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[Welcoming the 28th anniversary of the Bank of Shanghai]Accompanying each other to share the good news?? The Bank of Shanghai launches a series of customer feedback activities to celebrate the bank

[Welcoming the 28th anniversary of the Bank of Shanghai]Accompanying each other to share the good news?? The Bank of Shanghai launches a series of customer feedback activities to celebrate the bank

Editor’s note: In 2023, Bank of Shanghai will celebrate its 28th year of working hand in hand with the public. Over the past 28 years, Bank of Shanghai has taken root on the banks of the Huangpu River. It has always adhered to serving the real economy, actively integrated into regional development, fully served the strategic overall situation, resonated with the reform and opening up, and fulfilled its responsibilities for society and people’s livelihood. From now on, the “Shanghai Bank Micro News” will launch a series of reports on the 28th anniversary celebrations, using practical actions to write the people’s financial answer for the people’s city.

As a city commercial bank that has grown up around citizens, Bank of Shanghai has always adhered to the “people-centered” value orientation for 28 years and focused on citizens’ better lives. Relying on more than 300 branches within its jurisdiction, mobile banking, online banking, and 95594 customer service hotline, Bank of Shanghai Lower the focus of services, extend the connotation of services, continue to provide more valuable, more warm and more inclusive financial services, and use financial power to make citizens’ better lives feel, visible and accessible.

On the occasion of Bank of Shanghai’s 28th anniversary, Bank of Shanghai has launched a series of customer feedback activities.

  Consumer finance sharing inclusive benefits

Bank of Shanghai has always practiced the concept of financial services for the people, timely gained insight into residents’ consumption needs, and created a comprehensive and multi-level financial service model. Since the beginning of this year, the Bank of Shanghai has focused on high-frequency daily consumption scenarios of citizens, and invested more financial resources to allow citizens to truly enjoy it by creating brand activities such as “Wednesday Drinks”, “Friday Good Life”, “High-end Car Shopping” and “Mobile Payment Benefit Life”. Affordable and convenient. Throughout the year, it served more than 43,000 car-buying citizens, and its food and drink activities covered 41,000 merchant stores, benefiting more than 600,000 customers; its good life activities covered 54,000 merchant stores and promoted more than 2 million transactions; it carried out public transportation, Green travel scenario activities such as multi-city linkage new energy charging covered more than 1.5 million customers; the number of participants in the mobile payment series exceeded 400,000.

The 28th anniversary celebration coincides with the peak consumption season at the end of the year. Bank of Shanghai Credit Card has grandly launched brand activities such as “Sexy Gifts at the End of the Year”, “Beautiful Shopping Season” and “New Energy Vehicle Installment Multiple Privileges” to give back to the general public and customers. further boost consumer confidence.

  Pension finance shares beauty

As a city commercial bank serving one-third of Shanghai’s pension customers, Bank of Shanghai has always been committed to becoming an “expert in pension financial services”, developing through professionalism and branding, and continuously improving the level of pension financial services. Since this year, Bank of Shanghai has continued to build “five-hearted” pension financial services that include secure branch services, considerate technology to help the elderly, comfortable value-added services, secure exclusive products, and warm services for the elderly. We built 50 branches with special features for pension finance based on local conditions, took the lead in launching the “senior line” service in Shanghai and established the “senior line” manual service; continued to optimize the mobile banking experience of the “Better Life” special pension edition; and regularly carried out the “Better Life by Your Side” service There have been about 800 public welfare activities to help the elderly; focusing on the elderly customers’ needs for medical care, food, housing, transportation and other elderly care needs, the “Beautiful +” rights and interests system has been upgraded and a non-financial elderly care service platform has been built. With its distinctive pension financial services, it won the honor of “Top 10 Annual Pension Finance Sub-List” by China Business News during the year.

In order to thank its elderly care customers for their companionship over the past 28 years, Bank of Shanghai has launched a series of activities including 3x rewards for S+ members, 60% off redemption rights and random instant discounts in mobile banking to enrich the rights and interests of value-added elderly care services.

  Wealth management with sincerity

In the context of people’s growing needs for a better life, “creating wealth for the people and preserving wealth for the people” has also put forward higher requirements for the services of wealth management institutions. Bank of Shanghai has always adhered to the brand purpose and service concept of “I want to give you better” for Bank of Shanghai Wealth and “Above Wealth” for private banking, and is committed to becoming a wealth management expert for urban residents. In 2023, Bank of Shanghai will continue to enrich product shelves across the market, continue to optimize online and offline investment experiences, and meet customers’ needs for stable wealth appreciation and protection of inheritance. • Wealth Ideal Festival” and other activities, and won the trust of customers and authoritative recognition in the industry with professional and warm services. During the year, it won the “Best Wealth Management Bank (City Commercial Bank)” and won many awards such as “Top Ten Financial Stars”. Achieve hand-in-hand companionship and common growth with customers.

On the occasion of its 28th anniversary, in order to repay the trust of investors, Bank of Shanghai has specially launched activities such as “Wealth Blossom Quartet” and “Financial Harvest Season”, and upgraded annual private banking rights services to further enhance residents’ happiness in wealth management and A sense of gain and security.


For more activities, please contact Shanghai Bank branches or mobile banking.

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