Wolong launched a variety of new nut gift boxes to help the new wave of annual consumption

Wolong launched a variety of new nut gift boxes to help the new wave of annual consumption

The sense of ritual of the New Year starts with the purchase of food and clothing for the New Year. The history of Chinese New Year’s goods for the Spring Festival is more like a history of changes in lifestyle.

With the wave of healthy eating and the continuous upgrading of the consumer market, consumers are more willing to pay for healthy products, and nut snacks have become fashionable items on the coffee table. Especially as the main force of consumption becomes younger, it will bring more development opportunities to Qingdao Wolong Food Co., Ltd. and other nut companies.

“When relatives come home to pay New Year’s greetings, it’s very convenient for everyone to get together and eat nuts in individual small packages.” In the home of Ms. Wang, a citizen, “Wolong Daily Nuts” is considered a must-have for her home. She stocked up on more daily nuts to share with family and friends.

And Qingdao Wolong Foods, a leading nut company, is the creator of this “daily nut”. After many times of research and development and experiments, its team has created such a healthy, convenient and edible nut product all year round. The rapid “out of the circle” of products and the Wolong brand has not only stimulated the growth of the new generation market, but also enriched the eating scenes of nut products.

Today, Wolong still insists on building its own factory in Qingdao. From the procurement of raw materials to processing, production and sales, the whole process adheres to strict standards, which has become a strong guarantee for the nutrition and deliciousness of Wolong nuts.

During the Spring Festival, the most popular gift boxes are all kinds of nuts.

We focus on Wolong, the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, its classic “Happy New Year” gift box, the “rich and full” gift box which means “flowers bloom and wealth”, and the “nut blessing gift” which means “blessings from all directions” Gift boxes, the “Nuts Joy Gift” gift box that highlights wealth and auspiciousness, and the “Family Joy” gift box that expresses good intentions… Best-selling online and offline channels, adding “New Year flavor” to the Spring Festival, but also saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new On the occasion, it is an auspicious sign.

In addition, flavored nuts are also a major feature of Wallon. Black pepper cashew nuts, green pepper cashew nuts, honey butter almonds, domineering durian cashews, cherry blossom and lychee-flavored almonds…a variety of flavored nuts satisfy consumers’ curiosity of “trying new ones” and love to explore, attracting consumers to come back many times purchase. This Spring Festival, the addition of Wolong-flavored nuts allows people to gather with relatives and friends and share healthy “deliciousness”.


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