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Wonderful and exciting, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. carries out in-depth financial knowledge “Five Entry” activities

Wonderful and exciting, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. carries out in-depth financial knowledge “Five Entry” activities

  During the 2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month, China Life Insurance Company (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) actively responded to regulatory calls and participated in all employees, setting off an upsurge in financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activities. During the event, China Life Insurance Corporation, 36 provincial companies, more than 300 municipal companies, and more than 2,500 counter outlets actively carried out various offline “Five Entry” education and publicity activities.

  The “Five Entry” activities are in full swing

  Reach consumers about133010,000 passengers

  China Life Insurance Company InnovationThe “Consumer Insurance+” activity model comprehensively integrates the company’s policy services, value-added activities and other service resources, enhances the professionalism, richness and attractiveness of offline education and publicity activities, popularizes basic financial knowledge, reminds financial risks, and spreads positive financial energy. Promote the concept of rational consumption. At the same time, we will increase the coverage of education and publicity in specific areas and specific groups of people, and go deep into old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, remote areas, and poverty alleviation areas to popularize financial and insurance knowledge, so as to effectively meet the financial service needs of various consumer groups.There are many highlights of special activities in various places, and the content and form of activities are innovated according to local conditions.showing a new responsibility and new atmosphere in protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers.

  Financial education into the community

  Solve people’s concerns

  China Life Insurance Beijing Branch carried out community education and publicity at the Petroleum Symbiosis Compound. Yang Hong, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Life Insurance Company, attended the on-site event. The branch improves community residents’ awareness of financial security and the protection of legitimate rights and interests by setting up consumer protection publicity booths, interactive consumer protection knowledge Q&A, and conducting free dental clinics.

  (China Life Insurance Beijing Branch entered the community activity site)

  China Life Insurance Jiangsu Branch launched a project in Yajing Community of China Life Jiayuan.A financial consumer rights protection education and publicity event with the theme of “Gathering financial power to create a better life”. A consumer protection education booth was carefully set up at the event site, and a consumer protection knowledge Q&A lottery wheel and special lectures were set up, attracting the active participation of community residents. .

  (China Life Jiayuan Yajing Community held activities)

  China Life Insurance Yunnan BranchThe financial consumer rights protection education and publicity month was held in the Ruili Jiegaoguomen community.The “Financial Frontier Tour” themed publicity activity will popularize various financial knowledge by answering questions from local residents and tourists on site, helping consumers stay away from illegal financial activities such as telecommunications network fraud and illegal fund-raising, and improve financial literacy and risk prevention awareness.

  (China Life Insurance Yunnan Branch“Financial Frontier Journey” theme publicity event site)

  China Life Insurance Henan Branch held the“Smart Sports and Health Together” 700 Hiking and Financial Consumer Protection Knowledge into the Community Activity. A special area for consumer protection promotion and an entrance to the promotion area were set up at the event site. The road signs with the Chinese character city Anyang as the main axis were particularly eye-catching. Along the way, road signs such as “I’m waiting for you” and “Come with me for consumer protection promotion” pointed to the front to attract a large number of customers. Come watch, take photos and check in.

  China Life InsuranceThe Xiamen branch is built with the surrounding communities as a“Financial Consumer Protection Station” serves as a fulcrum for community promotion. We went deep into the community to carry out lectures on the theme of “Preventing New Frauds and Protecting Your Money Bags”, and popularized common methods and preventive measures such as illegal fund-raising, telecommunications and network frauds, and pension frauds to community residents through case explanations and publicity leaflets, so as to enhance the level of Public financial literacy, conveying the positive energy of “neighbors”.

  (The scene of consumer protection activities of China Life Insurance Henan Branch and the theme lecture of Xiamen Branch)

  Financial education enters business circles

  Spread the positive energy of finance

  China Life Insurance Ningxia Branch combined Ningxia’s characteristics and set up a consumer protection quiz in Ningxia’s tourist attractions in the business district. Every customer who participated in the interactive activity was kicked out continuously.With 3 shuttlecocks, you can participate in answering questions. Choose a scenic spot in Ningxia to answer questions about financial consumer protection knowledge. If you answer correctly, you can pass the test. Through the combination of sports and the popularization of financial consumer protection knowledge, it can help financial consumers improve their risk awareness and rationally protect their rights in accordance with the law.

  (China Life Insurance Ningxia Branch event site)

  China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch passed a longThe 17-meter-wide and 8-meter-wide float has long scrolls of financial science knowledge to help consumers test their “reserve” of financial knowledge. China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch integrates “fun, learning and play” to create an “Entertainment Promotion Street to Improve National Financial Literacy”. In the form of garden activities and financial knowledge Q&A, it creates “accurate shooting”, “lucky pot” and “financial “Question and Answer” interactive game area popularizes financial knowledge such as telecommunications and network fraud, preventing illegal fund-raising, etc. through entertaining and educational methods. China Life Insurance Fujian Branch combines the popularization of financial knowledge with the promotion of intangible cultural activities to promote the inheritance of Puxian traditional etiquette and culture, and at the same time, it also carries out special education and publicity activities.China Life Insurance Xiamen Branch in the squareThe local Hokkien allegro “Financial Talk and Assistance Services for the Elderly” was performed for the citizens at the scene, using an easy-to-understand form to popularize financial assistance services and fraud prevention knowledge, and help elderly consumers identify illegal financial behaviors.

