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Xu Ruiqi impressed every step he took and the character was unexpected every time.

Xu Ruiqi impressed every step he took and the character was unexpected every time.

In 2023, Singapore’s[Star Awards 2023]welcomed Xu Ruiqi, the youngest TV star in the past 26 years. With his wonderful performance as “Zheng Tiancai” in the TV series “Your World We Know”, he not only surprised the local audience, but also resonated overseas. It received unanimous praise from both inside and outside the industry, and was nominated for the “Red Star Award” for Best Actor for the first time and won the first place. Xu Ruiqi is a representative of Singapore’s new generation of male actors. After 6 years in the industry, he has come to the audience with his strong vitality roles, and will move to a bigger stage.


“Vibrant” actor Xu Ruiqi takes every step with a down-to-earth approach

Xu Ruiqi had no acting experience before joining the industry, but he was very interested in filming. It was only after joining Mediacorp that he began to get involved in acting work and training, and started pursuing his dream. Chinese audiences’ first impression of Xu Ruiqi was the TV series “Pioneer of the Patriot” which was aired on Youku in 2018. Xu Ruiqi has a youthful appearance, a sunny and naughty temperament, and his smile is very friendly. He has played various types of roles in the past 6 years in the industry, from movies to TV series. Every time he performs a role, the audience is fascinated by him. The impression is deepened, the down-to-earth performance and natural expression of emotions make Xu Ruiqi full of “freshness”.

In 2023 “We Know Your World”, Xu Ruiqi challenged Zheng Tiancai, a special needs person with an IQ of only 7 years old. His real and emotional performance received unanimous praise and recognition from both inside and outside the industry. Zheng Tiancai was not only a challenge for Xu Ruiqi in terms of character type, but also a small character. The details of the interpretation and the real acting challenge. Subsequent TV series such as “Meal Delivery Hero”, “God Loves Foolish People” and “Be With You Until the End” were commented by viewers as “just like real people you meet in life”. He used his strength to prove himself and got rid of the labels of the past. Xu Ruiqi The interpretation of the little characters makes the characters “alive”, and every step brings oneself to a higher level.

“Fireworks” actor Xu Ruiqi’s unexpected role interpretation

“We Know Your World” is a TV series that focuses on people with special needs. Before filming, the public was full of doubts about whether Xu Ruiqi, a sunny and handsome appearance, could play the role of a person with special needs. Zheng Tiancai is 21 years old but has an IQ of only 7. In Xu Ruiqi’s eyes, Zheng Tiancai is very simple. He watched some documentaries on people with special needs to figure out the role, and also specially designed some small actions to make Zheng Tiancai look more real. The vivid and natural acting skills moved countless audiences to tears. Although Zheng Tiancai can’t express himself, he lives hard in his own way and loves everyone around him. Xu Ruiqi’s every action and look in the play are terrifyingly real, making many viewers who have had the same experience sigh “Will It allows me to see my autistic son grow up and be his forever friend as a family member.” In 2023, with “Your World We Know”, Xu Ruiqi was nominated for the first time and successfully won the “Red Star Award 2023” Best Actor. He became the youngest TV star in Singapore in the past 26 years, second only to another powerful Singaporean actor Li Mingshun. Popularity skyrocketed.

After “Your World We Know”, Xu Ruiqi challenged the role of “delivery boy” and played Lin Juncong, a former nightclub owner who had to deliver food due to the epidemic in “Meal Delivery Hero”. Food delivery boy on the go. “Meal Delivery Hero” is Xu Ruiqi’s first film and television work to be broadcast after winning the “Best Actor” for “Your World We Know”. Xu Ruiqi said that there is no pressure at all, and he did not disappoint the audience this time, “The takeaway boy As a small character who often appears in life, “Brother” embodies the bravery and persistence of ordinary people and the helplessness forced by life. After “Takeaway Boy”, Xu Ruiqi continued to bring surprises to the audience. In “With You Until the End”, he played a funeral director, telling a fantasy and funny story about the theme of life and death, with laughter and tears, Xu Ruiqi’s The performance has attracted much attention. Netizens commented, “This is a very interesting character, and I saw a different Xu Ruiqi” and “I was very touched after watching it. Xu Ruiqi acted very realistically.” Each of the vivid and real characters allowed the audience to see the “fireworks” in Xu Ruiqi.

The vitality of an actor comes from the realism of the character. The efforts and growth of the actor can be seen in every work. Xu Ruiqi has never been exposed to acting, and has become a new star who represents the new generation of actors. The sense of vitality is not only His label is also part of his charm as an actor. Xu Ruiqi’s future career as an actor will continue to present lively works to the audience.

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