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Xintao has 5 major production bases, more than 30 advanced production lines, “intelligent manufacturing” to help release production capacity!

Xintao has 5 major production bases, more than 30 advanced production lines, “intelligent manufacturing” to help release production capacity!

The research and development of acrylic has a history of more than 100 years. The early acrylic material market in China has been monopolized by foreign brands. The production capacity of acrylic sheets in the mid-to-high-end field is insufficient and relies heavily on imports. At the beginning of Xintao’s establishment, it was determined to break this status quo!

  The waves gather and condense into an irresistible tide of the times—Xintao!

Xintao began to lay out the acrylic polymer material market in 2001, and has developed into a comprehensive group company integrating R&D, production and sales. For many years in a row, it has delivered a good “transcript” – the sales volume of the industry ranks first in the country. While meeting the needs of the domestic market, it is exported to more than 160 countries and regions such as the Middle East, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

  5 major production bases, stable production capacity supply!

For any manufacturing enterprise, a stable production base and production capacity are the strong cornerstone for winning the market.

Under the background of the rapid development of the polymer material industry at home and abroad, Xintao is keenly aware that there will be a broader market demand in the polymer material market in the future, and has steadily expanded production capacity. It has already distributed in Anhui, Jiangxi, Dongguan, Huizhou and The five major production bases in Changzhou have an annual production capacity of over 120,000 tons, which can greatly meet the demand of the acrylic market and the requirements for personalized acrylic sheet orders such as multi-variety, batch production, and short delivery.

  More than 30 advanced production lines to accelerate the release of production capacity!

When an enterprise continues to gain a firm foothold in the market and forms a strong competitiveness, the production capacity is the guarantee for the survival of the enterprise. For this reason, Xintao has continuously introduced high-tech and advanced management concepts, and has successively introduced more than 30 advanced production lines from home and abroad. Up to now, Xintao has 9 advanced casting production lines in Anhui, 4 in Jiangxi, a total of 13 advanced casting production lines; 9 in Dongguan, 7 in Jiangxi, 2 in Anhui, and 3 in Changzhou, a total of 21 advanced extrusion production lines; with Huizhou production The base and the second-phase expansion project in Anhui will be put into production successively, and more advanced production lines will be added.

Nowadays, the empowerment, value assignment, and intellectualization of digitalization and intelligence to manufacturing enterprises are becoming increasingly prominent, and they are entering the stage of history as a new production method. Many leading enterprises stepped up the accelerator, aggressively promoted a new round of strategic upgrading, and actively invested energy and financial resources to build some benchmark demonstration factories. As a leading company in the acrylic industry, Xintao keeps pace with the times and is the first in the industry to introduce the Mes system, realizes the fully automated control of the production process, and uses digital solutions to build an intelligent manufacturing system; and continues to strengthen automation upgrading and transformation, gradually creating industry benchmark manufacturing The base has driven the improvement of the safety production level and manufacturing efficiency of enterprises, and is accelerating the release of production capacity.

  We will continue to lead the high-quality development of the industry with a lot of accumulation!

Over the years, in the field of acrylic polymer materials, Xintao has focused on building differentiated capabilities based on the pain points and needs of industry customers. With a strong R&D technical team, advanced production management level, mature quality control system, and fast and efficient business Response mechanism, stable and continuous delivery capabilities and other advantages have been unanimously recognized and deeply trusted by the industry.

In the future, Xintao will continue to seek action with new thinking and concepts, continue to “strengthen internal strength and create a new image externally”, practice the corporate mission of “creating high-quality products, creating customer value, and creating international brands”, leading the industry in high-quality products. Development, to help the great construction of the motherland’s new material industry.

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