  (Photos from the activities of China Life Shenzhen Branch and Fujian Branch)

  Financial education comes to campus

  Safeguard youth and accompany growth

  China Life Insurance Beijing Branch visited Renmin University of China to popularize financial consumer protection knowledge to college students who are about to leave campus and enter the workplace. It vividly and intuitively enhanced students’ financial consumer protection knowledge through on-site consumer protection knowledge quizzes, typical case popularization and other forms. awareness and risk prevention capabilities.

  China Life Insurance Sichuan Branch went to campus to organize student activities“China Life Little Painter Keeps Consumer Protection in Mind” painting activity. Encourage young painters to deepen their understanding of financial consumer protection knowledge through painting creation from the perspective of children, and use painting to present their understanding of consumer rights protection.

  China Life Insurance Henan Branch went to Zhoukou Normal University to carry outThe “Consumer Protection Knowledge Enters Campus, Safeguards Youth and Grows Up” event presented the “First Lesson in Finance” to more than 5,000 freshmen. Booths were set up at the event to explain the dangers of illegal campus loans to students in an in-depth and simple way, guiding freshmen to beware of online fraud and establish a rational concept of clearing money from the beginning of their enrollment, so as to jointly create a safe campus financial environment.

  (Pictures of China Life Insurance’s Beijing, Sichuan and Henan branches entering the campus)

  Financial education enters rural areas

  Promote rural revitalization and new development

  China Life Insurance Hunan Branch went to Wanxing Village, Tongguan Street, Wangcheng District to carry out“Executives Go to the Villages” – “I Do Practical Things for the People” activity, participated in the villagers’ symposium organized by the local village committee, listened carefully to the villagers’ needs for financial knowledge and insurance business handling, and helped the villagers understand financial knowledge and solve rural problems Difficult issues in handling business.

  (Carried out by China Life Insurance Hunan Branch“Executives Entering Rural Areas” Activity)

  China Life Insurance Shanxi BranchVisiting Dongluobai Village, Xiguxiang Township, Qingxu County and carried out theIt is a financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activity with the slogan “True feelings are conveyed thousands of miles away, and the insurance policy returns home with you”. This event has four exhibition areas, namely the “Old Policy Returns Home” service area and the “Financial Knowledge” promotion area , “Anti-money laundering and illegal fund-raising” publicity area and “Small Insurance Claims Knowledge” publicity area. Through this activity, we can really do practical things for the masses and talk about finance clearly.

  (Carried out by China Life Insurance Shanxi Branch“Policy policy to find relatives” activity)

  China Life Insurance Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Branch organized and carried outThe theme activity of “Going deep into ethnic minority areas to popularize financial knowledge” widely publicized the financial policies and consumer rights protection supervision systems introduced by regulatory authorities in recent years, enhanced rural residents’ risk prevention awareness and risk identification capabilities, and improved This activity has improved the financial literacy of rural residents and has been highly recognized by villagers.

  (China Life Insurance Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Branchcarry outPictures of the themed activity “Going deep into ethnic minority areas to popularize financial knowledge”)

  China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch cooperates with Tianjin Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission to“Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” was integrated into the “Village BA” basketball game. A publicity month theme exhibition area was set up at the game site to carry out publicity activities to popularize financial knowledge for staff participating in the event, gathering merchants, tourists and villagers. , spread the positive energy of finance.

  (China Life Insurance Tianjin Branchexist“villageFinancial knowledge promotion activities are carried out at the BA” basketball game)

  Financial education into enterprises

  Join forces to create a good environment

  China Life InsuranceThe Guangxi Provincial Branch used the ASEAN Expo platform to invite guests to participate in financial knowledge quiz activities, and actively popularized consumer protection knowledge and financial knowledge to the guests and the public. Targeting key groups of different ages, it distributed information on preventing telecommunications network fraud and protecting individuals. financial information,The “Keep Your Eyes” series of consumption risk warnings and other promotional leaflets and brochures enthusiastically answered questions for exhibitors, bringing financial knowledge into the homes of ordinary people.

  China Life InsuranceThe Fujian Provincial Branch went to Zhangzhou Sanbao Iron and Steel Group to introduce small and micro enterprises“Financial living water” empowers the local real economy. Propaganda staff use easy-to-understand language to explain to past employees the “tricks” commonly used by fraudsters in daily life, effectively improving their rational investment awareness and risk identification capabilities. At the same time, by supplementing commercial medical insurance knowledge, we help new citizens realize their vision of a better life in their “second hometown”, thereby helping enterprises to develop steadily and long-term.

  (Pictures of China Life Guangxi and Fujian branches entering the enterprise)

  In addition to entering communities, business districts, campuses, rural areas and enterprises, China Life Insurance Company has also actively expanded other offline channels, entering hospitals, nursing homes, express delivery stations, etc., covering all types ofFinancial consumer groups, through various forms of special publicity activities,Satisfy the massesPersonalized and diversified needs continue to enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.

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