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Wuliangye: take the road of high-quality development in the new era to catch up with the exam

Wuliangye: take the road of high-quality development in the new era to catch up with the exam

The five major business indicators hit record highs, the production and sales of famous wines hit record highs, and the corporate brand value hit record highs—in 2022, Wuliangye will use achievements to define the value of struggle, use hard work to accumulate the power to realize dreams, and hand over a wonderful answer sheet.

“This is a ‘high score answer sheet’!” The high score lies in effectively responding to multiple challenges in 2022, and promoting the company to achieve “double victories” in epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, stable growth and long-term layout in 2022 , economic aggregate and development quality “double improvement”.

Standing at the beginning of 2023, taking advantage of the momentum and continuing to struggle, a Wuliangye with dreams, pursuit of excellence, and hard work is heading towards a better future.

Forge ahead, overcome difficulties and successfully conclude 2022

Various difficulties will pave the way for development in 2022. As the leader of China’s liquor industry and the “ballast stone” and “pillar” of Yibin’s economic and social development, what kind of road will Wuliangye choose in 2022?

Starting from 2022, it will take three years to double production capacity, four years to double output, and five years to double benefits——Wuliangye self-pressurizes and sets a high-quality doubling plan. But under the multiple unexpected difficulties and challenges in 2022, can the doubling plan get off to a good start?

Wuliangye answered with the word “Pin”.

In 2022, repeated epidemics, high temperature and power cuts and other difficulties will bring more than expected difficulties to the construction of Wuliangye’s high-quality multiplication project. “In the face of high temperature and power cuts, we brought in generators; in the face of the epidemic, we organized more than 100 workers to enter the ‘anti-epidemic bubble’…” The project leader said that the project construction has not stopped for a day.

The hard-working Wuliangye people are united and forge ahead. Three projects including Wuliangye’s capacity expansion and transformation have been completed and put into operation. The project started construction.

It can be said that the multiplication project is the confidence and stamina of Wuliangye’s development.

“Reform” is the password behind Wuliangye’s high-quality market share and record high sales of famous wines.

This year, Wuliangye’s 21 “marketing theaters” were adjusted to 26 “marketing regions”, and the implementation of “headquarters focusing on the general and regional main battles” was implemented. At the same time, the product matrix was improved, and the packaging design of the eighth-generation Wuliangye and low-grade Wuliangye was optimized. A total of 12 brands and 1,070 products were cleaned up throughout the year; various cultural wines such as Shangxin Hemei China, Wufu Panda, and Rabbit Zodiac Wine were well received by consumers. Those who like it.

The rapid development of the sales market is inseparable from the excellent product quality as the foundation, which is the core competitiveness of Wuliangye.

In this year, Wuliangye established the Chinese Liquor Flavor Science Research Center and the Chinese Liquor Brewing Grain Engineering Technology Research Center; a number of achievements reached the international leading level, and 4 technical achievements were released as major scientific and technological achievements of Chinese liquor; Cao Hongying Skill Master Studio was successfully established and high-skilled personnel training base.

“Enterprise reform has been further deepened, and the momentum for the development of multiple industries has been released at a deeper level.” The relevant person in charge of the Yibin Municipal Party Committee said. This year, Wuliangye has continued to optimize and diversify in addition to focusing on its main business. This year, industrial transformation has opened up a new situation. The data disclosed at the summary meeting showed that the proportion of Wuliangye’s multi-industry main business income increased by 6 percentage points, and the proportion of external business income increased by 4 percentage points.

In 2022, Wuliangye officially established a new brand concept of “Great Country Lush, Harmonious Wuliang, and China Liquor King”; and on the Dongdaemun side, the construction of the gateway area for world-class wine companies has been in full swing since it started a month ago. . There are various indications that Wuliangye is paying close attention to cultivating its cultural heritage, and its brand support will be further enhanced.

Take the initiative to be the main force of “Industrial Prosperity”

In the 2023 Sichuan Provincial Government Work Report, the statement on economic development such as “implementing the strategy of manufacturing a strong province” was put forward, which gave Wuliangye a stronger sense of mission.

On the road of continuous struggle, Wuliangye’s development path is becoming clearer and its blueprint is more and more three-dimensional. Facing the new requirements of the new era, new opportunities and new challenges, we must not only look at the “shape” of data changes, but also the “potential” of development savings; we must look at the “expression” of short-term benefits, but also the “potential” of endogenous power. inside”. Wuliangye is conforming to the “time” and “trend”, realizing stable growth and long-term layout, pursuing double improvement in economic aggregate and development quality, and has also become a sample of enterprises promoting new industrialization.

Next, Wuliangye will continue to act as the main force in “industrial revitalization of the province”. First, to become stronger, better and bigger, to build the first Fortune 500 company in the liquor industry; second, to firmly focus on the liquor industry, to consolidate and enhance the leading position of Chinese liquor; third, to firmly optimize multiple industries, and create an industry-leading liquor industry ecology circle, and drew a grand blueprint for future development——

Accelerate the realization of the “5111” development goals – take the lead in building the first Fortune 500 in China’s liquor industry, the sales revenue of the wine industry exceeds 100 billion yuan, the sales revenue of multiple industries exceeds 100 billion yuan, and accelerate the creation of a world-class enterprise.

Vigorously implement the “135” strategy – anchoring the development goal of creating a world-class wine company with “excellent products, outstanding brands, leading innovation, and modern governance”, coordinate and promote the three major projects of quality branding, marketing innovation, and high-quality multiplication, and strive to build Wuliangye is a collection of “ecology, quality, culture, digital and sunshine”.

Striving harder, jumping up and reaching higher, planning the big things that need to be planned first, doing the work that needs to be done well, working hard with all our strength, and twisting into a rope to do it – Wuliangye has reached a consensus from top to bottom, with a few “Stand firm” sounded the clarion call for marching in the new year.

—— Unswervingly deepen the supply-side structural reform, and make every effort to promote the high-quality market share of the wine industry. Wine production must adhere to quality as the basis; brand building must adhere to culture and soul; marketing reform must adhere to integrity and innovation.

——Unswervingly implement the strategic deployment of optimizing and diversifying, and make every effort to promote the continuous development of diversified industries. Persist in working hard on structural adjustment, systematically sort out the three types of enterprises that focus on cultivation, steady operation, and firm exit, establish first and then break, and accelerate the promotion of multiple industries to lose weight and keep healthy. Persist in improving competitiveness, including improving the capabilities of modern packaging, modern logistics, and financial investment. Persist in working hard on strategic cooperation, further improve corporate governance, and deepen all-round business cooperation.

——Unswervingly accelerate the construction of key projects, make every effort to make up for shortcomings and enhance momentum. Among them, the wine industry should accelerate the construction of multiplication projects. Ensure the completion of 4 projects including 100,000 tons of ecological wine making, including 20,000 tons of the first phase. Ensure that the construction of 3 projects including the second phase of 100,000 tons of ecological winemaking is accelerated according to the schedule. Diversified industries should accelerate the construction of key projects.

——Unswervingly promote reform, efficiency enhancement, innovation and empowerment, and make every effort to enhance the endogenous power of enterprise development.

Facing the future, Wuliangye will continue to respond with “steadiness” and “advance” to stabilize, to build momentum, to work hard, to move forward with courage, to take the road of high-quality development in the new era, and to sing the long-term of strugglers The song, blowing the horn that belongs to the pioneers, strives to open up a new situation of continuous forging ahead of the string song of “Great Country Luxiang, Harmonious Wuliang, and Chinese Wine King”.

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