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What is the authoritative organization of Foreign Exchange Sky Eye?Interpretation of the development history of Foreign Exchange Sky Eye

What is the authoritative organization of Foreign Exchange Sky Eye?Interpretation of the development history of Foreign Exchange Sky Eye

From a global perspective, the international foreign exchange market has increasingly become the most active and open component of the financial market. The continuous innovation of trading varieties and trading methods, as well as the emergence of a large number of trading platforms and practitioners, have injected vitality into the in-depth development of the foreign exchange market, but also brought a series of challenges to the security of the investment environment. Worldwide, especially in many developing countries, the foreign exchange industry is a mixed bag and difficult to regulate. It is not uncommon for trading platforms to run away and agents to commit fraud. Due to information asymmetry, lack of verification and communication channels, etc., investors are unable to accurately judge the authenticity of traders and objectively understand the reliability of trading channels, resulting in frequent trading risk incidents. hair.

Faced with the above-mentioned industry pain points, WikiGlobal, a financial technology company founded in 2012, is committed to creating convenient and safe foreign exchange industry information services for foreign exchange investors based on its in-depth understanding of the financial industry and data technology capabilities, reducing transaction environment risks, and promoting The industry develops healthily.

In April 2017, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye established its global headquarters in Singapore and began its global business layout.

In June 2017, a branch in Hong Kong, China was established.

In July 2017, a global R&D center was established in Shanghai, China.

In February 2018, the Forex Sky Eye APP was officially launched.

In October 2018, an Australian branch was established and an industry research institute was established at the same time.

In 2019, branches in Indonesia, Thailand, Cyprus, Vietnam, and Malaysia were established.

In 2020, branches in Japan and Taipei, China were established.

In 2021, branches in Nigeria, Egypt, the Philippines, and Russia were established successively. In November of the same year, the multi-language PC client was launched.

In 2022, the Dubai office and French branch will be established. In October of the same year, the original transaction security tools ForexPay and WikiTrade were launched.

In February 2023, a German office was established.

In June 2023, the India office will be established.

[Forex Sky Eye Brand Strength]

July 2022: Forex Sky Eye joins the Hong Kong Internet Professionals Association

August 2022: WikiGlobal joins the Financial Technology Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK)

October 2022: Forex Sky EyeForex Sky Eye joins the Taiwan Blockchain Development Association

August 2023: Forex Sky Eye won the “Most Trustworthy Broker Inquiry Platform Award” issued by the Philippine government department

October 2023: WikiGlobal joins SFA Singapore Finance Association

November 2023: Forex Sky Eye joins the Russian Financial Association

December 2023: Forex Sky Eye becomes a member of the British financial technology website Innovate Finance

  Foreign Exchange Sky Eye has two product forms: mobile App and PC Web. It provides users with services such as query, evaluation, analysis, sharing, and communication through the following key functions.

  *「Sky Eye Rating

Tianyan Rating is the first foreign exchange trader evaluation tool developed by Foreign Exchange Tianyan. By legally collecting public information such as corporate qualifications and operating status of foreign exchange traders, and relying on advanced industry data algorithm analysis, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye conducts comprehensive analysis of traders from aspects such as regulatory status, capital security, transaction costs, transaction execution, and product services. Evaluation, five evaluation dimensions are formed, including license index, regulatory index, business index, software index, and risk control index, and are intuitively presented to investors in the form of comprehensive scores. At the same time, Tianyan Score also provides activity index, order execution index, global public opinion index, etc. to facilitate investors’ further reference. The Sky Eye score is updated in real time around the clock to ensure that investors can obtain the latest, most accurate and comprehensive dealer information.

[License Index]Screens whether traders have obtained trading qualifications, license type and coverage, and makes a comprehensive assessment of the authenticity and authority of the license through various methods such as public information inquiry by regulatory agencies and communication and confirmation with regulatory agencies.

[Regulatory Index]scientifically evaluates the regulatory level of traders through regulatory grading standards, actual regulatory values, regulatory effectiveness models, regulatory anomaly prediction models, etc.

[Business Index]Make a systematic assessment of the comprehensive level of the dealer’s business through the business compliance verification model, business sustainability assessment model, business life cycle assessment model, etc.

[Software Index]Forex Sky Eye data engineers and test engineers dynamically track testing and technology on more than 20 indicators such as whether the software has obtained intellectual property rights or is fully authorized, whether it is genuine and compliant, as well as the security, stability, and instruction execution speed of the software. Evaluate.

[Risk Control Index]Relying on the foreign exchange Tianyan risk control team and Tianyan Cloud system, real-time monitoring and evaluation of more than 40 relevant dimensions such as the dealer’s order execution index, customer asset static index, global public opinion index, liquidity index, and credit index.

Through Sky Eye Score, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye displays complex trader situations to global investors in a simple and intuitive way, helping investors fully understand the credibility and strength of traders, and providing an objective, transparent and fair evaluation standard for the industry, allowing Forex trading environment is simpler and safer.


