Write “Answers for the People” with Heart, Emotion, and Professional Focus on Changjiang Pension Annuity Services

Write “Answers for the People” with Heart, Emotion, and Professional Focus on Changjiang Pension Annuity Services

Recently, Changjiang Pension, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, received letters of thanks from many annuity clients, affirming the annuity management services provided by Changjiang Pension and the efforts made to maintain and increase the value of annuities.

In 2022, facing the complicated internal and external situation and numerous tests, Changjiang Pension will firmly grasp the main line of work of “transforming from scale orientation to high-quality development”, focus on strengthening the layout in key areas such as investment research, risk control, talents, and technology, and realize the Annuities and other core businesses have made steady progress, fulfilling the solemn promise of “beneficiary interests first”.

For a long time, Changjiang Pension has attached great importance to the construction of comprehensive service capabilities for annuity trusteeship and investment research. As the annuity market matures day by day, customer demands gradually present differentiated and refined features. Changjiang Pension actively builds a service model of headquarters + regional annuity centers, and continues to inject new momentum into pension financial services by establishing a responsibility area visit mechanism and carrying out activities such as the “Double Hundred Action” that visits hundreds of entrusted customers within 100 days.

  Those who care about the greatness of the country will spare no effort to escort key industries

It has always been the mission and responsibility of Changjiang Pension to be firm in the heart of the people, focus on serving the national pension strategy, stick to the origin of finance, and find the right development orientation from serving the real economy. Over the years, Changjiang Pension has continued to provide annuity management services for the “national heavyweights” in the national strategic fields such as military industry, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, and electric power. This type of corporate customers often has the characteristics of numerous subordinate units, wide geographical distribution, high timeliness requirements, and large differences in financial knowledge among business managers.

Changjiang Pension is guided by customer needs, formulates precise service measures, and opens multiple communication channels. On the one hand, it provides full-process services and provides customers with a package of services including enterprise annuity scheme design, contract filing, plan establishment, operation training, and daily business consultation. Supported by scheme design consultation and system batch processing capabilities, through remote communication and Combining door-to-door stationing, rolling out annuity policy training, operating rules publicity, and business handling reminders. On the other hand, achieve full-time response, use various tools to establish a communication network, directly cover enterprises and people, answer customer questions in real time 7*24 hours, conduct timely research and collect customer demand suggestions, and truly travel through time and space and break through regions , Get through the process, and provide three-dimensional services. In the survey of entrusted service satisfaction of many large corporate customers and hundreds of subordinate units, Changjiang Pension has been well received and recognized.

  Protect the stability and happiness, and help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

In addition to fully serving the “national important weapon”, Changjiang Pension also spares no effort to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of annuity. The vigorous development of small and medium-sized enterprises is a key link to achieve common prosperity, and the collective enterprise annuity plan can provide more secure, efficient and low-cost annuity management services for small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2009, Changjiang Pension initiated the establishment of the first corporate annuity collective plan in China – Golden Wanqing Plan. This is also the enterprise annuity collective plan with the largest scale of managed assets and the largest number of enterprises and employees in the industry. For a long time, Changjiang Pension has continued to optimize the collective product system, innovate annuity service measures, and is committed to protecting the “sunshine dreams” of employees of small and medium-sized enterprises, and continues to help develop inclusive finance.

Taking the Shanghai area as an example, Changjiang Pension has served more than 4,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. The business managers and employees of the enterprise are very concerned about the situation of the annuity personal account: Has the account been paid? How much balance do you have now? Employees also care about how many units they have worked for and how many annuity accounts they have. In order to solve doubts and doubts for customers more quickly and conveniently, Changjiang Pension has launched a series of cloud lecture videos such as “Inquiry of Personal Account through 4 Major Channels”, as well as the “Cloud Assistant” business operation guidance tool. Enterprise business management and services frequently used by employees, such as payment collection, annuity collection and personal tax calculation, etc. are explained in detail. The small video in the cloud lecture hall can be watched repeatedly, which is convenient for dissemination and sharing. It has been welcomed by enterprises and employees, and has served clients and beneficiaries efficiently.

  Pass financial temperature, heart-warming serviceNot closing

Across mountains and seas, the pace of service does not stop. As a financial institution that has been selected for all 33 occupational annuity trustee selection projects in the country, Changjiang Pension’s annuity business is currently spread all over the country. From the southeast coast to the northwest frontier, there are Changjiang Pension employees who are busy.

Overcoming difficulties together, watching and helping each other warms people’s hearts. During the epidemic, Changjiang Pension Headquarters and various regional annuity centers generally actively supported customers’ epidemic prevention. In addition to expressing greetings and concerns to customers through telephone, video, and information, they also provided timely help to customers who encountered difficulties. The housekeeper provides online consultation services for customers and employees, effectively helping customers solve epidemic prevention difficulties and relieve anxiety.

In 2022, under the background of fluctuations and downturns in the capital market, Changjiang Pension will continue to communicate face-to-face with occupational annuity agents in various provinces and cities on the market situation and planned performance. Stop loss, control risk exposure and other measures, on the other hand, timely feedback the agent’s requirements on plan risk control to the entrusted investment supervisor and investment manager, effectively improve communication efficiency, and make the agent more assured of the plan management of Changjiang Pension , Peace of mind.

In the process of serving a single entrusted service project of an enterprise annuity far away in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Changjiang Pension selected elite forces from the front, middle and back offices to form a service team, made multiple door-to-door visits to fully understand customer demands, report plans to establish service plans, and clarify process time node requirements. After the headquarters sent staff to Xinjiang, they carried out 24/7 door-to-door service, and issued more than 30 operational suggestions and calculation reports for the design of an annuity plan that fully matched the actual situation. Overcoming the impact of the epidemic lockdown, the plan was successfully launched and completed according to the time node required by the customer. Fund payment.

Practicing finance for the people is always on the road. In the future, Changjiang Pension will continue to integrate its own development into the value chain of serving customers, provide CPIC services with responsibility, wisdom, and warmth, create professional, sophisticated, and excellent service quality, and truly answer how to take the road of pension finance in the new era The question of the times, write a new chapter of high-quality development.

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