What to do if the cat vomits? GO! SOLUTIONS shares the correct posture for cats to prevent vomiting


As a serious excrement shoveler, it can be said to be cautious in the process of raising cats, for fear that a careless cat owner will get angry or get sick. If you are angry, you can reconcile after playing. But different kinds of illnesses are really difficult to destroy the shit-shoveling officer, especially vomiting. The ability to prescribe medicine for oneself would never dare to be used on the cat owner. As long as I hear the cat owner vomiting, I feel extremely nervous.

In fact, due to the relatively fragile stomach of cats, it is normal for “vomiting” to occur in some cases. It may be because the ration is not suitable, to vomit hairballs… However, due to gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic and systemic diseases, endocrine problems, If there is vomiting due to poisoning and other problems, or even vomiting more than 3 times a day, it is necessary to take the cat owner to seek professional help.

So today, I will teach you some ways to focus on how to distinguish the cause of the cat owner’s “vomiting”.

The vomitus analysis method is the first intuitive method to distinguish the cause of cat vomiting.

hairball, hair

Don’t worry if you find hairballs and hairs in the vomit, this is a unique behavior of cats, and if the cat licks the hair in the stomach too much, it will irritate the stomach and cause it to be excreted through vomiting.

Vomit gastric juice with bubbles

If the cat has not eaten for a long time, it will vomit some white or yellow foam when there is too much stomach acid, and generally there is no solid food residue.

spit cat food pellets

When there are undigested cat food particles in the vomit, it may be because the cat eats too fast, the cat food is not fresh, or the cat is not suitable for changing food, or the new cat food has allergic ingredients, etc.

All of the above cases are physiological vomiting. However, when the cat has persistent vomiting and there are obvious blood streaks and blood clots in the vomit, it may be caused by eating foreign objects by mistake, parasite infection, and irritating the stomach and intestines. These three situations are pathological vomiting.

Find out the reason, you can prescribe the right medicine. Generally, there is no need to worry too much about physiological vomiting. You can help the cat owner to comb more and feed some hair cream regularly; or feed cat food in small amounts and often, with probiotics, to adjust the balance of intestinal flora, which can effectively promote digestion and absorption. . Also choose from options such as GO! SOLUTIONS™ Grain-Free Salmon + Freshwater Trout Cat Food, GO! SOLUTIONS™ Grain-Free Salmon Indoor Cat Food, and GO! SOLUTIONS™ Grain-Free Salmon + Cod Cat Food, which are formulated with The grain formula, in addition to high-quality protein, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, also adds dietary fiber, prebiotics and probiotics to regulate vomiting symptoms caused by intestinal bacteria, reduce gastrointestinal discomfort in cats, and help fur children Enhance immunity.


Pathological vomiting requires more daily attention from feces shovelers to observe the cat’s physical condition and daily behavior, whether the gastrointestinal tract is damaged or has inflammation, etc., do a good job of regular deworming work, and prevent fur children from eating foreign objects by mistake. If severe vomiting occurs, seek medical attention in time.

After understanding the above information, when the cat owner vomits, compare it with the knowledge points, and you can easily solve the cat owner’s “vomiting” problem.


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