Xueersi Literacy releases the Women’s Day short film “Waiting?” to pay tribute to the power of “her” in the field of science


In the technological field that is undergoing profound changes, the importance of female workers has become increasingly prominent. Data shows that among China’s 38 million science and technology practitioners, women account for more than 1/3. Many female scientists play important roles in many cutting-edge technology fields such as aerospace, software, and hardware, and use practical actions to inspire more women to bravely pursue their careers. dream.

In order to pay tribute to these “her” forces that are flourishing in the field of science, on March 8, Xueersi Literacy released the public welfare short film “Science is Waiting? Come on”, showing the stories of three women’s struggles on the road of science – regardless of their status. No matter what field you are in, as long as you have love and persistence, you can shine in life.

Daodao is an 8-year-old girl. She is very interested in robot programming with a strong technological background, and took the initiative to sign up for the robot programming class of Xueersi Literacy. To her, there is nothing that “boys can do well” or “girls can do well.” When he was 7 years old, Daodao participated in the entry-level Botball competition and eventually won the championship among all male contestants. She said: “I like to challenge myself in science and technology competitions and realize my ideas through hands-on practice. This can constantly inspire me and make me better. I also want to break through myself layer by layer in terms of robotics.” .

Daodao is immersed in the small world of creative building

Wu Mowen, head of Python teaching and research at Xueersi Literacy Programming, also discovered during teaching that there is not much difference in subject performance between boys and girls. The strength of ability should not be distinguished by gender. There is no reason why you cannot learn because you are a girl. Good science of cause and effect. She encouraged girls to “don’t be afraid to pursue your scientific dreams, believe in your own abilities, and be bold in learning and innovating.”

Wu Mowen, head of Python teaching and research of Xueersi Literacy Programming, in class

Wang Yize, an expert in China’s manned space engineering, hopes to pass on the scientific power of women. She encourages women, “You must have your own goals and dreams. Don’t chase the light, but become the light. Don’t chase the stars. Have the courage to go to the sky.” Reach for the real stars!” Over the years, Wang Yi has witnessed the growth of women’s power in aerospace. “When selecting the fourth batch of astronaut payload experts, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the male-to-female ratio has reached 1:1 during the selection process of 1 out of 40 in Hong Kong and Macao. This means that women’s enthusiasm for aerospace is increasing, and it also represents the improvement of their control abilities. promote.

The “Outline of the Action Plan for National Scientific Literacy (2021-2035)” proposes to implement actions to improve the scientific quality of young people during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, stimulate young people’s curiosity and imagination, enhance scientific interest, innovation awareness and innovation ability, and cultivate a A large number of young people with scientific potential have laid a solid talent foundation for accelerating the construction of a scientific and technological power. Today, the continuous emergence of female scientific and technological workers has undoubtedly brought new vitality and hope to the scientific research community.

“Stimulate interest and apply what you learn” is also the educational philosophy of learning and thinking. Xueersi Literacy has always been committed to fully mobilizing students’ interests, helping students form a good cycle of active learning based on interests, and gain the ability to actively learn. The person in charge of Xueersi Literacy said: “In the future, Xueersi Literacy will continue to start with the end in mind, focus on the future, and prepare for the present – with innovation literacy as the core, we will focus on cultivating scientific thinking and not be limited to “common sense.” , don’t be afraid of the “unknown”, and work with your children to face future challenges with a more positive attitude.”


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