Xie Junfeng and Hong Ling’s “Whole Your Life” broadcasts the life philosophy of “breaking away”

Xie Junfeng and Hong Ling’s “Whole Your Life” broadcasts the life philosophy of “breaking away”


The TV series “Your Life” filmed and produced by Singapore MediaCorp was launched on February 13 on meWATCH in Singapore. With the theme of “Severance and Departure”, it explores how modern people abandon unnecessary things, things, and people in their excess lives. , love, and in the process reclaim the simplest but most important things in life. The male and female protagonists in the play are starred by artists Xie Junfeng and Hong Ling under Xinyi Brokerage respectively. Xie Junfeng has always wanted to challenge the role of light-hearted comedy, and he is very happy with this cooperation.

  “The Whole Your Life” Hong Ling unlocks multiple identities in 2023 and the good things with her boyfriend are approaching

Hong Ling plays Yuan Manying in “Whole Your Life”. She is a slash girl with multiple identities such as magazine reporter, bartender and interior designer. company. Outside the play, Hong Ling feels that she is far away from “Duansheli”. What her family needs most is a lot of storage space. “I learned one thing in the play, that is, don’t buy or decorate storage cabinets. If you don’t have a place to store things, you don’t need them.” Possession, although I have learned this, but it is really not easy to break away.”

Hong Ling’s co-actor in the play is also his fiancé Zhang Yikai. A few months ago, Zhang Yikai made a successful marriage proposal, and things with Hong Ling are getting closer. Hong Ling admitted that playing on the same stage with her fiancé Zhang Yikai made her feel a little awkward and “strange”, because the staff knew about our relationship, and if we had any intimate interactions, they would laugh at us.” When Hong Ling and Xie Junfeng have intimate scenes, Zhang Yikai will try to avoid them as much as possible, so that they can complete the filming in a natural and stress-free manner. Hong Ling and her fiancé Zhang Yikai plan to hold a wedding in 2023. She once said that she is a non-marriage advocate. Having been with Zhang Yikai for more than 7 years, this “right person” changed Hong Ling’s notion of not getting married.

  Xie Junfeng challenges light-hearted comedy and is also a “master of breaking away” in life

In the TV series “Whole Your Life”, the actor Xie Junfeng plays the “Master of Breaking Home” Fan Shede, who helps people reorganize their lives by organizing furniture. In real life, Xie Junfeng admits that he does not buy too many new items. Before buying something, he will do his homework to choose the most durable Shangpin. “Just like my bag, I will choose Waterproof, not easy to get dirty style, I don’t like to keep some items, I will see its practicality, if I don’t use it, I will throw it away”, Xie Junfeng collects old mobile phones, expressing that he does not like to change mobile phones frequently, So from middle school to now, he has collected about 8 mobile phones “I think there are many materials and photos in them, and there are many memories, so I will keep them.”

Xie Junfeng thinks the theme of “The Whole Your Life” is quite novel, and he has always wanted to challenge light-hearted comedy, so he was very happy when he received this drama. “I am very happy in this drama, because the director I just want everyone to relax and ‘play’! Speaking of an impressive scene, it was actually a scene with a cockroach. This scene really impressed me! Because it was very difficult for the crew to catch a cockroach that day. , so our entire crew was very careful in filming that scene. I hope everyone will support “Whole Your Life” a lot.”

“Whole Your Life” will be aired online on meWATCH on February 13, and it will also be broadcast on Singapore Channel 8 on February 15. The “breaking and leaving” in life will be subtracted from life.

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