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“Xiao Man’s Life” ends with high reputation, Qin Hao and Jiang Xin warmly “endorse” the new Chinese-style family

“Xiao Man’s Life” ends with high reputation, Qin Hao and Jiang Xin warmly “endorse” the new Chinese-style family


Tonight, the realistic family drama “Little Man’s Life” directed by Wang Jun, starring Qin Hao and Jiang Xin, friendly starring Wang Ou, and starring Ren Zhong, Ke Lan, Zhang Lingxin, Dai Xu, Tan Kai, etc. officially concluded. Since its premiere on CCTV-8 Prime Time and Youku Video on November 23, the drama’s ratings, word-of-mouth, and popularity have been rising all the way. The warm and lively “Xiaoman” life of the three families is full of things, laughter and tears, which has given viewers of the drama a This early winter brings warm companionship.

  Drive high and go high with great stamina, the three families laugh and laugh every day and become the audience’s “electronic neighbors”

Since November 23, “Little Man’s Life” has launched an “18-day continuous broadcast” mode on dual platforms of Taiwan and the Internet. In the play, three families facing different “examination papers” have become the audience’s “electronic neighbors” after going online. The things around you in urban life are humorous. In the end, can Ye Yifan and He Jiaru’s house-changing plan be realized, and how will the “lawsuit” be reversed? Will Tian Tian and Tian Dong, Chen Li and Hou Yuanyuan choose to move forward separately, or will they reunite? After Youku members got a sneak peek last night, all the suspense will be solved in the finale broadcast on CCTV-8 tonight.

During the broadcast, the ratings and popularity of the series continued to rise. The peak ratings of the first broadcast exceeded 2.4%, ranking first among all TV series in the same period, and becoming the first series in 2023 on the opening day ratings. Follow-up It also won the “Grand Slam” of live broadcast attention from CCTV, and topped the major lists on Youku, Weibo drama influence list, Maoyan TV series popularity list, etc., and the topic and discussion continued. online. Up to now, the series has received a total of 1,300+ related hot searches on major social media platforms, Douyin’s main topic views have reached 3.97 billion, there are more than 140 popular short videos with 100,000+ likes, and Xiaohongshu related notes have reached 6 With more than 10,000 episodes, it has become one of the most outstanding family dramas in 2023.

  Warm narrative ironing texture delivers the most suitable living temperature

In terms of reputation, “Xiaoman Life” focuses on the life changes of the new “Chinese-style Mesozoic family”. While facing real-life problems such as buying a house and settling down, children’s education, getting along with husband and wife, and workplace ecology, it relieves these pressures with the support of family members, Amidst the understanding of lovers and the care of friends, it always reflects the various aspects of life with a relaxed, sunny and warm atmosphere, interprets “another possibility of marriage”, and constantly injects warmth into the hearts of the audience. Authoritative media matrices such as Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, and Xuexue Qiangguo have affirmed the series’ precise “capture” of typical characters in typical environments from different dimensions. Regarding the series’ proper control between the reality of life and the reality of drama, In particular, the warm construction and delicate blank space of contemporary Chinese-style family relationships are fully recognized.

On top of the warm background of life, the solid “life flow” acting skills of Qin Hao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ou, Ren Zhong, Ke Lan, Zhang Lingxin and other leading actors have also become a guarantee of reputation, “the clear flow of couples in family life dramas” Derivative issues such as “Qin Hao seems to be playing a new ideal husband” and “Jiang Xin Xiaoman’s life becomes a group favorite” have successively resonated with the audience. Ye Yifan and He Jiaru both appeared on the list of the best performing roles of the week in the urban drama market. “May we all have Xiaoman’s life in the future.” At the end of the show, the leading actors collectively said goodbye to their roles on social media, thanked all the viewers for accompanying them all the way, and also sent their best wishes. Producer Liu Yanhong also said, ” Realistic themes should be closer to the most suitable temperature of life itself. As for what is ‘home’? What is ‘Xiaoman’? I believe the audience will have their own answer in their hearts.”

The TV series “Little Man’s Life” is produced by Zhonghui Film and Television, Youku, Yihai vast, and Jinyi Film and Television. It is produced by Zhonghui Film and Television. It will be broadcast on Shenzhen Satellite TV every night starting from December 10, so stay tuned.

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