WiFi Master Key “Hotspot Merchants Alliance” helps small and micro businesses grow

WiFi Master Key “Hotspot Merchants Alliance” helps small and micro businesses grow

Promote the structural adjustment ability of small, medium and micro enterprises, empower the digitalization of small and medium The living environment of micro-entities has attracted much attention. Boosting the confidence of small and micro enterprises and boosting the recovery of the real economy are important issues for current economic development. The global free Internet platform WiFi master key continues to promote the “hot merchant alliance”, builds a network and digital operation platform for small and micro merchants free of charge, and helps small stores to digitally upgrade and gather popularity.

As an indispensable and important node in the economic development chain, small, medium and micro enterprises are the most fundamental physical support to meet the needs of the people. Street folding stores not only carry fireworks and human touch, but also the basic force to alleviate employment pressure and maintain social stability. According to a data previously released by the China Association of Small and Medium Commercial Enterprises, the number of registered small shops in my country exceeds 110 million, driving employment for nearly 300 million people. The bustle of small shops directly reflects the vitality of a city.

For the small store operators who are the main force of small and medium-sized merchants, the recovery of the general environment has brought opportunities and challenges. If digitalization can be effectively used to achieve a good balance between online and offline home operations, maintain regular customers and attract new customers, and achieve double improvement in operating capabilities and anti-risk capabilities, it is of course an opportunity right in front of us. But the challenges are also evident. Many down-to-earth small stores are in the blind spots of information technology and digitalization, and there is a “generation gap” between them and the digital tools of large-scale enterprises, and there is an urgent need for “reachable” methods to solve the needs of transformation and upgrading. In response to this problem, the WiFi Master Key “Hot Spot Merchant Alliance” builds a network and digital operation platform for small and micro merchants for free, helping more small stores to accelerate digital upgrades hand in hand.

WiFi master key has devoted itself to deploying full-scenario connection services for many years, has a large number of users, and has accumulated rich experience in digital marketing. In recent years, empowering the real economy is another focus of WiFi Master Key in recent years. Starting with the “Hot Spot Merchant Alliance”, WiFi Master Key absorbs small, medium and micro merchants with weak digital foundations. In the connection scenario, it provides traffic support, platform drainage, marketing products and other services to alliance merchants. With the advantages of online technology and traffic, it drives offline Entity development.

At present, the “Hotspot Merchants Alliance” of WiFi Master Key has covered many cities in Jiangsu, Chongqing, Henan, Shaanxi and other provinces. From the perspective of the scope of support, the service industry is the focus of support, and the needs of merchants in different small and micro scenarios such as catering, hotel tourism, leisure and entertainment are the most urgent.

It is reported that this year, the WiFi master key will launch a variety of support policies for the “Hotspot Merchants Alliance” to help small shops on the street enhance economic flexibility, tension and vitality, and improve the efficiency of small shops with the most cost-effective way of acquiring customers. The interaction and balance of online and offline operations.

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