Whose rice does Jin Xing like to eat?The live broadcast bluntly said that it is Tianhua selenium-enriched rice

Whose rice does Jin Xing like to eat?The live broadcast bluntly said that it is Tianhua selenium-enriched rice

Jin Xing’s love for dance art is lifelong. She often said that these little guys (dancers) work so hard that they can’t even eat well. For the sake of body management, many dancers dare not eat rice lightly. Although Jin Xing did not break the staple food, she was also quite strict in choosing rice. Healthy, nutritious, delicious, all are indispensable.

On March 6th, during her first Douyin live broadcast in the beginning of the year, Jin Xing revealed to the babies in the live broadcast room her daily favorite rice—Selenium-enriched fragrant silk rice selected by Tianhua.

Jin Xing’s “venomous tongue” doesn’t show mercy to anyone in the entertainment industry. Big names in the industry, Jackie Chan, Zhang Yimou, and Han Xue have all been “commented” by her. After being in the live broadcasting industry, Jin Xing still has not changed her true colors. From products, businesses, assistants to the babies in the live broadcast room, as long as she doesn’t like her, she will not begrudge her “venomous tongue” and directly attack her. This is also a baby in the live broadcast room For their welfare, don’t worry about the host selling crap for just the right meal.

What is the charm of Tianhua’s selection of selenium-enriched fragrant silk rice to win Jinxing’s favor.

Selenium is the third largest trace element required by the human body after iodine and zinc, and my country is one of the recognized selenium-deficient countries in the world. 72% of the population is in a state of selenium deficiency or low selenium. Large and medium-sized cities such as Northeast China, North China, and Northwest China are all selenium-deficient areas, and selenium supplementation is particularly important.

Such selenium-enriched rice that can pass the daily inspection of Venus’ “venomous tongue” is naturally not easy.

The selenium-enriched fragrant silk rice selected by Tianhua is produced in Tianhua’s self-operated selenium-enriched agricultural production base – Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. It is the top natural selenium-rich area in China, and the selenium content per kilogram of soil can reach more than 500 micrograms.

Tianhua Selection is the domestic To c e-commerce supply chain brand of Tianhua Modern Agriculture. Tianhua Modern Agriculture has been engaged in the export trade of high-quality agricultural products for more than 30 years. The export countries cover more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. HACCP, ISO22000 international food management system enterprise certification and Shenzhen Vegetable Basket Base and Hong Kong supply qualification enterprise qualification; currently Tianhua Selection focuses on the development and industrialization of selenium-rich ecological products in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, focusing on the production of natural selenium-rich grains, promoting the use of food to supplement selenium The scientific and healthy concept, and strive to make the Chinese people can eat real, natural selenium-rich agricultural products.

Once the human body is deficient in selenium, it will not only affect its own immune function, detoxification in the body, and growth and development. Scientific research has proved that the absorption of selenium is beneficial to improve the intellectual development of children in the growth period, increase appetite, promote the metabolism of the elderly, stabilize the free radical activity in the body of people with small sugar, liver and gastrointestinal diseases, and consolidate the therapeutic effect.

However, the human body cannot synthesize selenium itself, and it needs to be supplemented through food, medicine, etc.

There is a reason why Jin Xing chooses Tianhua Selenium-enriched Fragrant Silk Rice as a way to replenish selenium.

Selenium supplementation should pay attention to science and health. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to food supplementation rather than medicine supplementation. It is more healthy and reasonable to supplement selenium with food. Of course, the choice of selenium-enriching food should be as rigorous as gold stars, and supplementing with natural selenium-rich ingredients is the right answer. Because only natural selenium-rich ingredients contain active selenium, artificial selenium-enriched foods contain inorganic selenium, which cannot be absorbed by the human body. After active selenium enters the body, it becomes selenomethionine, which can participate in protein synthesis, is easily absorbed, and has no side effects.

Sister Jin’s private granary has been exposed to the babies in the live broadcast room, eat healthy, store energy and roll up daily.

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