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Xijiu Group’s 2024 Spring Equinox Forum creates a new highland for Junpin culture

Xijiu Group’s 2024 Spring Equinox Forum creates a new highland for Junpin culture

On the banks of the Chishui River in spring, gentlemen from Dalou Mountain gathered. Following the successful holding of the “Spring Equinox Forum” and “Autumn Harvest Forum” last year, on March 19, 2024, the Xijiu Group’s 2024 Spring Equinox Forum with the theme of “Spring Breeze Arouses Gentleman’s Character” once again attracted the attention of the world.

Invite with wisdom and discuss the truth for character. As the first major action of Xijiu’s “Year of Gentleman Character Construction”, this forum invited many cultural celebrities, experts and scholars to gather together to discuss wine, ask questions about wine, talk about the spirit of a gentleman, and interpret the gentleman in today’s era. Character, inherit the timeless monarch culture.

Xijiu Group 2024 Spring Equinox Forum

  A gentleman talks about morality: practicing the character of a gentleman has contemporary significance

Gentleman culture demonstrates the profound and unique charm of Chinese culture and is one of the important symbols that distinguishes Chinese culture from other cultural forms. Inherited from Chinese culture, Xijiu combines its own characteristics to refine a unique “junpin culture”. This culture emphasizes the combination of personal cultivation and social responsibility, which is consistent with the moral pursuit of a gentleman.

As a well-known brand of Chinese liquor, Xijiu has a development history of more than 70 years, and its brewing technology and corporate culture integrate a long history. Generation after generation of wine drinkers guard the soul of sauce, pass on craftsmanship, adhere to the moral character of a gentleman, and brew good wine calmly and calmly, condensing the core values ​​of “respecting Taoism, being fundamental, respecting business, and loving people” and “knowing to be reverent and grateful.” The gentleman’s culture of “being modest, being humble, and having compassion” is the character of drinking wine, and it also affects more and more people to practice the style and way of a gentleman.

The scene of Xijiu Group’s 2024 Spring Equinox Forum

At this forum, scholars and guests such as Gu Jiu, Zhou Guoping, Qian Wenzhong, and Chen Xianghong explained their understanding of Junpin culture from different angles, discussed the modern inheritance and innovative practice of gentleman’s character and spirit, and pointed out the principles of drinking and drinking. The contemporary significance of practicing a gentleman’s character provides a new impetus for the high-quality promotion of the “Cultural Liquor Habits” strategy.

The definition of “gentleman” in different eras demonstrates the style of the times that keeps pace with the times.

Gu Jiu delivered a keynote speech

Gu Jiu, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Provincial People’s Congress, former chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, former director of the Guizhou Provincial Museum of Culture and History, and honorary president of the Xijiu Junpin Research Institute, provided new ideas on how to be a gentleman in today’s Chinese-style modernization. ideas. In his opinion, ancient gentlemen had a beautiful spiritual order in their hearts and used it to create a beautiful social order. He sent a message to today’s young people to keep in their hearts the pursuit of a society that is secure, warm, dignified and poetic.

Zhou Guoping delivered a keynote speech

Zhou Guoping, a famous philosopher, writer and scholar, believes that how to be a gentleman is a topic worth discussing today. He compared the personality ideals in Chinese and Western cultures and pointed out that both in ancient Greece and China, rationality and morality occupied an important position in education. He mentioned that making wine is like being a human being, and wine making should be based on Confucian culture and advocate a gentleman culture. As a lover of wine tasting, he sincerely thanks the “gentleman of wine” Xijiu for adhering to his original intention of making good wine.

Qian Wenzhong delivered a keynote speech

Qian Wenzhong, a professor at the History Department of Fudan University, believes that a gentleman’s character is not just a traditional category and concept, but the result of inner cultivation and behavioral norms. In the new era, Xijiu can build corporate character based on the standard of a gentleman and practice the culture of gentleman, which is of exemplary, modern and value model significance.

Chen Xianghong delivered a keynote speech

According to Chen Xianghong, vice president of the China Tourism Association, chairman of Dingdu Group Co., Ltd. and founder of Wuzhen Tourism, Chinese Confucian culture says that being a gentleman means being true to yourself. He believes that the best gentleman is one who has the conduct of a gentleman and lives a comfortable life. Life.

  Inheritance and innovation: creating a new highland for Junpin culture

Junpin culture is the spiritual core of the Xijiu brand and an important bridge for it to display its corporate image and cultural charm to the outside world. In recent years, as consumers pay more and more attention to quality life and healthy catering, Xijiu has won more and more market favor based on its profound cultural heritage and excellent quality. Xijiu has gradually become a popular choice in modern social and business occasions. important role. With the help of the promotion and practice of Junpin culture, Xijiu not only enhances its own brand value, but also brings positive cultural influence to society.

Wang Diqiang delivering a speech

As Wang Diqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Xijiu Group, mentioned, in the past year, Xijiu has taken the “Junpin Pact” as its program, the “concentric circles” of value have continued to expand, and the “Concerto” of unity has continued to sing; joining hands with Tsinghua University , realizing the cultural connection between state-owned enterprises in the mountains and top universities, inheriting the spirit of gentlemen, and promoting the excellent traditional Chinese culture; the “Junpinxiu Traditional Culture Parade” traveled through five cities, tracing the footsteps of five sages, including Confucius, Qu Yuan, Du Fu, Su Shi, and Wang Yangming , compose a contemporary hymn to the sages. The pace of “Cultural Liquor Acquisition” is solid, and the charm of literary and fragrant wine has gradually taken shape.

Junpin culture, which combines traditional and modern elements, not only focuses on personal cultivation, but also emphasizes responsibility to society. It advocates that while pursuing personal success, we should not forget our responsibility and feedback to society, conduct ourselves as a gentleman, and achieve both material and spiritual satisfaction.

By continuing to deepen its public welfare undertakings, Xijiu has integrated the practice of Junpin culture into specific social activities, demonstrating its extraordinary corporate responsibility in the new era. Xijiu has carried out a large-scale charity scholarship event with the theme of “Xijiu·My University” for 17 consecutive years. It has joined hands with national dealers and the Guizhou Charity Federation to establish the “Xijiu·My Elderly Wellbeing” charity fund project to solve the problem of elderly care. , health issues… With its outstanding contributions in supporting social welfare and fulfilling social responsibilities, Xijiu has been listed among the top 500 Chinese corporate charities and the top 500 Chinese manufacturing corporate charities for many times, and has won many awards. related honors.

From the “Year of Gentleman Culture Construction” to the “Year of Gentleman Character Construction”, it reflects the further upgrade of Xijiu’s cultural construction and also marks that Xijiu will continue to forge the gentleman’s character.

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