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Wong Kar-Wai’s first drama series “Flowers” will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV on January 2

Wong Kar-Wai’s first drama series “Flowers” will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV on January 2


The TV series “Flowers”, produced and directed by Wong Kar-Wai and starring Hu Ge, Ma Yi?, Tang Yan, and Xin Zhilei, will be broadcast every night at 19:30 at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater starting from January 2.

The play focuses on Shanghai during the great changes of the times, with cross-narratives around the protagonist Abao, showing the ups and downs of life in Shanghai’s high-profile business world in the early 1990s. The core of “Flowers” begins with people but does not end with them. The contemporary nature behind the characters has always been the creative theme of the play. In order to accurately present the sense of the times behind the story, director Wong Kar-wai has repeatedly refined the script, casting, costumes, lighting effects, etc. The crew has been preparing for six years, striving to bring the audience into the 1990s. Shanghai’s customs, customs and the atmosphere of the era of rapid economic development.

  Hu Ge avoided looking directly at Ma Yi? Why didn’t he dare to face his partners?

In the old alley, Abao and Lingzi stand opposite each other. The two jointly run a local restaurant “Ye Tokyo” on Jinxian Road. They are partners who know the time and go forward side by side. The atmosphere between the two of them on the poster is a bit tense. “For me, there is nothing I can’t bear to part with” in the picture, which seems to allude to the subtle relationship between Abao and Reiko.

  Hu Ge and Tang Yan are trendy fashionistas, but good friends are never business

Abao rode the wind of the times and became President Bao by relying on “focusing on foreign trade with his right hand and stocks with his left hand.” The foreign trade company he founded was anchored at No. 27 on the Bund, and Miss Wang was an employee here. The poster shows what Mr. Bao said to Ms. Wang: “For me, spareribs rice cake has never been a business.” Spare ribs rice cake is a representative Shanghai snack, famous for its crispy texture, delicious flavor, and economical value. Such a common snack with regional characteristics not only shows the life-oriented side of the two people, but also hints at the upgrade of their relationship.

  Hu Ge looked at Xin Zhilei with a smile and remembered everything that should be remembered.

On the poster, Mr. Bao’s look at Li Li is worth pondering. There is appreciation in the scrutiny, and fear in the affirmation. Li Li came to Shanghai alone from Shenzhen and opened Zhizhenyuan, the premier luxury restaurant on the most prosperous Huanghe Road in Shanghai. She has a sharp vision and a tough hand. How could she be just a simple hotel proprietress? She turned her face to face two lines of small words: “I will remember everything that needs to be remembered, in my own way.” The big restaurants on the Yellow River Road are business places where news exchanges occur. The tit-for-tat confrontation between Li Li and Mr. Bao must be a sign of the two sides. We all rise and fall together in the business world.

The three posters respectively show the relationship between Po and the three heroines from different aspects, and also reveal the character positioning of the four protagonists at different stages in details, leaving a lingering impression of the struggle of the characters in the context of the changing times. It made the audience more curious about the actual appearance of the show.

The TV series “Flowers” projects the story perspective in the early 1990s. Director Wong Kar-wai said in the trailer that Po, who had nothing, turned around in ten years and became the all-powerful Mr. Bao. “In addition to his personal struggle, it also takes time. “Blessing”, the play starts from the fate of a small person in the context of a big era, and shows the vitality of countless Abao in the cross-section of the times. How will it finally fall back into the innovative expression of the times?

All curiosities and questions will be answered in the TV series “Flowers”. From January 2, every night at 19:30, lock in Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater and bloom with “Flowers”!

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