Wisdom bud talent certification is officially released, focusing on the cultivation and certification of R&D innovative talents

Wisdom bud talent certification is officially released, focusing on the cultivation and certification of R&D innovative talents

On February 14, Wisdom Buds, a technological innovation information service provider, released the “Smart Buds Talent Certification”. This certification is the first to be launched in the industry. It is mainly aimed at innovative individuals and technological innovation enterprises. It focuses on the entire process of enterprise R&D and innovation practices, and is committed to creating a leading innovative talent certification system to help technological enterprises innovate and develop.

“Science and technology are the primary productive forces, talents are the primary resources, and innovation is the primary driving force.” Whether it is for social technological progress or corporate innovation and development, the cultivation of innovative talents is the key to improving technological innovation capabilities and R&D efficiency.

Guan Dian, co-founder of Wisdom Buds, said: “Innovative talents are an important force for technology companies to compete in the market. They can significantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and bring new opportunities for the development of enterprises. ‘, formally proposing a talent certification system to the industry, which is not only a refinement and reconstruction of past service experience, but also a way to explore the path of future innovative talent training. It is hoped that Smart Bud talent certification can deliver more outstanding talents for science and technology companies, and empower them Enterprises achieve their innovation goals.”

Zeng Qinghua, the person in charge of talent certification of Wisdom Buds, said: “The vigorous development of enterprise R&D and innovation has put forward new requirements for the cultivation of innovative talents. Against this background, Wisdom Buds has accumulated past experience, refined and formed an innovative talent capability model, and then upgraded and iterated the talent training model. Committed to guiding the growth of innovative R&D talents, and fully promoting the cultivation of innovative talents in enterprises and the development of personal careers to achieve a win-win situation.”

  Figure: Four Highlights of Wisdom Bud Talent Certification

  The industry’s first promotion, a new path for innovative talents to advance

Data show that China’s R&D investment will grow rapidly in 2021, ranking second in the world in total. However, there is still a certain gap between China and the world’s leading countries in terms of innovation resources, corporate innovation, innovation performance, and innovation environment. In the context of the upgrading of global scientific and technological competition, the construction of innovative talent teams is an important path for China to adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy.

The current innovative talent training programs in the market present three major challenges: lack of talent standards, imperfect training system, and unquantifiable evaluation results.

In this regard, based on nearly 16 years of scientific and technological innovation information services and 10 years of experience in talent training services, Wisdom Buds has made a breakthrough in proposing a new solution for innovative talent training, and officially released the innovative talent certification system in the form of “innovative courses + innovative tools” , has created a scientific and efficient path for the growth of innovative talents to fill in the gaps in the market, help individuals break through functional boundaries, and help companies efficiently achieve innovation goals.

  Figure: Example of Wisdom Bud Talent Certification Certificate

  Flexible and efficient, modular courses can be learned at any time

“Smart Bud Talent Certification” focuses on the practical scenarios of enterprise R&D innovation, covering enterprise R&D talents and IP talents. The overall curriculum system is constructed based on the ability-oriented “Lego-style” module courses, and more than 20 knowledge modules are designed, with a total of more than 200 high-quality courses. Students can freely choose learning modules to improve relevant abilities in a targeted manner. In addition, in terms of learning form, it supports PC terminal/mobile terminal to learn as you go, which is convenient and efficient.

  Figure: Panorama of Wisdom Bud Innovative Talent Certification

At the same time, the invited teachers include academic experts, intellectual property professors, association experts, and senior experts from industries such as intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new energy, and biomedicine. Experts from globalization groups carry out in-depth teacher cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that the “Smart Bud Talent Certification” has reached a joint certification consensus with the Digital Economy Committee of the Shanghai Higher Education Society. At the same time, Huajin United Patent and Trademark Agency Co., Ltd., Beijing Linda Liu Intellectual Property Agency ( General Partnership), Shanghai Longtian Law Firm and more than 10 well-known institutions in the industry also jointly participate in talent training.

  Best practice, in line with the actual needs of enterprises

In the past ten years, the Wisdom Bud talent certification team has created more than 1,000 high-quality courses, in-depth cooperation with more than 600 professional lecturers, and a total of more than 200,000 trainees have been trained. The connections include Midea, Hikvision, Mengniu, China FAW, BOE, Deli, More than 6,000 leading enterprises and institutions including Nippon Paint and the Chinese Academy of Sciences are widely praised by students and enterprises.

The “Talent Certification” released this time is based on the rich experience and thinking of Wisdom Buds in serving 12,000 technological innovation companies around the world, summarizing the best practices for cultivating innovative talents. Its talent training mode is deeply in line with the actual needs of enterprises. The courses are embedded with rich practical cases, and are committed to improving the ability of innovative talents to solve practical business.

The person in charge of R&D of a well-known smart home appliance globalization company said: “Smart Bud’s innovative talent training system helps us deepen the R&D evaluation system, thereby improving the efficiency of innovation protection. In the first year of participating in the training, the company’s annual patent applications reached the previous level. 3 times that of the previous year, and has increased year by year for three consecutive years. In addition, innovation training is linked to the talent evaluation and promotion system of the R&D team, which improves the comprehensiveness and three-dimensionality of the company’s selection of innovators, and helps the company to improve and perfect the global innovation system. The management system has laid a solid foundation.”

  Scientific evaluation, certification effect can be traced

Combining the interpretation of the OECD, UNESCO and other international organizations on the framework of future innovative talent capabilities, as well as the research on a large number of scientific and technological enterprises, Wisdom Bud believes that under the framework of enterprise R&D and innovation, innovative talents The “innovation ability” that needs to be mastered mainly refers to the ability to identify innovation opportunities, propose and solve problems.

After further dismantling and refining, Wisdom Bud proposed an innovative talent capability model including four elements: “innovative thinking, problem solving, risk control, and innovative achievement management”. Based on this model, “Smart Buds Talent Certification” has designed and built an online, one-stop talent evaluation system, realizing the integration of “learning + testing + practice + examination + certification”, quantitative learning with scientific and rigorous evaluation standards Outcomes, Scientific Assessment and Certification Competence.

Innovative talents are the mainstay of the development of scientific and technological innovation enterprises. “Smart Bud Talent Certification” has a deep insight into the gap in talent training under the R&D and innovation scenarios of enterprises, explores the evaluation standards for talent innovation capabilities, and is committed to drawing a new path of talent growth with a professional, systematic, and authoritative training system to boost scientific and technological enterprises. Improve the overall innovation capability, build core technological competitiveness, and contribute to the technological progress of Chinese society.

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