Wole home furnishing ODC cross-border high-end new product release: every two “Chinese elite new homes”, one is designed by Wole

Wole home furnishing ODC cross-border high-end new product release: every two “Chinese elite new homes”, one is designed by Wole

The customized home furnishing market in 2023 will start with “advanced”, and the home environment in 2023 will also be qualitatively upgraded due to “advanced”.

On March 11, Wole Home Furnishing, a high-end custom home furnishing brand, held the “Come: Perceive Advanced – Wo Le Home Furnishing ODC Spring New Product Launch Conference”, releasing three new customized products for the whole house and a new product for overall kitchen cabinets. The eleventh-generation cabinet with seven cabinet core technologies interprets “advanced”, realizes “advanced” and implements “advanced” from the three dimensions of style design, technology, and craftsmanship, allowing important creators of the home decoration environment to customize home furnishing Products can better serve people’s ideals of life, make the living experience more satisfying in terms of senses and quality in use, and truly connect delicacy with life and life.

Decoding more design languages ​​to interpret “advanced”: Home should be a work of art in life

In order to better show that the design boundary of customized home furnishing products can be infinitely expanded, at the “Come: Perceive High Level-Wo Le Furnishings ODC Spring New Product Launch Conference”, a special “Salute to Porsche Aesthetics Custom Silk Scarf Exhibition” was held , using the “silk scarf” as the medium to feel in the form of “seeing, hearing, touching, and smelling”. From the design concept of “look, this is very advanced” to “perceive advanced”, through the senses, we can perceive the high-end life experience brought by Wole Home, and perceive that under the shaping of customized home products, the home has become a work of art for life.

The exhibition is divided into four exhibition areas, all of which are run through with “luxury aesthetics custom silk scarves” to explain the theme of each exhibition area. The first exhibition area is the “Porsche Aesthetics” theme silk scarf exhibition, expressing the agility of the “sports car” with bright colors; the second exhibition area creatively hangs headsets from the air, allowing exhibitors to freely wear the headsets and listen to the “story” from the product The silk scarves exhibited in the third exhibition area take “NASA” as the theme, expressing the combination of science fiction and advanced, and also use the form of installation art to draw a three-dimensional interstellar pattern to connect with the dream of the starry sky, so that dreams can pass through and become an integral part of life; exhibition area The fourth is “Ferragamo Fragrance” as the theme, including silk scarves exhibition and balloon hanging fragrance exhibition. Silk scarves bring a light and luxurious effect visually, and fragrance tablets bring the joy of bright life from taste. At the same time, each silk scarf brings a delicate, skin-like touch, so that the advanced sense of touch can be truly experienced.

The themes and sensory experience expressed in “A Tribute to Porsche Aesthetics Custom Silk Scarves Exhibition” are related to the new products released this time. Through the exhibition, you will also have a better understanding of the design ideas of the new products and a deeper understanding of the new products. The artistic value expressed more vividly touches the advanced experience brought by the new products.

Breakthrough product design to achieve “advanced”: Art must be implemented in real life

At the ODC spring new product launch conference, Wole Home Furnishing explained the connotation of the new product in advance with the “Tribute to Porsche Aesthetics Customized Silk Scarf Exhibition”. The theme corresponds to the whole house customized new product “Interstellar” series jointly launched by Wole Home and NASA Theme, and the theme of Ferragamo corresponds to the whole house customized new product “Huahuo” series and the new overall kitchen cabinet jointly launched by Wole Home and Ferragamo designer ROBERTO ZIMMILE “Platinum” series.

Combined with the exhibition, it can be seen that the new product series uses the design concepts and elements of luxury goods, sports cars, and science fiction. However, compared with the more stylized design in the market, the new product series is more concrete and comprehensive in the use of design elements up.

For example, the “Palameno” series not only designed the sports car’s streamlined outline, door handles, air intake grille and other shapes, but also used nature as the background image to create an atmosphere of a fast sports car. The “Huahuo” series is not only well versed in the design of luxury brands’ prints, but also freezes the momentary brilliance of fireworks in the living space. Rich charm, light luxury and high-end neo-classical atmosphere. The “Interstellar” series integrates the arc shape of the star and the porthole shape of the spacecraft into the shape of the product, making space aesthetics praise life on earth. But future sci-fi may have a sense of distance from modern life. The “Interstellar” series cleverly incorporates retro elements from sci-fi movies in the 1960s, allowing the aesthetic collision between the future and the past to bring continuous freshness to life.

Picture: Wole Home Furnishing whole house customized new product “Palameno”

The “Bofei” series makes the kitchen space a personal space where you can express yourself. It integrates the fashion and trend elements in the “Street Sports Skateboard Park”, so that the aesthetic expression of the kitchen space can also be dynamic, interesting, and even It is artistic, and the space planning also breaks the sense of horizontal and vertical planes and becomes a three-dimensional space, making the movement of the entire kitchen space smoother.

Picture: Wole home overall kitchen cabinet new product “Platinum”

The four new products not only carry out aesthetic design from the aspects of color, shape, and space design, but also express beauty from the aspects of color echo, shape and color matching, and space division, so that the presentation of beauty is more worthy of savoring and sharing with people. Diversified life pursuits are more suitable.

