Wisdom Buds appeared at the World Automotive Intellectual Property Summit, discussing cutting-edge issues with hundreds of international elites

Wisdom Buds appeared at the World Automotive Intellectual Property Summit, discussing cutting-edge issues with hundreds of international elites

  Recently, the world automobile intellectual property rights andlawThe summit (Auto IP & Legal World Summit) ended successfully in Munich. As a gold partner, Wisdom buds participated in the event deeply, with more than 100 people from the global automotive industryleaderDiscuss cutting-edge topics together.

  Co-participating organizations include Audi, Volvo,mainlandGroup Continental, ABB, Schaeffler SCHAEFFLER,BuddhaGia FAURECIA, Leoni LEONI, Punch Powertrain, ThyssenKrupp ThyssenKrupp, Huawei, European Patent Office EPO, European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO,flatStandard Alliance FSA, and the world-renownedindependentPatent Licensing Solution ProviderAVANCI, etc.


  Figure: World Automotive Intellectual Property andlawSummit Introduction

  The summit focused on issues such as intellectual property portfolio management, licensing challenges and intellectual property protection in new automotive technologies, electric and connected vehicles, and big data applications in the automotive supply chain.

  Hayden Munt, Head of Overseas Product Marketing of Wisdom Buds, delivered a speech on the theme of “How AI Empowers R&D and Innovation”. Hayden Munt introduced in detail the innovative breakthroughs made by Smartbud in the field of intellectual property and technological innovation information services, presenting the unique products and services that Smartbud provides for the automotive and other technological innovation industries based on its own accumulated AI technology advantages. At the same time, it deeply demonstrates how the R&D capabilities and intellectual property capabilities of enterprises can work together under the empowerment of smart buds, and the benefits brought to enterprises to accelerate their development and win the market.


  Picture: Speech by Wisdom Bud Hayden Munt

  It is worth mentioning that speakers from many institutions expressed different views on the topic of “automobile patent licensing” that has attracted much attention from the industry. Among them, Zhang Xiaowu, head of Huawei’s European Intellectual Property Department, said that Huawei is currently more of a recipient of SEP claims than an executive.AVANCI Senior AssociatetotalJudge Laurie Fitzgerald expressed that its patent licensing solution connects communications industry innovators and automakers, simplifying the patent licensing process.However, publicflatEvelina Kurgonaite, secretary-general of the Standards Alliance FSA, and themainlandThe group’s head of SEP patents, Michael Schlögl, disagreed, but also did not comment on theproposemore appropriate solution. Discussions on this topic finally pointed to the level of the current license fee.

  World Automobile Intellectual Property andlawThe summit brings together leading intellectual property, patent, brand protection, trademark andlawprofessional.Assembly committed to breakthrough throughsexKeynote speeches, numerous interactive sessions and innovative solution providers provide a knowledge base for the automotive industry, providing information onlawinnovation, innovation protection, intellectual property cooperation, trademark and brand protection andlawComprehensive and complete insight into strategy.

  This summit focused on nine industry frontier issues, including “Electrification, R&D and New Technology”, “Patent Licensing, Standard Essential Patents (SEP) and PublicflatPrinciples of Reasonable Non-Discrimination (FRAND)”, “Innovation Ecology, Open Source and Open Innovation”, “Brand Protection and Trademark Strategy”, “Unified Patentthe courtand the Unified Patent System” “Intellectual Propertylitigationand Risk Management”, “Patent Portfolio and Patent Search”, “Data Ownership and Use”, “Trade Secrets and SubstitutionsexDispute Resolution”.

  More than 30 participants from global automotive industry leaders, law firms,governmentExperts from institutions serve as speakers to discuss cutting-edge topics in the industry, including summitschairmanStephan Wolke, CEO ThyssenKrupp Intellectual Property, Volvo Advanced Intellectual PropertylawAdvisor Paul Berkhuizen, Head of Audi Intellectual Property, Patents, Competition Law Dr. Kai Brandt, European and International European Patent Office (EPO)lawaffairstotalDirector Michael Fröhlich, First European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)memberCouncil and Third AppealmembermeetingchairmanGordon Humphreys et al.This summit and Wisdom Bud are both gold partners and are well-known in the automotive industry.independentAvanci, a provider of patent licensing solutions. Avanci solutions have been widely adopted by the communication industry and the automotive industry.

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