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[Welcoming the 28th anniversary of Bank of Shanghai]Science and Technology Finance | Bank of Shanghai’s “Intelligent Manufacturing Space Loan” adds financial wings to industrial enterprises “to the next level”

[Welcoming the 28th anniversary of Bank of Shanghai]Science and Technology Finance | Bank of Shanghai’s “Intelligent Manufacturing Space Loan” adds financial wings to industrial enterprises “to the next level”

Editor’s note: In 2023, Bank of Shanghai will celebrate its 28th year of working hand in hand with the public. Over the past 28 years, the Bank of Shanghai has taken root on the banks of the Huangpu River, always serving the real economy, actively integrating into regional development, fully serving the overall strategic situation, resonating with reform and opening up, and fulfilling its responsibilities for society and people’s livelihood. From now on, the “Shanghai Bank Micro News” will launch a series of reports on the 28th anniversary celebrations, using practical actions to write the people’s financial answer for the people’s city.

In September this year, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government issued “Several Measures to Promote “Industry Going Upstairs” to Create “Intelligent Manufacturing Space”, proposing a plan to build 30 million square meters of intelligent manufacturing space within three years, marking Shanghai’s industrial reform It is bound to usher in a new wave of “more intensification”. The Bank of Shanghai actively responded to the work deployment, conducted in-depth enterprise visits and surveys, innovated exclusive comprehensive financial solutions for the “intelligent manufacturing space”, and ensured support with the “five specialists” system, so that industrial enterprises with financial wings could “reach a higher level”.

  came into being

  Industrial development and space expansion go hand in hand

Shanghai’s industrial space is becoming increasingly saturated. In the context of the land bottleneck of “every inch of land is precious,” promoting “industry upstairs” to create “intelligent manufacturing space” can help the manufacturing industry shift from “planar shrinkage” to “three-dimensional growth” and crack down on urban construction land. While faced with the problem of resource constraints, it has prompted industrial development to reach new heights and become a new driving force and new engine for industrial growth.

Following Shanghai’s “Several Measures to Promote “Industry Going Upstairs” to Create “Smart Manufacturing Space” in September, this past November, the “Action Plan for the High-Quality Development of Shanghai’s Characteristic Industrial Parks (2024-2026)” was released. It is proposed again to promote “industry moving upstairs” to create “intelligent manufacturing space”, encourage mixed land use, industrial comprehensive land and other composite land use methods to improve the level of intensive land use.

  Go with the flow

  Innovative “Industrial Going Upstairs” Exclusive Comprehensive Financial Solution

“Industry going upstairs” cannot be separated from financial support. The Bank of Shanghai has launched a special service plan for “Intelligent Manufacturing Space Loan”, striving to provide credit line support of no less than 50 billion yuan within three years to incubate no less than 200 companies in biomedicine, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, high-end intelligent manufacturing, fashion consumption, and new industries. Companies in key industries such as materials and electronic information can achieve “full scene coverage and full journey accompaniment” when entering the park upstairs.

  The “five specialties” system guarantees support.One isEstablish a special financing line to provide 50 billion yuan in credit support for the “Industrial Upstairs” project within three years;two isEstablish a professional service team, and set up a joint team for the “Industrial Going Upstairs” project at the head office level; at the branch level, take the five branches in Shanghai as the first movers to form service teams for the “Industrial Going Upstairs” project;The third isCreate an exclusive financial product “Intelligent Space Loan”, a credit product specifically serving the “industrial upgrading”, with the advantages of high quota, long term, full-cycle coverage, flexible guarantee, and repayment flexibility;Four isEstablish a special approval channel, and complete project approval within 10 working days as quickly as possible through the green fast approval channel;fiveIt is to formulate special policies. High-quality projects identified or publicized by authorized institutions can enjoy industry subsidies and profit-sharing policies to further reduce project financing costs.

In addition to ensuring the implementation of the “five specialties” system, Bank of Shanghai also actively provides value-added services. In order to match the full-scenario and full-cycle construction needs of enterprises from project preparation to stable operation of the park, Bank of Shanghai provides enterprises with security loans, uplink e-chains, R&D loans, M&A loans, equity incentives, etc. based on different service scenarios and development cycles. This flagship product accurately meets the needs of enterprises with financial services covering the entire life cycle, and jointly cultivates industrial clusters with the park to help the development of industrial enterprises.

  Riding on the momentum

  “Intelligent Manufacturing Space Loan” helps enterprises “reach a higher level”

Lanfan Medical has eight major R&D platforms in China, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and other regions, has more than 600 global patents, and its products cover more than 130 countries and regions around the world. Its comprehensive strength ranks among the top among Chinese medical device companies. Its global science and technology innovation headquarters and industrialization base project is located in the Shanghai International Medical Park in Pudong New Area, with a total investment of 2.48 billion yuan. It consists of four high-rise buildings integrated through an overhead corridor. The purpose is to create a “modern industrial intelligent manufacturing complex” with functions such as production, R&D, incubation, office, and supporting facilities. After the project is completed, it will move into the R&D and production sectors of Lanfan Medical’s heart valves, minimally invasive surgical equipment and other products to achieve “industrial upstairs”.

After learning about the company’s project construction needs, the Bank of Shanghai immediately set up a special team to carry out on-site due diligence and formulate a syndicated loan financial service plan, and became the lead bank for the syndicated loan of the project. After the completion of the Lanfan Medical project, it will become a gathering place and development center for talents and technologies in the field of domestic high-end medical devices. It will become an “innovative and intelligent manufacturing headquarters” that links domestic and foreign countries and radiates across the country. It will also become a supporter of the “One Belt, One Road” and financial It serves as a “transfer station” for technology export to the national market. Taking the “Industrial Upstairs” project as an entry point, Bank of Shanghai will also provide Lanfan Medical with comprehensive financial services such as cross-border capital pools and science and technology M&A loans, helping enterprises to “reach a higher level” with full life cycle financial services. .

Currently, “Industry Going Upstairs” is becoming an important measure to promote the high-quality development of Shanghai’s industrial manufacturing industry. The Bank of Shanghai will closely focus on serving the real economy, keep up with the pace of industrial optimization and upgrading in Shanghai, focus on new fields and new tracks such as green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, continue to improve the level of financial services, and contribute upward wisdom to boost the high-quality development of the industrial economy.

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