the big challenge

For the sake of their dreams, the Xunfeng Brothers came from “Looking South”. Nanxun is like an ink painting scroll, with small bridges and flowing water in the eyes, and the ancient charm is leisurely. However, the weather was not good, and the Xunfeng Brothers encountered heavy rain as soon as they appeared on the stage, but this did not diminish their enthusiasm. Under the warm welcome of the local residents, led by Ning Huanyu, they created “surprises” for each other, and finally worked together Swear to live up to the trust of the audience, and definitely hold a lively and extraordinary music festival, so that everyone in Nanxun can know them. After the relaxed and happy atmosphere, the music challenge of the Xunfeng Brothers also followed.

The first round of road show in Nanxun started, and the ships of the Xunfeng Brothers Group successively stopped at the Shizigang Wharf, Guanghui Bridge Wharf, and Xiaolianzhuang Wharf. Two brothers were sent to each wharf to disembark and perform. They invited passers-by to listen by yelling with loudspeakers, taking photos together, and offering red envelope benefits. The rain continued, the venue was simple, and the equipment was self-adjusting. They held umbrellas and re-introduced themselves with music and singing, which was touching and tearful.

After the road show, they returned to the Calligraphy and Painting Academy Inn, named their dormitory “Shiguang Dormitory”, and jointly confirmed that the target audience for the next competition was 800 people, and then they began to prepare for the music competition.

Xunfeng has a pure heart, brothers fight together. This is not only a ten-year reunion music journey, but also a dream-seeking journey for the Xunfeng Brothers to stick to their love and original aspirations. Every Thursday at 21:10 on Southeast Satellite TV, every Friday at 12:00 on Mango TV, and every Sunday at 22:25 on Straits TV, let’s go with the Xunfeng brothers and ride the wind!

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