Log in to the dealer details page on the Web side of Forex Sky Eye or click on the “Through Train” service on the App side. Users can select the “Comparison” function to achieve horizontal comparison of multiple traders, including Sky Eye score, supervision status, Sky Eye guarantee, Sky Eye verification, risk Cross-comparison in multiple dimensions such as evaluations can help investors intuitively understand the differences and uniqueness between traders, meet the different needs of investors, and obtain clearer judgments, making trading choices more transparent, convenient, and reliable.

  *「Field survey

Physical survey is an on-site assessment of the dealer’s strength and reputation through on-site inspection of the dealer. As a leading third-party institution in the industry, Forex Sky Eye conducts on-site inspections of the trader’s business environment in accordance with specific standards and procedures to verify whether it truly exists and whether the public information on office space and team size is authentic and credible. Through physical inspection, investors can more directly understand the real situation of traders from a first-hand perspective.


The discovery page of Foreign Exchange Sky Eye aims to create a foreign exchange exchange ecosystem. Whether you are an individual investor, KOL, trader, or service provider, you can authenticate different identities accordingly. The “Discovery” channel page provides an information sharing and resource for all users. Community environment for communication. Users can create independently, publish updates and share information in the “Discover” channel. Through “Discover”, users can understand trading knowledge, grasp market trends, and accumulate experience and skills. In “Discover”, whether they are investors, traders, or service providers, they can “discover” like-minded peers or friends for brand display and activities. Promotion, “discover” new topics, new resources, and new services, you can also participate in topic discussions, post comments, likes, chat and interact through the “IM” tool, and achieve personalized communication.


Foreign Exchange Sky Eye VPS is a heavyweight EA cloud server product specially designed for foreign exchange investors. It has built-in mainstream trading tools and is seamlessly connected with the EA mall. It can automatically synchronize the purchased EA to the VPS, making it convenient for users to start operations directly. . VPS nodes currently cover more than 15 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and provide services in up to 8 languages ​​to satisfy global investors. Foreign Exchange Sky Eye VPS is more suitable for the hardware configuration of foreign exchange transactions. It enjoys exclusive high-speed bandwidth, is safe and stable, and provides the ultimate external environment for automated foreign exchange transactions. In addition, the Forex Sky Eye VPS service fee is very low, and it comes with a large number of free value-added services. We are committed to creating a safe and stable VPS that everyone can afford.

At the same time, users can also choose EA strategy products under the Foreign Exchange Tianyan. The current EA mall covers mainstream strategy algorithms and a variety of analysis tools under various market trends. The price is favorable and the user has a large choice space, which effectively helps users understand the investment market and assists decision making.

  *”Exposure Service”

The exposure service of Foreign Exchange Sky Eye allows investors to understand risk information at the first time and has an additional communication channel after encountering risk situations. Investors can publish exposure content in the exposure section and provide relevant evidence. Based on investor complaints, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye investigates and evaluates risk-related platforms, makes corresponding credit rating adjustments, and assists investors in safeguarding their rights. At present, Foreign Exchange Eyes has exposed more than 8,000 illegal traders and successfully recovered more than 98 million US dollars for more than 30,000 victims. The exposure service adds a coordination and communication channel for high-quality traders, and also forces unscrupulous traders to have nowhere to hide.

[Forex Sky Eye Vision]Become a leader in technological services in the field of global foreign exchange investment security

Relying on massive data accumulation and advanced financial technology, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye has provided global foreign exchange dealer information verification services to more than 21 million users in more than 180 countries and regions. Through the Sky Eye scoring system, information such as traders’ qualifications, user reputation, and industry influence are comprehensively displayed using advanced algorithms and intuitive forms to provide investors with a comprehensive reference, help investors reduce decision-making costs, effectively avoid risks, and at the same time provide investors with An information and communication platform opens channels for investors to safeguard their rights and helps users build a simpler and safer investment environment.

Foreign Exchange Sky Eye is committed to providing industry information services to foreign exchange investors and practitioners, helping foreign exchange investors reduce transaction risks, safeguard their own rights and interests, enhance industry transparency, and promote industry self-discipline. As an information service platform for the foreign exchange industry, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye is committed to providing investors with accurate, comprehensive, and diversified information to help users identify the reliability of foreign exchange brokers, reduce decision-making costs, and effectively avoid risks. At the same time, through foreign exchange dealer ratings, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye promotes the industry to improve information transparency and standardization levels, promotes the standardized development of the foreign exchange market, reduces the probability of misconduct and fraud, and works with industry practitioners to create a fairer and safer market environment. In addition, Foreign Exchange Sky Eye actively helps foreign exchange traders maintain their reputation, image, etc., in order to promote industry self-discipline and prevent misconduct and malicious competition.

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