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With 900,000 global users, it continues to grow!Tiggo 8PLUS Champion Edition Haoyue launches new model, becoming the first choice for families around the world

With 900,000 global users, it continues to grow!Tiggo 8PLUS Champion Edition Haoyue launches new model, becoming the first choice for families around the world

Chery’s technology creates a “champion of luxury clothing”; loved by the world, it becomes the “first choice for families”. On March 22, Tiggo 8PLUS Champion Edition was officially launched as the new Haoyue Edition model. It should be emphasized that when users purchase the Haoyue version, they can enjoy a 13,000 yuan cash discount and a 4,000 yuan limited-time red envelope, which is both great value and a surprise! The new car is positioned as a “5+2-seat family luxury SUV” and is equipped with Qualcomm 8155 chip and 540° high-definition panoramic images as standard, further enhancing the technological competitiveness of “luxury decoration” and empowering more family users to have a wonderful trip, bringing “always exceeding expectations” , there is always a surprise” value experience.

The new car inherits the strong product heritage of the Tiggo 8 Champion family and lives up to the trust and expectations of 900,000 users around the world with its five major product champions: luxury equipment technology champion, luxury equipment safety champion, luxury equipment power champion, luxury equipment space champion, and luxury equipment quality champion. , storming the household SUV market, helping Chery further convey the voice of Chinese brands around the world, export Chinese brand quality, and contribute to the strength of Chinese brands! In order to make it easy for users to buy, use and maintain cars without stress, Chery Automobile has further shortened the distance with users with its sincerity to pamper fans with its strength. From now on, users who purchase the Tiggo 8PLUS Champion Edition model can enjoy 6 gifts.

  Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart chip as standard, creating a “luxury technology champion”

To create a stronger technology champion, the Haoyue version of the Tiggo 8PLUS Championship Edition starts from the “core”! The standard Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart chip, which is the “computing power ceiling in the automotive industry”, combined with the Lion Zhiyun 5.0 system, not only brings a new HMI5.0, super ID account, but also achieves 2 seconds fast boot, 30 millisecond smooth response and 15+ Functions such as continuous dialogue without lags ensure that all questions and requests are answered, making the interactive experience smooth. At the same time, from the 24.6? Universal Nebula immersive surround screen to SONY’s luxurious 8-speaker surround sound, from the stepless color-changing music atmosphere lights to the inductive smart anti-pinch memory electric tailgate, the Haoyue version has broken through the configurations of mid-sized SUVs in the same price range. The specifications make the cockpit more “luxurious” sincerity.

  Standard 540° high-definition panoramic image to create a “luxury safety champion”

When you go out, safety is always the top priority. The Haoyue version comes standard with a 540° high-definition panoramic image, which can clearly view the surroundings of the vehicle, making driving and parking safer and more convenient for users. At the same time, ESP body electronic stability system, ABS anti-lock braking system, CCS cruise control system and other configurations are all available, allowing users to use the car easily and control the car at any time. In terms of passive safety, the new car is based on the C-NCAP five-star safety design, using an ultra-high-strength steel integrated cage body, and using six pieces of Benteler ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel + third-generation high-strength steel in key parts to protect the vehicle. Even after a collision, the cockpit space can always remain intact, providing rock-solid protection to the drivers and passengers in the car.

  Equipped with Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI+7DCT to create a “luxury power champion”

Having both high efficiency and low consumption is the optimal solution for travel. The Haoyue version of Tiggo 8PLUS Champion Edition is also equipped with the class-leading Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI+7DCT, which achieves “saving, fast, strong and good” in terms of quality and speed. Among them, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers under comprehensive operating conditions is as low as 6.8L, which is very friendly to users’ wallets and satisfies their ultimate pursuit of economy and fuel efficiency. The 0-100km/h acceleration in 8 seconds allows users to enjoy an unparalleled riding experience from starting to accelerating, as well as the fun and freedom of leaving the wind behind them. The super power output of 145kW maximum power and 290N·m peak torque is comparable to the luxury brand 2.0T engine. In addition, the engine enjoys a lifetime warranty, freeing users from worries and making the car more cost-effective and safe.

  Adopt 5+2-seater super large flexible space to create a “luxury space champion”

As a family champion SUV, the Haoyue version takes full consideration of space. Empowered by the ultra-large body of 4722x1860x1745mm and the ultra-long wheelbase of 2710mm, the car brings a large flexible space for 5+2 seats and 12 flexible combination spaces to meet the travel needs of the whole family in any scene and ensure that the car is full of people. Can be comfortable and comfortable. When the second-row seats are folded down 100%, the trunk space expands to an astonishing 1930L, which can solve the problem of carrying large objects such as mountain bikes and outdoor tents at once. In terms of the pleasant atmosphere of the cockpit, the new car uses the C-PURE Chery Net Cube green cockpit + 34 decibels NVH super quiet space, allowing users to enjoy quiet comfort and healthy breathing.

  Based on global design standards, create a “luxury clothing quality champion”

Chery Automobile is always caring for users behind the scenes. Tiggo 8PLUS Champion Edition is created by a global design team and is meticulously crafted using global design standards. Based on global design standards, it uses the world’s top hardware and is meticulously crafted to fully meet the aesthetic pursuits of home users. At the same time, the new car also comes with the industry’s only lifetime vehicle warranty and official second-hand car warranty, creating the strongest quality in its class. It is not only the implementation of Chery Automobile’s user-centered philosophy, but also the best way to “buy a car once, worry-free for life” Interpretation is a perfect footnote to the user’s “full life vehicle cycle protection”, so that users no longer have to worry about “expiration of the warranty period”. From design to warranty, this Haoyue model continues the “luxury decoration” quality of the Tiggo 8PLUS Champion Edition, joining hands with more global users to create a different quality experience and quality life for them.

The road to championship never ends. In 2023, the Tiggo 8 Champion family has sold a total of 200,000+ units, surpassing the Chery Tiggo family to become the global sales champion of Chinese brand fuel SUVs, and helping Chery Automobile become the global sales champion of Chinese SUVs. At present, the Tiggo 8 Champion family has won the love and support of 900,000 users around the world, becoming the champions who conquer the competition, the champions in the hearts of users, and the world-renowned champions. The newly added Haoyue version will continue the “championship road” of the Tiggo 8 family, focusing on upgrading technological configurations and building the strength of the “five major product champions”, which will undoubtedly further strengthen the matrix of the Tiggo 8 championship family, with “luxury” Chery’s sincerity in “installing the championship” and the surprise of exciting prices for a limited time satisfy users’ expectations and pursuit of more championship quality, becoming the global “first choice for families”, defining a new level of championship SUV king, and contributing to the expansion and strength of Chinese automobile brands. strength!

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