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“Why did I come to Tianjin from Beijing for retirement?” The customer of China Life Jiayuan? Tianjin Lejing No. 001 gave his own answer!

“Why did I come to Tianjin from Beijing for retirement?” The customer of China Life Jiayuan? Tianjin Lejing No. 001 gave his own answer!

  In recent years, China Life Jiayuan·Tianjin Lejing Elderly Care Community under China Life Insurance Group has successively moved in many signed “Acknowledgment of Qualifications for Elderly Care Communities》customers, as loyal customers of China Life Insurance, it is not only a trust but also a responsibility to entrust their retirement life to China Life Jiayuan.

Three months ago, China Life was the first customer to sign the Confirmation of Qualifications for Elderly Care Community to stay in China Life Jiayuan·Tianjin Lejing Elderly Care Community. She used her real voice to express her feelings about her stay. Let us walk into Aunt Xing’s happy life——

  71-year-old Aunt Xing came to Tianjin from Beijing to retire with her daughter who returned from abroad.China Life Garden·Tianjin Lejing.Aunt Xing as China Lifefirst placeWhy do loyal customers who sign the “Confirmation of Qualifications for Elderly Living Community” prefer China Life’s senior living community so much? And why did you choose Tianjin Lejing as your retirement home among many nursing homes?

“What I value is Lejing’s medical facilities.

live in this year

None of my asthma relapses! “

  On Aunt Xing’s birthday month, at the birthday party of China Life Jiayuan·Tianjin Lejing, she chatted about her indissoluble bond with Lejing: “Came here from Beijing to retire,I did not choose wrong!

  Aunt Xing has been insured by China Life Insurance since 2014, as a sign of the “Acknowledgment of Qualifications for Elderly Care CommunitiesCustomer No. 001 of “, she has a deep affection for China Life Insurance. Over the past 9 years, she has successively made insurance plans for herself and her daughter in China Life Insurance, and paid special attention to China Life Insurance’s pension projects. In 2019, she had the idea of ​​living in a retirement community. But the plan was disrupted by the sudden outbreak.

  Talking about life during the epidemic, Aunt Xing said bluntly: “I have asthma, and it is really inconvenient to go to the hospital during the epidemic! It is difficult to register and make appointments with experts, especially the department of respiratory diseases. After visiting Lejing,I choose here decisively,Because there is perfect medical insurance here! “

  What made Aunt Xing firm in her choice was Lejing’s “Triple Medical Insurance“system:within the communitySet up a clinic to protect the health of the elderly at all times;next to the communityIt is equipped with a hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine to provide comprehensive medical care services with distinctive characteristics of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for the elderly in Lejing and surrounding residents;outside the communityAdjacent to Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Airport Hospital and Tianjin Cancer Hospital Airport Branch Hospital, the medical security is unique. At the same time, the medical green pass has been opened with nearly a hundred tertiary hospitals in Beijing and Tianjin, truly achieving “health care,minor illness,Serious illness is guaranteed“.

Lejing is originally a designated institution for medical insurance. “What surprises me even more is that starting this year, my Beijing medical insurance card can also be used in Tianjin. It is so convenient to swipe the card directly to see a doctor and get medicine!” Aunt Xing praised the one-card medical treatment policy in other places, and said happily that she did not suffer from asthma this year, which is inseparable from Lejing’s high-quality elderly care environment and convenient medical services.

“Lejing catering is nutritious and delicious,

I look better! “

When talking about the food and beverages in Lejing, Aunt Xing became even happier: “Look at me, I look much better! I used to be too thin.”

Like Aunt Xing, many thin elderly people will gain some weight after living in Lejing Senior Living Community. The reason is that Lejing’s comfortable living environment, complete range of food and beverages, and rich nutrition are indispensable. From the side, it reflects the problem that many elderly people currently have “make do” with three meals – due to the trouble of buying vegetables and cooking, and the loss of appetite, it is even necessary to reheat several meals to finish cooking once, which is easy to cause health problems in the long run.

  as “Tianjin Nutritious Meal Standardization Demonstration Base for the Elderly“Behind every pennant in the Lejing restaurant is the deep recognition of the elders in the community.

  Tianjin Lejing Community Restaurant provides three regular meals and two refreshments for the elderly every day, and nutritionists scientifically proportion meals according to different solar terms and seasons.breakfast menu23 typeslunch menu25 kindsdinner dishes15 kinds, the dishes are not repeated every week.In order to ensure that the dishes are rich, the daily meal types are not less than68 kindsthe types of ingredients can reachMore than 120 kindsselect natural and fresh ingredients, and fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered directly to the community every day.

Considering that the digestive function of the elderly is weak, the cooking should be soft, light, easy to digest and absorb, and reasonable in combination. It has good color, fragrance, and balanced nutrition, which is of great benefit to health. Nutrient ingredients and dietary taboos are carefully marked next to each dish, so that the elderly can choose dishes according to their own conditions.

“The same conditions, Tianjin Lejing pension

Much cheaper than Beijing! “

Aunt Xing, who has lived in Beijing for many years, decided to leave Beijing and come to Tianjin Lejing for retirement. It was a choice after multiple investigations and careful consideration. “Actually, I have visited many elderly care institutions, and I have tried to live in them. Later, I found that the same supporting facilities as Lejing, the size of the rooms, the quality of food and entertainment, are very expensive in Beijing! I live in Tianjin. It’s suitable, and the price is very high!” Aunt Xing said that Beijing is very close to Tianjin, and it takes half an hour to get there by high-speed rail, so there is no distance problem, and Lejing has a superior geographical location.

  China Life Garden·Tianjin LejingLocated in a superior location in the Airport Economic Zone, surrounded by multiple expressways, Beijing and Tianjin are easily accessible.The project is close to Metro Line 2, and the rail transit can quickly reach the main urban area of ​​Tianjin and Tianjin Railway Station.15 minutesBy car, multiple routes radiate across the country. The convenient transportation makes more and more elderly people feel at ease to choose this place as a place for the elderly, and the “Twin Cities” elderly care is also increasingly favored by more elderly people.

  In the story of Aunt Xing, we see the epitome of many loyal customers of China Life Insurance:because of trust,so choose. More and more customers who signed the confirmation letter came to China Life Jiayuan, “take care of old age,old age,Have fun with old age,old age,old-fashioned“‘s pension dream has changed from a beautiful blueprint to a vivid reality.

  China Life sticks to its original mission and actively develops the “economic”shock absorber“and society”Stabilizer“Function, taking big health and big pension as a strategic business, focusing on the development of health insurance business, promoting the accumulation of pension funds, connecting health pension services, cultivating health care talents, etc., helping to support the healthy life and happy pension of hundreds of millions of people.

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