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Wenjie’s new M7 is selling like hotcakes and ushering in the “Mate7 moment”, with average daily orders exceeding 1,500+!

Wenjie’s new M7 is selling like hotcakes and ushering in the “Mate7 moment”, with average daily orders exceeding 1,500+!

At the just-concluded 2023 Huawei Autumn All-Scenario New Product Launch Conference, Wenjie’s new M7 received good sales reports. Since its official launch on September 12, Wenjie’s new M7 has been deeply loved by consumers, with an average daily price of more than 1,500, completely detonating the large SUV market. Wenjie’s new M7 has invested more than 500 million in new construction. It has a super-intelligent Hongmeng smart cockpit, super-advanced high-end intelligent driving and super active and passive safety, bringing users a new experience of six seats and five seats.

With an average daily order of 1,500+, Wenjie’s new M7 detonates the market segment

As a 250,000-class luxury smart large SUV that combines great wisdom, large space, and ultra-safety, Wenjie New M7 has invested more than 500 million yuan in newly building it. With product strength and ultimate performance comparable to million-class luxury brand SUVs, The price-to-smart ratio has attracted much attention from the market and consumers. After the new Wenjie M7 was officially launched on September 12, sales have been soaring. The continued rise in sales is inseparable from the excellent product strength of Wenjie’s new M7.

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Managing Director, CEO of Terminal BG, and Chairman of Smart Car Solutions BU, said: “Wenjie’s new M7 series has invested a heavy investment of 500 million to build a new one. Through Huawei’s deep empowerment, it is equipped with Huawei Hongmeng Smart Cockpit 3.0, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end intelligent driving system, HUAWEI DriveONE extended-range electric drive platform and other black technologies make it not only a ‘smart cockpit ceiling’, but also an ‘intelligent driving ceiling’, and even an ‘intelligent safety ceiling’! Invisible and visible The place where you can see it brings users the ultimate experience that is far ahead!”

Comfortable and smart, class-leading, 100% devoted to user experience

Thanks to the in-depth empowerment of Huawei technology, Wenjie’s new M7 provides consumers with a more comfortable large space and a smarter intelligent experience. Wenjie’s new M7 is equipped with the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-end intelligent driving system, which is the first to realize high-speed and urban high-end intelligent driving that does not rely on high-precision maps. It is expected that in December this year, urban intelligent driving assistance (urban NCA) will be launched.[footnoteRef:1]It will realize a smart driving experience that can be driven nationwide and the more you drive, the better. In addition, Wenjie’s new M7 has been upgraded with new intelligent range-extending technology, which intelligently identifies working conditions and environments, and rationally allocates the usage strategy between the range extender and the motor. It has better power, longer battery life, better silence and lower energy consumption.

The Hongmeng Smart Cockpit is smoother and more fun. The Super Desktop brings more mobile applications. The HUAWEI MagLink Huawei in-car smart screen system expands new ways to play in space scenes. The Huawei MatePad tablet is instantly connected to realize multi-device linkage. The smart cockpit becomes a personal one in seconds. Creation room, multi-person conference room, children’s study room, magic space can be flexibly switched to create “mobile whole-house intelligence”.

Wenjie’s new M7 focuses on family travel scenarios and comprehensively optimizes the driving experience. The five-seater has a large space and is larger and more comfortable; the six-seater has a more flexible layout, giving users more choices when buying cars. Wenjie’s new M7 five-seater has a class-leading effective interior space, with a length of 3338mm, and each seat is very spacious. The Six-Seater adopts new zero-gravity seats, bringing the ultimate comfort and relaxation experience. The big five-seater comes standard with brand-new “marshmallow” seats, a 10-layer comfortable laminated design, and a total foam thickness of 100mm; the standard configuration of 4 seats is ventilation, heating and massage functions, making each seat feel like a first-class cabin Comfortable.In addition, Wenjie’s new M7 five-seater is also equipped with dual front and rear air-conditioning boxes, 17 air-conditioning outlets, a large touch screen for rear air-conditioning, and fully automatic electric comfort pedals.[footnoteRef:2]and other leading comfort configurations.

Active and passive double insurance, double super safety and more reliable

Passive safety is not afraid of accidents, active safety is to avoid accidents, physical safety and intelligent safety are double insurance, making Wenjie’s new M7 series double super safe. In terms of passive safety, Wenjie’s new M7 body structure matches the mold opening and the welding production line is restructured to make it safer and more reliable. Submarine-grade hot-formed steel accounts for 24.4% of the entire vehicle, and high-strength steel and aluminum alloy account for 80.6%, which is better than the current mainstream models of 500,000-class luxury brands currently on sale. At the same time, CBS (Composite Body Solutions) composite body materials are introduced to effectively improve body stiffness and collision safety. In addition, all new car series are equipped with eight airbags and double pre-tensioned seat belts in the front as standard. Based on more real-life scenario verification, it provides users with all-round driving safety protection.

In terms of active safety, the new Wenjie M7 is not afraid of trouble and can better avoid it. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 active safety capabilities continue to evolve. The first omnidirectional anti-collision system realizes forward, lateral and rearward omnidirectional anti-collision capabilities. All-round protection is true safety. The maximum braking speed of AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) has been increased to 90km/h, which can reduce 90% of traffic accidents caused by inattention and complex road conditions, and continues to lead the industry in active safety capabilities.

Wenjie’s new M7 has won full recognition from the market and consumers with its outstanding product strength and innovative technology leadership. Wenjie has always adhered to a consumer-centric approach and is committed to providing consumers with products and services of higher quality that exceed their expectations. The official guide prices of Wenjie’s new M7 series are: 249,800 yuan for the M7 Plus five-seat rear-wheel drive version, 284,800 yuan for the M7 Plus five-seat four-wheel drive version, 309,800 yuan for the M7 Max five-seat smart driving version; M7 Plus six-seat rear-wheel drive version 269,800 yuan, and the M7 Max six-seater smart driving version is 329,800 yuan.Make an order for the new M7 now and get free benefits worth NT$33,000.[footnoteRef:3], consumers are welcome to make an appointment for a test drive and experience it in the store. At the same time, Wenjie simultaneously launched a gratitude feedback activity. Old users of the M5 Smart Driving Edition can enjoy an 8,000 yuan HUAWEI ADS 2.0 Urban Smart Driving Navigation NCA coupon.

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