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With users as the center, Yadi shows off its new style of “intelligent manufacturing in China”

With users as the center, Yadi shows off its new style of “intelligent manufacturing in China”

Recently, the Yadi Leading Technology Summit with the theme of “Focusing Forward” and the Yadi Crown Energy 6th Generation New Product Launch Conference were successfully held at the Yadi Super Intelligent Manufacturing Factory. At the meeting, three new models of the 6th generation of Yadi Crown Energy attracted national attention as soon as they were unveiled. The 6th generation of Yadi Canon is launched in a comprehensive iteration. It not only continues the excellent quality of Yadi Canon series, but also ushered in a milestone breakthrough with three core technologies, redefining a new benchmark for electric two-wheelers and leading the way in electric two-wheelers. The wheeled vehicle industry has entered a new era of “long-lasting, smart and safer”.

As the world’s number one sales brand for six consecutive years, Yadi electric vehicles have improved their core competitiveness with new quality productivity, promoted high-quality development of the industry, and exceeded the “acceleration” of the new energy industry.

Relying on the world’s first release of the Yadi Ark intelligent security control system, the 6th generation of Yadi Crown Energy has achieved a leap in safety performance. Through the collaboration of software algorithms and hardware, safety guarantees in multiple scenarios can be achieved on bumpy roads, slippery roads, cart reversing, steep downhill sections, and night riding. The standard TCS intelligent traction control system can quickly and accurately identify changes in the road surface, intelligently adjust the motor torque to prevent the motor from idling, and is matched with TTFAR high-grip anti-skid tires to smoothly move forward on rain, snow, and slippery roads, improving the vehicle in multiple dimensions. Driving stability. In addition, during the downhill process, the system can also automatically identify changes in motor acceleration and automatically intervene in electronic braking to stabilize the vehicle speed at about 15 yards and achieve safe steep slope descent.

While taking into account safety, we further systematically strengthen battery life. Based on its long-term technological accumulation, Yadi has iterated on the newly upgraded Yadi TTFAR6.0 long-range system, which brings three major technological breakthroughs of “dual long battery life, dual power and mileage, and accurate power display” to create a safer and longer-lasting battery life. New battery life experience. As one of the core components, Yadi TTFAR Ivy Graphene lead-acid battery has upgraded the graphene formula and internal spatial structure to achieve 200 charge and discharge cycles without attenuation and achieve a higher battery capacity of the same volume, truly achieving the goal of a new car. It can go far, and even old cars can go far.

Innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. Since the launch of the Yadi Crown Energy series in 2020, Yadi has become the first company in the industry to have a single series exceed 15 million units through continuous product upgrades and technology iterations, and the Crown Energy series has also become an industry benchmark product. Behind Yadi’s impressive achievements, it is not only due to Yadi’s original intention of adhering to product quality and continuous breakthroughs in technology, but also due to its development path of leading the industry to launch a global layout and achieve deep expansion in overseas markets.

As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Yadi has always used innovation to illuminate its brand value, used technology to lead industry changes, and assisted the high-quality development of the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry. Compared with pure trade-oriented exports, Yadi has realized the transformation from “going out” to “going in”, and has fully gone global in research, production, supply, sales and services. It has become a shining business card that highlights the brand’s strength and image, leading the way. More and more national electric vehicle brands are going overseas, leading China’s electric two-wheelers to sail overseas.

As the overseas product matrix becomes increasingly rich, Yadi will integrate product resources to achieve product diversification, gradually expand its overseas territory, and build an overseas benchmark market. Different from other companies, Yadi takes the industrial chain to explore overseas markets, fully integrates with the local area, and ultimately forms a reputation and brand in the local area.

In the future, Yadea will continue to use technology as the foundation and user-centeredness to contribute China’s strength and Yadea’s strength to the green and convenient travel of people around the world.

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