Wenjian Medical and Cotton Era join hands with Shenzhen Women’s Micro Horse to help women blossom

Wenjian Medical and Cotton Era join hands with Shenzhen Women’s Micro Horse to help women blossom

On the occasion of the “March 8th International Women’s Day”, the 2023 Shenzhen Women’s “Micro Horse” Fashion Run, sponsored by the Shenzhen Women’s Federation and the People’s Government of Longhua District, Shenzhen, kicked off. 3,800 female runners from all walks of life, facing the rising sun in spring, participated in this running event that gathered elements of “innovation, fashion, and youth”.

The start and end points of this “Micro Horse” are set in Dalang Fashion Town. The event is divided into two events: Fashion Run and Happy Run. The 10km “Fashion Run” is mainly for women who pursue “speed and competitiveness”. The 3.8-kilometer “Happy Run” has a special “Goddess Track”, allowing female enthusiasts of different ages to experience the fun of running for themselves. Under the initiative of the competition to encourage runners to break the rules, run bravely, and run confidently, the running team of Wenjian Medical and Cotton Era actively participated in it. Fully demonstrate the charm of “self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement” of women in the new era.

Wenjian Medical and Cotton Times, as leading brands in the field of general health, provided a wealth of pre-match and post-match equipment support, as well as caring venues, for the just-concluded 2022 Shenzhen Marathon as the “2022 Shenzhen Marathon Official Partner” Serve. Adhering to the concept of loving life and loving health, Wenjian Medical and Cotton Times continue to bring high-quality health protection products and cotton daily necessities to this event.

The blush mask with color and material, the unique blush design, makes the appearance come with a pink makeup effect, and the recyclable and degradable paper packaging can effectively reduce environmental pollution. The classic gauze bath towel of the cotton era, 100% combed cotton is skin-friendly and soft, with a six-layer breathable yarn structure, which absorbs sweat and dries easily, bringing a touch of lightness to this event.

As a brand that has long cared about the cause of women and children, in addition to the support of the women’s “Wei Ma” this time, Quanmian Times, a subsidiary of Wenjian Medical, has continued to pay attention to women’s social issues, and produced the original record series of women’s stories “She Changed”. Following the “Most Beautiful Village Doctor” Luo Haixiang, women’s football coach Shui Qingxia, and Beidou navigation system scientist Xu Ying, on the eve of the 38th of this year, Quanmian Times released the fourth episode of “What She Changed”, a dialogue with my country’s first female navigator who crossed the Arctic Ocean Bai Xiangen supports everyone to listen to the true inner voice, make choices, and make changes happen. At the same time, Wenjian Medical and Cotton Times actively participated in various public welfare projects in the society, and successively sent “safety packages” to women and children in remote areas of Guizhou, donated female hygiene and protective supplies to various places, and took practical actions to help women and children. “The Power of a Flower of Cotton” continues to bloom.

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