Xiangsheng Braised Chicken: Let every family eat safe and delicious chicken

Xiangsheng Braised Chicken: Let every family eat safe and delicious chicken

Xiangsheng Company planned the “3.8 Goddess Festival, who is Xiangsheng Goddess of Luck?” event from March 7th to 8th, and all stores linked up to celebrate the Goddess Festival. Once the activity was launched, it aroused the enthusiastic participation of the general public, and the on-site response was enthusiastic. The activity was successfully completed on the evening of March 8.

In the early stage of the event, from March 5th to March 6th, the company arranged various event terminals and carried out multiple event announcements in the WeChat community, which aroused the consumption enthusiasm of the general public for shopping and lucky draws. The activity model of “community promotion + offline store experiential consumption” has won the support of the general public. Before the activity started, everyone has begun to inform each other, and the willingness to consume is very strong.

From March 7th to 8th, the company officially launched the terminal activity, and there was an endless stream of people on site. Everyone was eager to try to become the “Xiangsheng Goddess of Luck”. In the end, a total of 1 first prize goddess of luck, 3 second prizes, 1 third prize and a large amount of cash red envelopes were given out in this event.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Ding Yanwen, Director of the Brand and User Operation Center of Xiangsheng Company, and relevant staff, presented the award to Ms. Liu, the goddess of luck, at Xiangsheng Braised Chicken Zhongjian Huafu store with the first prize certificate and first prize prizes. Ms. Liu said: “Winning the prize this time is one of the few lucky ones over the years. I am very surprised, surprised, and very happy. I am especially grateful to Xiangsheng Company for the sense of ceremony brought by the 3.8 festival event. At the same time, I also wish Xiangsheng Company more success. The better.”

This Xiangsheng Company’s “3.8 Goddess Festival, who is the Xiangsheng Goddess of Fortune?” The successful implementation of the event is inseparable from the consumers’ trust and support for Xiangsheng Company as always.

Here, Xiangsheng Company once again wishes the female compatriots across the country to live out themselves and be happy in life. Also express affirmation and thanks for the important contributions and great achievements made by women in the fields of economy, politics and society.

Dezhou Xiangsheng Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangsheng Food) was established in 2005 with a registered capital of 50 million. It is a modern chicken food enterprise integrating breeding, slaughtering, research and development, production and sales. It now has 760 employees.

For 18 years, Xiangsheng Food has adhered to the vision of “being an innovative enterprise combining tradition and modernity and becoming a model in the industry”, the mission of “let every family eat safe and delicious chicken”, and adhered to the principle of “good products, from the source Start” business philosophy.

In 2018, Xiangsheng Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiangsheng Foods, and Yukou Poultry Industry, a subsidiary of Beijing Shounong Food Group, jointly invested in the establishment of a large-scale broiler industry demonstration park in the country-Pingyuan Smart Breeding Base, and vigorously developed Healthy, scientific, and standardized breeding, adhere to the policy of “full-process monitoring, shed inspection”, and ensure the safety of chicken foods such as spiced chicken, spicy chicken, multi-flavored chicken, pepper chicken, and fresh grilled chicken from the source.

Xiangsheng Food is the first company in the spiced chicken industry to pass the ISO22000 food safety management system certification. In 2015, it obtained the “Spiced Chicken Processing Technology” invention patent certificate (patent number: ZL2014 1 0019181.2). After years of development, the company has successively won the honors of “Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Shandong Province”, “Specialized and Special New Enterprise in Shandong Province”, “Famous Agricultural Products Enterprise in Shandong Province”, “Key Material Production Enterprise for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Shandong Province”, “Internet Integrity Demonstration Unit” ” and other honorary titles.

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