It is worth mentioning that among the new spring 2023 products released by Wole Home Furnishing, the eleventh generation of cabinets is also released, which brings seven core technologies of cabinets from the perspective of technological upgrading: cabinet printing technology, cabinet Environmental protection technology, cabinet antibacterial and mildew-proof technology, cabinet shadowless lighting technology, cabinet dust-proof and insect-proof technology, cabinet waterproof and flame-retardant technology, solve the environmental protection, health, safety, convenience, etc. that people encounter in the process of product use. It has comprehensively improved the experience of using the kitchen space and set a new benchmark for the development of kitchen cabinets in the next ten years.

Research and development of high-end technology is “advanced”: visible quality is the real product strength

Whether it is the “Palameno” series launched in tribute to Porsche aesthetics, the “Interstellar” series jointly launched with the theme of NASA, or the “Huahuo” series and “Platinum” series jointly launched with Ferragamo designer ROBERTO ZIMMILE, they have high-end products on their heads. The names of sports cars, high luxury, and science fiction were born, but they were never conceptual products. Whether it is the presentation of colors, materials, textures, or durability, Wole Home uses its own research and development strength to upgrade the process so that the quality of the products can be achieved. Bring high-quality life into people’s homes.

“Palameno” series doors are made of skin-sensitive film pressure material, which is a new type of material that is resistant to high temperature, non-fading, anti-fouling and easy to clean. It has the complexity of many technological processes, strict temperature requirements and relatively long time consumption , but it has the advantages of being healthy and environmentally friendly, and the touch is as delicate as skin. The “Palameno” series can also be equipped with high-end accessories. Its high-end hinges have technological advantages such as vacuum electroplating process anti-corrosion and anti-rust, innovative hydraulic buffer damping, quietness and durability. The anti-fouling process has the advantages of stain resistance, oil resistance, and easy care, all of which turn the use experience of the cabinet into a luxury-like use texture.

The “Interstellar” series adopts the self-developed integrated electrostatic powder spraying technology developed by ODC. The powder spraying thickness is twice that of conventional powder spraying, and the powder fineness is three times that of conventional powder. It can simulate space in the cabinet. The granular texture not only enhances the visual sense, but also feels like touching the surface of a spaceship, giving people a full sense of the future.

Picture: Wole home furnishing customized new product “Interstellar”

The “Huahuo” series uses electrostatic powder spraying technology to freeze the gorgeous moment of fireworks blooming on the surface of the cabinet, and the gradual beauty of fireworks from blooming to disappearing can also be truly restored through the upgraded electrostatic adsorption coloring process.

Picture: Wole home furnishing customized new product “Huahuo” for the whole house

The “Bofei” series brings high-quality experience to the kitchen space through the application of intelligent technology. The “Hidden Intelligent Lifting Wall Cabinet” of the “Bofei” series not only makes it easier to pull and pull, improves the utilization rate of the wall cabinet space, but also improves the appearance of the kitchen cabinet with hidden attributes. The “ultra-long craft shelf” of the “Popfi” series not only makes the storage of the cabinet space more scientific and visually more continuous, but also adds lighting design to make the kitchen cabinet more comfortable to use.

Behind “advanced” is always the support of brand strength

In fact, in the customized home furnishing market, being able to innovate the style of the product is enough to promote it. But every time I Le Home Furnishing launches a new product, whether it is style design, enrichment of aesthetic value, or innovation and upgrading of technology and craftsmanship, it provides amazing high-level solutions, and even becomes the vane of industry development. This is because Wole Home Furnishing serves consumer groups who have higher requirements for quality of life, and serves an elite customer group of 1.2 million+. Its starting point is not simply to promote products, but to “beautiful design, high-end customization” “The development concept, to create a beautiful home environment, to achieve people’s better life.

Of course, it is also because of our strong original strength, research and development strength, and production strength that we can do all this.

In terms of original strength, Wole Home has ODC International Home Design Center, which is the sponsor of this spring new product launch conference. ODC has 10+ international design masters, all of whom are in multiple fields such as architecture, industry, plane, and space. The design masters who have made great achievements, their international thinking, design experience and ability to interpret human history can bring unique ideas to the design of customized home products, and make the design direction of products open to a broader space develop. ODC also has 100+ excellent domestic designers. They understand the needs of domestic users better, and have more experience in combining theory with practice. They can control the details of product implementation and better integrate with user needs.

In terms of research and development strength, Wole Home Furnishing has “the largest research and development base in China (East China)”, and is not stingy in terms of investment in research and development funds. The investment in innovative product research and development funds also ranks first in the industry. Great support has been given to innovation and process upgrades.

In terms of production strength, Wole Home has a “2025 Intelligent Manufacturing Base” with a total construction area of ​​310,000 square meters. It is also the first customized home furnishing brand to introduce a fully automatic flexible production line from IMA in Germany. It is built with the world’s top production equipment and EMS management system. Informatization, automation, and intelligent production lines have been established, and products with complex processes and advanced technologies are produced with intelligence and scale, which improves the guarantee for the creation of high-quality home environments.

The release of a variety of spring new products of Wole Home Furnishing, because of many highlights and high standards, has brought high-quality life to a new level. It is like throwing a boulder into the customized home furnishing market in 2023, which will definitely cause huge ripples and let consumers Readers and the market have seen that in the face of consumption upgrade needs and fierce market competition, only by maintaining the vitality of design and R&D at all times can we provide high-quality product solutions and give answers to promote brand development. Wo Le Home Furnishing, which has outstanding comprehensive strength, will continue to make great strides on the road of leading the development of the industry.

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