Why hasn’t China developed ChatGPT?Excellent technical team is needed

Why hasn’t China developed ChatGPT?Excellent technical team is needed

In recent months, the ChatGPT of the OpenAI company in the United States has exploded. This is an artificial intelligence chat robot developed based on the GPT language model. Chat and communicate like a human.

Today, Bao Yungang, a researcher at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared his views on ChatGPT’s “tainted knowledge” and “ChatGPT has undisclosed black technology?” and other issues.

Regarding the question of why China has not developed ChatGPT, Bao Yungang said that this question can also be extended to why Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, and CMU have not developed ChatGPT? Why did Google fail to develop ChatGPT?

Bao Yungang believes that there are many reasons behind this,If you need a visionary leader, you need an excellent technical team, you need strong funds, and so on.In addition to these elements, one thing plays a key role in it-OpenAI’s mechanism innovation.

According to reports, OpenAI started as a non-profit organization (NPO) and was committed to promoting AI technology research and collaboration, but the self-hematopoietic ability of this model has always been a problem.

Bao Yungang said that OpenAI proposed an innovative mechanism – adding a limited profit model to the traditional NPO model. The biggest difference between this new model and the traditional NPO donation is that the funds invested through the limited profit model can be converted into equity, which has the characteristics of value preservation or even appreciation, while donation completely transfers all rights and interests.

It is worth noting that Liang Zheng, deputy dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence International Governance at Tsinghua University, previously talked about why Chinese companies have not kept up with the wave of ChatGPT. Liang Zheng pointed out that,“Until now, almost no Chinese companies have invested heavily in basic research, and no one has done 0-1 things.”

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