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Xingji Meizu Group was officially established to release the infinite potential behind the love

Xingji Meizu Group was officially established to release the infinite potential behind the love

When people discuss a brand, they tend to focus on the company’s value and capital, the brand’s control over emotions and atmosphere, as well as respect and understanding for users; It is a cultural phenomenon that gathers together because of socialism and supports a certain brand. Among them, the Meizu brand and Meiyou culture are undoubtedly models in this regard. Now that they have been together for nearly 20 years, Meizu once again presents a brand renewal feast for Meizu friends with new moves that have attracted the attention of the industry.

On March 8, 2023, Xingji Meizu Group (“Xingji Meizu” for short) officially announced its establishment in Wuhan. Xingji Meizu was formed by Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Meizu Technology”), with Shen Ziyu as the chairman and CEO of the group. Shen Ziyu announced that Xingji Meizu Group is committed to creating a strategy of multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive fusion experience for users. The convening of this strategic communication meeting allowed the outside world to see the infinite potential behind the Meizu brand focusing on the overall situation and focusing on the full-dimensional brand renewal.

Dismantling a brand logo is also dismantling the spiritual map of the brand. At this communication meeting, Xingji Meizu announced the new image and new concept of the Meizu brand, and released a new logo image of the Meizu brand. The new logo is first of all a graphical expression of the abbreviation MZ of MEIZU. At the same time, the dot in the lower right corner represents the starting point of the unbounded universe, that is, the “singularity” with infinite energy. The Z on the left is also a letter N, which stands for New and symbolizes the new Meizu. The beginning and infinite love.

Along with the logo, there is also Meizu’s brand color. The new brand color of Meizu is “love red” supplemented by “boundless black”. “Loving red” means full of love for life, represents optimism, enthusiasm, passion, is the pursuit of unbounded exploration, and the courage to dare to challenge. Love is the starting point of Meizu. Because of love, Meizu and Meizu have created many “impossibles” together: making the best MP3 in China, creating the most active forum in China, and releasing China’s first smart phone M8 , launched SmartBar, ring flash, small window mode and other amazing design and interaction in the industry, and has created many firsts in the industry.

“Borderless Black” embodies extreme and inclusiveness, represents Meizu’s spirit of exploring the boundless, and is also an infinite reverie for the future. When the industry is facing tremendous changes, the Meizu brand fearlessly breaks through the boundaries, breaks through the limitations of terminals, joins the travel technology ecology, creates a new experience of multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive integration, and completes strategic integration with Xingji Times. The terminal provides more users with the ultimate experience, and together with the users, we will move towards unbounded.

In addition, Meizu’s original brand concept “pursuit comes from love” will also maintain its original intention and evolve in the new era-“love without boundaries” will be the slogan of the new Meizu brand. Love is Xingji Meizu’s ultimate pursuit of products; Boundless is Xingji Meizu’s courage and action to break through the boundaries. “Love without boundaries” is the driving force for the development of Xingji Meizu, and it is also the spiritual value provided to users.

Under the guidance of the strategy of love without boundaries, Meizu will become the motivator of the progress of human life, providing users with high-quality products with multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive fusion experience. Meizu also announced a new brand mission, which is to “open up the dreamed future for mankind”.

In the past few years, we have often seen such a sentence – a certain industry has ushered in a change unseen in a century. In fact, this kind of change is actually and dramatically happening in China’s mobile phone and automobile markets: Although the mobile phone industry has entered a plateau period, high-quality and high-end products that really impress consumers and stand the test of time are still scarce; the automobile industry is growing steadily. Policies to stop subsidies for domestic new energy vehicles, and some foreign manufacturers to cut prices and other measures have also brought more challenges to domestic auto brands, but the smooth and intelligent experience of truly unbounded interconnected cars is the higher goal under user guidance .

The above changes have affirmed the strategic direction of Xingji Meizu from one side. In the future, the industry must not only focus on the single track of mobile phones or cars, but also devote resources to intelligent connections in all scenarios such as intelligence, networking, and human-computer interaction.

The birth of Xingji Meizu is undoubtedly “standing on the shoulders of giants”. Its innovative technology and top research and development capabilities can build a strong moat. In the field of integrated ecology, it revolves around the user’s unbounded interactive experience, pioneering and leading the progress of the industry and the world. In the context of the establishment of Xingji Meizu Group, we believe that Meizu, which stands at a new starting point, will break through the boundaries and explore the unbounded time and space with extreme love!


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