What is the “unique skill” of the ID.7 VIZZION, which has attracted much attention?


Some time ago, with the arrival of ID.7 VIZZION, the market paid a lot of attention to its appearance design. The price range was set at 227,777 yuan to 262,777 yuan, and there are still considerable discounts on the market, making it extremely cost-effective. high. This model is equipped with a motor with many technical highlights!

  The driving experience will naturally make everyone very satisfied

It is worth noting that its top-of-the-line four-wheel drive version has excellent performance and can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers in just 5.4 seconds. This excellent acceleration capability is enough to stimulate the driver’s adrenaline. Recently, we have test-drove different configuration versions in a closed venue, and fully felt the powerful explosive performance it contains.

  Strong appearance design and online appearance

In terms of appearance, the ID.7 VIZZION adopts a novel and majestic body design and is matched with a unique light brown paint. The gender characteristics are more obvious, which may affect the car purchase choices of some male consumers. However, male consumers can also purchase black models to show their tough off-road style.

The overall body shape is very dynamic, and the front face shows a clear downward trend, while the roof line of ID.7 VIZZION is smoother, and the styling design is extremely sexy and attractive. The front and rear suspensions are of moderate length, making the body shape look not bloated but more bulky. The vehicle cleverly uses silver decorative strip elements for embellishment, such as side window pillars, side trim strips, bottom skirts and other details, which enhances the visual effect. It is worth mentioning that the drag coefficient of ID.7 VIZZION is only 0.23Cd, which is outstanding performance.

The length, width and height of the ID.7 VIZZION are 4956/1862/1537mm respectively and the wheelbase is 2965mm. Although the size is not small, due to the visual shrinkage brought by the styling design, the whole vehicle does not look too large.

In the rear design, the vehicle incorporates a duck-tail style, and the slim LED light strip and dual-lens light source at the top are highly recognizable when lit. The license plate position is decorated with inverted trapezoidal blackening, forming a unique design style.

  Interior materials and workmanship are of the highest quality

In terms of the interior environment, the cabin is equipped with a first-class large screen. The center console is equipped with a 15-inch main screen and a passenger screen. At the same time, a storage platform for mobile phones is thoughtfully designed below the center control screen. The center console is covered with a large amount of leather materials, which has a delicate touch. The car is also equipped with 256-color ambient lights and a multi-speaker sound system, with pure sound quality.

The large screen in the cockpit is driven by the latest chip and runs extremely smoothly. The speech recognition supports four-tone independent input function, achieving “see and speak”. The passenger seat is also equipped with an independent entertainment screen. Both screens can be adjusted independently to ensure that the driving vision is not affected.

  You can lie down in the back row in one second

The seats are made of highly supportive materials, and genuine leather is also optional. The fillings are thickened, deforming greatly and fitting the curves of the human body, making the ride extremely comfortable. The seats can be adjusted up and down, front and back, and the driver’s seat has ventilation and electric seat memory functions; both the main and passenger seats have electric adjustment functions, and are highly adaptable to meet various needs.

  Create the ultimate driving experience for users

In terms of power system, ID.7 VIZZION is equipped with two power versions: single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive. The single-motor version has a maximum power of 150kW and is equipped with an 84.8kWh ternary lithium battery pack. The maximum cruising range under CLTC conditions can reach 642km. . The dual-motor version adds an 80kW front motor to the single-motor version to improve the comfort and stability of the vehicle. This car is very powerful and has a very good driving experience. Under full acceleration, the maximum torque is released instantly, the tires slip slightly but quickly regain grip, and the car rushes out like a roller coaster. Such rapid acceleration often makes the female passengers in the car scream.

  Solid chassis tuning

In terms of chassis, the ID.7 VIZZION uses a front MacPherson and rear multi-link independent suspension combination, which performs quite well in actual driving. When passing through washboard roads, the steering wheel turns flexibly, vibrations are effectively absorbed, and smooth driving can be quickly restored after passing obstacles. For the new generation of electric cars, thanks to the lightweight advantages of solid-state batteries, the unsprung mass can be reduced, thus taking into account inertial motion characteristics to a certain extent. The rear trapezoidal multi-link independent suspension structure effectively ensures the stability of the vehicle body, which is undoubtedly worthy of praise.

To sum up, although the ID.7 VIZZION put a lot of emphasis on technological configurations such as three-electric system, global digital vision compensation, IMAD intelligent driving, etc. in its promotion, we once mistakenly thought that it was different from other new forces in active safety configuration. The brands are on the same level. However, through this field test drive, I was pleasantly surprised to find that its chassis tuning is particularly excellent. Whether it is braking or elk test movements, it is tight and clean. The suspension has excellent filtering effect on fine vibrations and uses a triangular geometric structure. It has achieved good compatibility and is more efficient and reliable than the design solution of complex adjustable components. This also reflects the designer’s profound technical skills. At the same time, it adopts a variety of intelligent driving assistance configurations such as forward collision warning, AEB emergency automatic braking, lane departure warning, speed limit sign recognition, etc., and the safety guarantee has also been upgraded!


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