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“West China-Pacific Insurance Joint Innovation Center” released the country’s first digital guaranteed medical service innovation model to meet diversified medical protection needs

“West China-Pacific Insurance Joint Innovation Center” released the country’s first digital guaranteed medical service innovation model to meet diversified medical protection needs

  From September 22nd to 24th, the 9th Chengdu International Academic Forum on Precision Medicine was held in Chengdu.At the meeting, relying on the “West China-Pacific Insurance Joint Innovation Center” jointly established by West China Hospital of Sichuan University and China Pacific Insurance, as well as the National Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Center and Huajing Digital HealthcareJointly released an innovative model of digital guaranteed medical services and personalized intelligent guaranteed medical service products for pulmonary nodules.

Ye Ling, Vice President of Sichuan University, Gao Ning, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Bai Lanbin, Director of Drug Safety of Chengdu Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, Li Weimin, President of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Li Zhengchi, Secretary of the Party Committee of West China Hospital, Pharmacological Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine of West China Hospital Office Director Huang Wen, Pacific Health Insurance General Manager Shang Jiaoyan, Huajing Digital Healthcare Chairman Gao Yunlong and other leaders and guests took the stage to launch and witness the release of innovative models and products.

Lung cancer is the cancer with the highest incidence and mortality rates in my country. The early diagnosis rate of lung cancer is about 19%. It is estimated that after treatment of early-stage small lung cancer, the five-year survival period can reach 92%. It can be seen that how to achieve early diagnosis and early treatment is the key to improving patient prognosis. However, the key link in determining whether pulmonary nodules are early-stage lung cancer is because the causes of nodules are complex and it is difficult to determine the nature of pulmonary nodules based solely on a single chest CT image. Long-term follow-up and accurate diagnosis are required.

  The product design is centered on patient needs and focuses on the common goal of all parties to improve early screening and early diagnosis, detect and solve the risk of lung cancer earlier, and avoid greater losses for patients. Through digital management methods, full-process intervention is carried out to improve patient review efficiency and compliance. At the same time, through accurate matching of medical insurance plans, the disease prevention-diagnosis-control-treatment-rehabilitation process is covered to reduce the financial burden on patients.Really realize the shift of medical services from medical treatment to disease prevention and rehabilitation, and the shift of insurance from protecting the healthy body to protecting the sick body.

In terms of protection design, Pacific Health Insurance adheres to the concept of being customer-centric, supported by medical services, and assisted by technology to provide product solutions needed in medical service scenarios for healthy people and sick people. It has cooperated with West China Hospital Pulmonary Tuberculosis Hospital The medical management plan is matched with the risk classification of the pulmonary nodule population, and the pulmonary nodule population is provided with pulmonary nodule disease progression protection, lung cancer risk protection, targeted drug use inside and outside medical insurance, and disease monitoring and screening services.

The personalized intelligent protection medical service product for pulmonary nodules is the first key product of the “West China-CPIC Joint Innovation Center”. First, it creates a model demonstration of active managed care by connecting medical + service + protection. Second, it uses clinical data, The application level of out-of-hospital data and actuarial data will serve as a demonstration and reference for the future development of other disease fields. Third, the integration of commercial insurance payment capabilities in medical services will serve as a value demonstration.

After the product is launched, it will be the first to provide digital guaranteed medical services and high-quality medical resources to China Pacific Insurance’s customers in the central and western regions and patients of the West China Medical Consortium. It will also create a medical service benchmark through continuous optimization to benefit a wider range of people. In the future, the “West China-Pacific Insurance Joint Innovation Center” will successively launch more service products for different disease pipelines to help users do early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment, control the occurrence and development of diseases, and create my country’s digital health services for the entire population. A full-cycle, all-round new pattern.

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