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“Win the Future with Diversity” The 4th China DEI Executives Sharing Benefit Meeting will be held in 2024 to promote the localization co-construction and integration of DEI

“Win the Future with Diversity” The 4th China DEI Executives Sharing Benefit Meeting will be held in 2024 to promote the localization co-construction and integration of DEI

In 2024, the world will enter a new economic situation, and enterprises will face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, calling for new organizational ecology, management models and leadership styles. More and more companies regard promoting DEI (culture of diversity, equality and inclusion) processes and innovative practices as the “engine” for organizational development and core competitiveness enhancement.Paying attention to DEI is not only the functional scope of the human resources department, but also the enterpriseImprove competitiveness and win the futurekey.

  On March 9, 2024, the 4th China DEI Executives Alliance Day (DEI Alliance Day) was wonderfully presented in Shanghai. The event was hosted by the local cross-enterprise DEI and women’s development community Women’s Alliance (WAG) and was held at Nike’s Greater China headquarters campus. It deeply connected 45+ leading companies and brought together nearly a hundred DEI executives and business leaders to focus on “Empower DEI to Win Win the future with diversity” theme, build cross-enterprise networks and in-depth connection fields, and jointly explore the significance of DEI in the Chinese business community.

At the beginning of the event, Dong Wei, Nike’s global vice president and general manager of Nike Greater China, delivered a speech via video. Ma Feijia, vice president of human resources of Nike Greater China, welcomed everyone on behalf of the host.

Photo: Opening speech by Ma Feijia, Vice President of Human Resources of Nike Greater China

  Leading the cutting-edge perspective and observing the times to fully understand the development trend of DEI

The Women’s Alliance (WAG) is committed to focusing on global perspectives, deepening local practices, and gathering cross-enterprise forces to jointly promote the development of a diverse and inclusive culture in China’s workplace. This event invited Kweilin Ellingrud, senior managing partner of McKinsey and co-director of the McKinsey Global Institute, to interpret online the DEI Lighthouse Report jointly released by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey and McKinsey’s latest DEI report “Diversity Matters Even More”. Bringing a global perspective on DEI. The Women’s Alliance (WAG) launched the Chinese version of the global BSI British Standards Institute’s “Workplace DEI Code of Conduct” on-site. The founder and CEO of the Women’s Alliance (WAG) Chen Yongmin interpreted the code and passed the DEI five-step method, five-step plan, etc. Share practical guidance and suggestions for organizations implementing DEI strategies.

Photo: Women’s Alliance (WAG) founder and CEO Chen Yongmin introduces Kweilin Ellingrud

The event invited Han Qingfeng (Uncle Leo), an independent researcher in the field of relationships, to analyze China’s intergenerational diversity insights and business implications, and invited Chen Yingjian, founder of fsa (future shapers associates) and founder of the adaptive leadership integration system, to look at DEI and social evolution from a future perspective. .

“DEI leaders should think about how to change the motivation method that emphasized success in the past to the motivation standard that supports employees to create happiness?” “When we approach DEI, it is not a slogan that requires practitioners to improve their actions and abilities. All can match…” These in-depth and sharp views provide DEI with more diverse global perspectives and insights of the times, bringing harvest and inspiration to the participants.



Photo: Han Qingfeng, an independent researcher in the field of relationship, shared on the spot



Photo: fsa founder Chen Yingjian shared online

  45+ leading companies have in-depth connections to share the path of DEI localization practice

In the process of jointly promoting DEI, the Women’s Alliance (WAG) and member companies have been exploring an issue together, that is, what is the real context of DEI in China? How to better implement DEI locally. This event invited 6 different leading companies to share DEI local strategies and distinctive practices from the diverse perspectives of CEOs, HR heads, and public welfare department heads.

Chang’an Hsieh, CEO of PepsiCo Greater China and Chief Growth Officer of Asia Pacific, and Li Guangyu, a senior partner at McKinsey and honorary chairman of the Women’s Alliance (WAG) Board of Directors, shared how to use the fireside chat and in-depth dialogue to DEI turns leadership insights into business growth drivers.

Photo: PepsiCo Greater China CEO Xie Changan had a live conversation with McKinsey senior partner Li Guangyu

The event focused on the unique integration practices of DEI and philanthropy in Nike Greater China. Xu Lin, head of Nike’s philanthropy department in Greater China, was invited to share Nike’s DEI concepts and characteristic practices of philanthropic projects at the event, providing inspiration for expanding the innovation space for DEI. . The subsequent “DEI Stone from Other Mountains” roundtable salon invited Li Fei, head of talent and culture of Sanofi Greater China, Li Yuxin, vice president of human resources department of Shanghai Disney Resort, Yin Dongping, head of organization and talent development of Ant Group, Representatives from four leading companies discussed the milestones and challenges of promoting DEI in China.

Photo: DEI Roundtable: Leading companies explore the milestones and challenges of promoting DEI in China.

From right to left: Li Fei, Zhong Qiujuan, Yin Dongping, Li Yuxin, Chen Yongmin

The participants not only stopped at cross-enterprise practice exchange and sharing, but also stood onFrom a broad perspective of the times, we deeply explore cutting-edge and characteristic issues such as the deeper motivations and resistances DEI faces globally, its true value under China’s local culture, and pragmatic implementation measures., exploring a sustainable connection community group intelligence emergence model. The potential of co-construction and integration can promote the localization process of DEI.

  Unlock the unique forum experience and start the journey of injecting “heart”

  What is particularly worth mentioning is that this forum, which brings together business elites and leading corporate executives, has a unique “A Journey to Your heart” segment.

From the impromptu fusion of sharing “my DEI moment” to the awakening moment of movement that awakens inner creativity; from the connection and communication of “seeing each other” on the spot, to the subsequent sustainable community co-creation of “interaction across the air”…warm and open , an inclusive field that supports every participant to unlock a unique forum experience.

“In the process of holding DEI executive mutual benefit meetings for many years, we have increasingly discovered that the guidance and advancement of DEI requires a strong strategic plan to cultivate and encourage leaders with adaptive traits, and it is also necessary to support leaders to bloom, grow, and Accumulate energy and inject sustainable energy into the development of DEI. We hope that the participating members of the forum will not only be leaders and promoters of DEI, but also have personal experience of DEI.”

  Promoting business progress and humanistic integration, promoting mental influence and organizational evolution, this is the embodiment of DEI’s “spring breeze” progress in the localization process.Chen Yongmin, founder and CEO of the Women’s Alliance (WAG), said: “From a global perspective, the development of DEI still faces complex environments and challenges. Under the renaissance of Chinese traditional culture, humanistic thinking and inclusive wisdom provide the basis for the localization of DEI. The process provides natural and fertile soil and creates more opportunities. In the future, we will work with leading companies to continue to promote the localization process of DEI, and we also look forward to the early release of China’s local DEI best practice report.”

The Women’s Alliance (WAG) is a cross-enterprise DEI and women’s development community. It is composed of leading companies and pioneering leaders. It gathers global cutting-edge resources, deeply cultivates local DEI practices, and aggregates cross-enterprise forces to jointly accelerate the development of diversity and inclusion in China’s workplace.

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