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Whirlwind supernova, shining in Tianjin! 2023 AIA Youth Football Training Camp Tianjin Station ended successfully

Whirlwind supernova, shining in Tianjin! 2023 AIA Youth Football Training Camp Tianjin Station ended successfully

  9moon9day,2023 AIA Youth Football Training CampTianjinstandActivityA happy ending.In early autumn and September, with a drizzle of rain, a corner of Jinmen was ignited by the enthusiasm of young football players!This training camp specially invites the British Football Association(FA) certified coach and Tottenham Hotspur global football development coach Tegan Burling came to the scene to help out and customized exclusive Tottenham youth training courses for Tianjin’s young football players.Sweat to your heart’s content on the green field with the children, feel the joy of sports and experience the spirit of football together.

  “Strong youth will make the country strong”, in response to the “double reduction” policy, we care for the healthy growth of teenagers, enrich their extracurricular life, and fulfill corporate social responsibilities. 2023AIA Youth Football Training CampActivityArrived as promised, looking forward toTianjinProvide richer extracurricular activities for local football-loving children.Customized financial knowledge brochures were also distributed at the event to the young people participating in the event.push furtherteenagercultureKnowledgeStudy and physical exercisecomprehensivedevelop.

  Love regardless of rain or shine, your dreams can reach mountains and seas! On the green field, the young players can no longer distinguish between rain and sweat, writing their youthful style with love. Under the guidance of Tottenham’s coach on site, the young players’ training gradually improved, moving around on the vast green field, constantly learning and practicing new skills.trainthe endthe young players also divided into teams for a simple confrontation.Actively cooperate and jointly write teamworkSpirit.besides,Special photo and check-in points for off-site events,The whole event is full of fun,Create a comprehensive football experience.coincidentallyOn 99 Charity Day, a New Sunshine Ward charity co-creation wall was set up at the event site. Young players on the scene rushed to leave their own creations and blessings on the wall, and jointly painted a colorful wall of love to send warmth to the children in the hospital bed. with strength.

  this timeParents who participated in the activity said that the holding of the AIA football training camp not only awakened the enthusiasm of the children“Football Dream” allows them to play sports happilyLearn to cooperate,rewardFriendship, courage and strength in sportsmanship.More importantly, activitiesLet children understand the meaning of persistence,Let them have the courage to face difficulties in the days to come.,stick to your goals.

  As a century-old insurance brand, AIA has been advocating for many years“Healthy, long-term and good life”, and actively use various measures to help the development of Chinese youth football.sinceSince 2014, AIA has joined hands with the China Youth Development Foundation to establish the “AIA Youth Football Development Project”, aiming to improve the foundation of Chinese youth football and help young people realize their football dreams. AIA not only hopes to use the sport of football to promote the healthy growth of children and strengthen their will, but also hopes to pass on the brand promise of “healthy, long-term and good life” to a wider range of people.

  Every dream is worth protecting, and every love is shining!2023 AIA Youth Football Training CampTianjin station activitiesalreadyperfectThis is the end, and the concept of healthy life conveyed by AIA through the youth football development project will also accompany more and more young players in thein the years of growing upGo forward bravely,Become a shining starCyclone Supernova“.

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