What is the recommended anti-aging essence for over 30 years old? “Vertical and horizontal” blending endows new skin with infinite vitality

Some people stand at 30 and achieve something; some people are “broken” at 30, and their skin condition is not as good as before. It is true that 30 years old is indeed a watershed for the skin. The continuous growth of age will inevitably lead to the decline of the internal structure of the skin, and the loss of collagen, resulting in various “scratches” on the face. If you want to “change your life against the sky” and rejuvenate your skin, a bottle of anti-aging essence for mature skin is essential. What is the recommended anti-aging essence for over 30 years old? Try La Prairie’s Caviar Essence and Anti-Gravity Essence, starting from the “vertical and horizontal” structure of the skin with both hands, to make the skin structure more dense with a comprehensive lifting ritual.

Support the pillar of skin harmony to achieve a harmonious beauty

The skin structure is composed of several horizontal and vertical elements. The vertical pillars can give the skin structure the indispensable stability and make the skin firm on the muscle base. The horizontal element is mainly aimed at the “surface” support of the skin, such as the collagen network, to reduce the three-dimensional problems of the skin such as loose skin and depressions, and to reduce the overall influence of gravity on the skin.

La Prairie’s Caviar Essence and Anti-Gravity Essence are two anti-aging essences that were born for vertical and horizontal dimensions respectively. If you can carry out anti-aging defense skin care in the early stage, and know to start with this “vertical and horizontal” structure, you can achieve the excellent effect of overall skin lifting and firming.

Hand in hand with the milestone work of Caviar Technology to control the youthful and harmonious beauty of the skin

In order to support the “base” of the vertical pillar of the skin, La Prairie has integrated a variety of unique caviar ingredients, combined with unique high-efficiency active ingredients to superimpose skin care effects, and launched a new caviar complex essence ingredient, which has written caviar for 35 years. Another pinnacle masterpiece in the history of science and technology – Caviar Essence.

The Caviar Super Essence, which is full of Zhuoran Caviar Complex Essence, has a clear and moisturizing texture. Because of its unique microfluidic technology formula, the microcapsules in the essence can melt on the skin, and you can enjoy a silky and firming touch. Long-term use will help strengthen the skin and retrace the facial contours.

To complete this skincare ritual and firm the vertical pillars of the skin, it can be multiplied with an anti-gravity serum. The instant skin feeling brought by the silky and fragrant essence is quite comfortable. After applying it on the face, the skin reveals a new luster, and the full and firmness is the secret of plumping the skin. Under the joint efforts of the two, the skin is injected with a steady stream of nutritional supplements and given endless luxurious pampering.

In addition, the appearance design of these two products can also be called a work of art in the skin care industry. The packaging of the cobalt blue bottle is full of minimalist and pure Bauhaus style. The combination of art and technology has created such a beautiful round Huan’s ingenious works.

What is the recommended anti-aging essence for over 30 years old? La Prairie Caviar Essence series embodies the pursuit and protection of the eternal beauty of the skin, and has become the best choice for people to enjoy luxury anti-aging skin care.

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