Xunfei Smart Office Laptop Private Sharing Conference Big Gay Interpretation: How to Break Through the Ceiling of Workplace Development?

Xunfei Smart Office Laptop Private Sharing Conference Big Gay Interpretation: How to Break Through the Ceiling of Workplace Development?

With the full liberalization of the society and the introduction of favorable policies, 2023 has become a critical year for breakthroughs in various industries. However, new opportunities also bring new challenges. Fierce corporate competition and a rapidly changing market environment pose challenges for managers and middle and senior managers in the workplace. To meet higher requirements, they need to go beyond previous leadership experience and professional skills, to play their own value more efficiently, and to help enterprises change and develop.

In order to break through the ceiling of workplace development and realize their own value to a greater extent in the enterprise, enterprise managers and enterprise middle and senior management are also constantly looking for methods and paths for self-improvement.

Xunfei smart office notebook fully understands the needs of high-end users in the workplace. In addition to providing efficient assistance to users in products, it also established the iFLYTEK smart office mobile club in November last year, aiming to gather high-value commercial resources and provide user groups with Value-added services.

On February 26, iFLYTEK Smart Office and Wu Xiaobo Channel launched a Moby Club user event themed “Controlling by Workplace Strength, Breaking the Game by Executing Power”, and invited Xiong Xiaonian, Zhang Yong and other important mentors from Wu Xiaobo Channel to come to the scene to provide Office users provide face-to-face dry knowledge of management and professional ability improvement.

The two mentors shared the themes of “Drucker’s 5 Leadership Principles-An Effective Manager” and “How to Continue to Improve the Value of the Company by Expanding Your Contribution” in a simple and easy way, and were well received by the audience. Widespread praise from participating users.

In the sharing of “How to Continue to Improve the Value of the Company by Expanding Your Contribution”, the former Zhaopin HRD mentor Zhang Yong found a way for veterans to break through the ceiling of the workplace from multiple dimensions.

He first helped everyone sort out the composition and development of personal abilities, and provided clear ideas for users to break through themselves and improve their abilities. He mentioned that we can judge talents from the three dimensions of knowledge, ability and personality. Among them, the ability of knowledge can be acquired through a large amount of indirect experience and external communication. If the accumulation of knowledge is done well, you can make yourself more accurate and efficient in the process of managing the team and making decisions. The improvement of personality should start from the two aspects of character and motivation. The cultivation of personality can help to use one’s own abilities more rationally and continuously structure knowledge, while the cultivation of motivation can help everyone mobilize their enthusiasm for learning and self-improvement.

Instructor Zhang Yong also specifically mentioned that the integration of business development, cultural development, and personal comprehensive ability development is indispensable. At the same time, he also pointed out that cognition determines behavior, and behavior determines results. Only by clarifying the direction of self-improvement can we find a path to break through ourselves, truly break through the ceiling of the workplace, and continuously improve our own value.

In addition, Xiong Xiaonian, entrepreneurial business practice mentor and founder of the Drucker-style simplified management model, also gave a wonderful sharing at this event. Starting from the 5 leadership principles of the management master Drucker, he passed vivid The enterprise practice case analyzes the experience and methodology of how to manage efficiently.

This private meeting in Guangzhou Station is also the second station user activity of iFlytek Smart Office Laptop Mobile Club. It is reported that Xunfei Smart Office Laptop Mobile Club is a user activity platform established by Xunfei Smart Office Laptop to meet the needs of core users. In the future, Xunfei smart office notebook will continue to focus on the hot issues that professional elites care about, and bring more high-quality services to users. Interested friends can pay attention to Xunfei smart office notebook to obtain more valuable information.

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